Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tasty Loopy Toy

Holly has been teething, and has two big front teeth already, and perhaps a third thinking about breaking through. One of her favorite toys is the tasty loopy toy seen here in this short clip.

Sick Day

Sunday 8/31

So it was not a good night last night. Holly woke up every 2 hours or so wanting to eat, and we could only give her a very small amount of food so she did not puke it all up. Then she would want to stay awake and play, or be over tired and fussy and not sleep. We were up with her until 6am, and at that point, I finally moved the co-sleeper next to the bed, its at the food of the bed, so we slept backwards, so i could lay down with my arm on her holding her pacifier and giving her some weight and security. She fell asleep in like 2 minutes once I did this. She did wake back up at 8:30 and Joel got up with her and then took a nap on the chair. I slept through the alarm and was late to my massage. Joel and Holly had a very rough time while I was gone, she puked some more and was pretty miserable. But when I got home she was so happy to see me that she played for at least an hour. We read stories and played a fun bouncy and standing game, and practiced her crawling stance.

Joel went to take a nap and I decided I wanted to get some gripe water. Holly was cranky, and I was giving her only 2 ounce bottles, and she would cry at the end of each bottle wanting more, but if I gave her more before an hour passed, she would puke what ever I gave her, so I had to simply deal with the wining till an hour passed, so she was never satiated. I decided if she was unhappy anyways we might as well go out. So we went to Baby's R us while Joel napped. I got more bottles to take to daycare, some duplicate toys for daycare, and of course they had a bunch of cloths on clearance with an additional 30% off. She was happy to be out, I never even had to take her out of the car seat, she was up high on the cart, and looking out at the store, and just hung out for about an hour. Then she was getting hungry, so I gave her an ounce from a bottle I brought from home and we checked out.

The Gripe Water basically has Ginger and Fennel in it, and while it advertises only helping colic and hiccups, the Internet says it is good for upset stomach and other such things. So we gave her two doses an hour apart, the first in a 2 ounce bottle and the second I let her drink 4 ounces. She was so happy she fell asleep and has been sleeping for the last 4 hours, so I think it worked. She still has a bit of a couch and wakes herself up, so I have to be right here to help her sit if she coughs or give her the pacifier, but she falls right back asleep and seems to be getting some rest. I really hope she is better by Tuesday. I hate to leave her in the biohazard that is daycare after already being sick for 8 days, but I have little choice. If she is bad Joel will stay home with her, but it was daycare that got her sick to begin with. It was rough last night, because stats say she will get sick 9 times a year and if it lasts 10 days, I mean that's like 90 sick/vacation days, that simply can;t be possible, that she has t stay home the entire home, especially when its daycare that makes her sick. grrr.


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Holly finds it hilarious when we say "Gwaaa".. she starts laughing and laughing...

it's the cutest thing ever:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still Sick, No outings for us.

Saturday 8/30 So I have been sick the last few days, well the whole week, but the last few days I have been extra tired, runny nose and sinus fluid in my ear, soar throat and headache. We did not go swimming yesterday and I was very disappointed, but in addition to me feeling under the weather, Holly was very snotty and congested and just fell asleep for a nap around 3 so there was no way I was going to wake her when she had not been feeling well.

On Thursday night we went to the supermarket and we had so much fun. For the most part Holly sat up in her car seat on the front of the wagon, and she was so curious looking around at everything and playing with her loopy toy,. after about 45 minutes she was tired of just sitting, and I would carry her around for maybe ten minutes then set her down again, and she was happy to have this diversity. She was so popular in the store. There were a surprising amount of other kids, and they all wanted to touch and see the baby, as well as other moths with strollers and car seats who wanted to know how old holly was.
There was one cute 7 month old baby who was actually sitting in the top seat of the wagon with a strap around her to keep her centered. I was shocked this worked, but she seemed content and happy. Her dad said once she could sit up on her own on the floor, she was able to sit like this in the cart. Joel was at Dream Dinners and i was picking up what seemed like a small list but what ended up costing like 250$ I did get some baby food that I wanted to try out this weekend, but Holly seems to have had a bit of a relapse this time with stomach symptoms, so no new foods yet. but i got rice cereal, organic carrots, sweet potatoes, and sweet peas, and pears, and pears with oatmeal. last week at the doctors office we asked about starting Holly on solids and she said once she turns 6 months, which is like in 11 days. She recommended starting her on rice cereal mixed with pears, she said we could get fresh organic pears from Berkeley bowl, or baby food pears and mix it in, apparently the rice cereal or solids can make them constipated but the pears helps with this. However when buying the cereal, pears were a level 2 food, and pears with oatmeal were level 2, this was on all brands, whereas the others I got were level 1. So I am not sure exactly what I will do as we introduce these, i need to do a little more research.

