Friday, December 4, 2009

A Visit with Lucian

Just before Kat left for Florida we scheduled a play date with Lucian so Kat could meet him for the first time. We hadn't seen them in like 6 weeks.
Sadly we have not seen them again since. We have both been doing a lot of traveling and Lucian gets a lot of colds, so he isn't well for playing. Also Tracey is finishing up her thesis, so they are super busy.Lucian is so grown up it was so much fun to play with him. Kat really enjoyed it. He is like a cuddly little bear. So sweet and very curious.Holly had a lot of fun playing with him too. Now that he is crawling around he is a lot more interactive and she liked following him to see what he would be playing with next.I love this shot of holly hanging out inside her toy boxes. It is one of her favorite places. She likes to crawl inside of things, these bins for one, and another favorite is the laundry bin.Here is Lucian checking out all of the toys. I am sure it must all be a bit over whelming for him, new environment and everything, hard to pick what to do first.Holly decides to share her Brobee doll with him, isn't she a sweetie, I mean she loves it so, so of course Lucian must want to play with it too.We got this little Fire man's hat from the Boo at the Zoo, Holly has a new thing for hats and is starting to play dress up, so she was running around wearing this red one.But she decided to share it with Lucian too. I am so proud that she is willing to share her toys. There are times when she wants to play with something and she gets upset if another child takes it away.But for the most part she is pretty easy going and will willingly give a toy to someone to play with, thinking that f she likes it they must like it too. Very generous of her.Mommy and Daddy enjoyed having Dave and Tracey over as well. It was nice to catch up with them. I had recently been to New York and they had recently just returned home from Singapore, so we were eager to hear about there trip.They had been gone for about 3 weeks which was one of the reasons it had been so long since we had seen them, and shortly after Tracey left to go to Vancouver to see the Grandparents.Now with the babies we are either traveling to see family or have family here visiting us, it makes it hard to find a lot of extra time to get together and play.It seems everyone had a turn with the fireman's hat! Lucian is a very easy going baby, he is happy to be held or to sit on someones lap, Holly doesn't even stay on Daddy's lap for more then a few moments.She is such a wiggle bug. So here is another of the small spaces she likes to get into. This is one of the cabinets she is allowed to play with, the other's we have locked up.The one time that Holly actually does sit still is when she is playing on the iPhone. She is such a little expert now. Turning on and off Apps all of the time, flicking through screens.She has her favorite games, knows how to turn them on and off and go through the various screens. She isn't very articulate though at times when she tries to press a specific icon.Its really good practice for her fine motor skills and she is starting to have better aim. She likes to press with her thumbs though rather then her pointer so we are working on it.I guess Holly's bad habits rub off on everyone. Here she is teaching Lucian how to climb. I don't think his mom minded too much as long as she was able to keep an eye on him.Then it was snack time. Holly shared her yogurt puffs with Lucian, I am not sure he has had them before but he really seemed to like them, and his Mommy was ok with him eating them.Holly likes to run and play and then stop and take a quick bite of a snack and then head out to play some more. She is always on the go.Next thing she did was find some books to read. She goes through them rather fast, flipping through all of the pages, One, Two, Three.Then she was back to ask for another snack from Tracey. Back and forth she goes, she would eat the whole bag if I let her so usually I use them as "bribes" for taking two or three big bites of her veggies.Here she is back to reading. She loves this book because it has moving parts. You can put your finger in a whole and slide the entire panel up and down to reveal new hidden characters.The up and down page is her favorite, but there are also some flaps and some neat pages where you turn a wheel to reveal different pictures. Its a lot of fun.Quickly she was on to another book, like a said, flip flip flip. This is from a set of three Gymboree books. This is the one on colors, she stays on the pages long enough for me to read the color, then the page turns.She is such a good girl. She even puts books away when she is done reading them, I love how I have taught her to clean up after herself. She needs reminding and doesn't always do it.But other times she really has fun cleaning up her toys. It seems though that she will out grow this phase, or so I have been told by other parents.Holly still likes to play peek a boo, especially with these really fun silks, Tracey had a lot of fun playing with her.Here Holly is carrying around a gift from Tracey. it was this little set of silverware and chopsticks in the cool little carrying case. She liked the chop sticks a lot, they resemble bam bams. I ended up having to take them away though so she wouldn't poke someone in the eye. By this time it was time for Lucian to have some dinner. Dave and Tracey weren't planning on staying as long as they did and didn't bring food.I was really glad that they stayed and happy to share our food with them. Sadly Lucian was not a fan of Holly's purees and didn't want to eat any of them. We ended up opening a can of soup which he did eat.Then they were off to playing again. Always popular is the baby in the mirror, and Lucian was very curious to make friends, what a cutie.We had so much playing and were having a lot of fun chatting. The guys headed into the computer room and that was the end of it, they were off chatting about games ans such.Lucian soon discovered the ball pit. last time they were hear he was not that much of a fan, but this time he was so into it, it was fun to watch.He crawled in and sat in the balls but he was so little that he kept sinking into the balls and we had to rescue him and pull him back up.He wanted to toss all of the balls out, just like Holly does, but he was having trouble keeping his balance and reaching all at the same time.I think he sort of actually liked sinking intot he balls. he is such a sweetie i couldn;t stop taking pictures of him, we were surprised he was having so much fun.Here he is laying back and resting almost covered from head to toe. totally amazing, Holly only just does this now after months of playing inside, like I said Lucian is very laid back.These pictures are so colorful, and all you see is his little head peeking out. too cute if you ask me.I just had to include all of these pictures of him in the ball pit because he is so adorable. He even shared the space with Holly.Here he is about to make the whimper face, nervous about turning, but he actually does it on his own if you give him a second to be frustrated before rescuing.Sometimes he got a little nervous when he was sinking and going under, he would make this little whimper and we would rescue him but then he wanted to climb right back in.Lucian is little enough that it is almost like he is actually swimming.Sometimes Holly has to twist to her belly to get up and she is not a fan, but the other day she was under at the Public market ball pit "turning and standing" and she did fine.Lucian was diving right in, in this case head first, with Daddy's help of course, and the thing is, he totally loved it.See here he is ready and curious for more more more.He was ready for more and would have leaped if it wasn't for daddy helping his climb in. Holly would sit on the outside and make smooshy faces at him when she wasn't inside.Lucian liked to chill, Holly never stays in more then a few minutes and spends those throwing balls.But alas, the day had gone, it was getting dark (and this wasbefore day light savings time) and Lucian and Holly needed to be put to bed. They had so much fun though, and we hope to see Lucian again soon.

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Lucian is getting so big! How fun to see him again. And Holly is so adorable. I love seeing them in the ballpit together.
Love, Granny