On Friday Katie came over at 12:30, I had to wake Holly from her nap, so she was a little cranky at first, but since Katie had not seen her for a week or two she was amazed with how much she had progressed, particularly her fine motor skills of playing with holding, grasping and passing toys. She will take her crab toy from my hand hold it, look at it turn it put it in her mouth, look at it again and then turn to another spot and stick it back in her mouth. She also was playing with some teethers that she holds with two hands and gnaws on. She was also quite verbal, and she isn't usually very talkative during her sessions, so this was also new for Katie. They had fun, but she got fussy after a bit, needed to take a break to eat, and then by 2:00 was completely done. Cranky however, she took over an hour to fall asleep for her nap. She did sleep for about 90 minutes though once I got her down.

Since I have finally gotten access back to my email, I started going through it all. I had over 2500 messages since I last checked it, plus a few hundred more, from June/July that were important reports, ect. that I had not yet read though. I spent several hours in the afternoon while Holly slept, and in the late evening going through and organizing as much as I could. It was very overwhelming. I was able to catch-up with Monique and talk on the phone for about 2 hours and hear about all the goings on, it was very overwhelming, and I didn't really know where to start, as the first 3.5 months of my leave even though I was not working, I was reading email, and at least aware of any drama, changes, new issues, projects, ect. But yesterday 2 months worth of stuff hit me all at once.

Oh and on Thursday we also went to daycare orientation. I won't write too much about this because it just makes me angry. Some of the stuff could make sense if it was the philosophy you believed, but for example, even babies, every child must be there by 9:00 AM. This is so the classroom does not get disrupted and so there is consistency and routing. Also they strongly discourage visits, indicating that when your child sees you they think its time to go home, and doesn't understand why you would leave again without them. They have all these policies about signing them in and out, having to pick up and drop off the exact time each day, having to call in advance for any absences, having to have a doctors note before they can come back to daycare if they were out sick, ect. In my life, I want to take her to daycare one day from 11-5:30 and the next from 8:30-3:00 If the center is open from 7:30-5:30 and I pay the same amount whether she is there 10 hours or 5, I don't see why I can allow them to meet my needs and for me to take her when it works for my family. Since I was required to write down a schedule for her, I wrote 8:30-5:30 as her normal times, but I intend on taking her at around 9:00 and picking her up around 4:00 every day, but since I can;t promise to never be there after 4:00 I wrote down the later time. Joel says he thinks the actual classroom teachers will be much more flexible, and I can work out these details with them, and since she is a baby, this issue of consistency won;t be much of a big deal yet, but that it would be a problem for us, if she was an older child.
But since we plan on changing to the other daycare in January, it is not worth the stress to make any waves now. It is sad, because as rigid as they are, to me they seem pretty inconsistent and disorganized, they didn't schedule or inform me of the Orientation until a few days before, and the information about what to bring the first day was different from what the teachers told me to what the director told me to do. I worry about things like feeding, because formula goes bad after an hour, and she doesn't always drink her entire bottle at one time, she drinks maybe an ounce, then 15 minutes later 2 ounces, then in 90 minutes will be hungry, but would need a fresh bottle, so she might drink 2 ounces and then in another 90 minutes 3. So she has drank from 3 bottles and had 9 ounces. But they tell me to make and bring 8 ounce bottles, pre-made. So I am not sure how to handle this, and they refrigerate them. and then warm them, and she just drinks them at room temperature. Also the gDiapers will be different, and I am hoping they don;t give me a hard time about that as well. When I was visiting, they had a tendency to put the kids down a lot, and she doesn't sit on her own well yet, so she needs to be held, she will cry if they just stick her laying down int he crib to play, she needs to be interacted with the entire day. Plus she has been sick, so she is already crappy feeling and cranky, and fussy and whining... Oh geeze, I need to change the subject so i don;t upset myself again.

On Saturday morning, I was feeling particularly sick, and Holly had woken up at 4:00 AM and didn't want to go back to sleep, she was really playful, so she was up until 5:30. Joel let me sleep until 11:00 when Sally came. She had a wonderful session with Sally, even if it was only for about 35 minutes, she was ready for her nap and already getting sleepy. But sally was very impressed with her talkativeness, and her grasping and moving, and just has a beautiful way with her, that gets her to turn, stretch and move around the way she needs to me. After I had some breakfast and went back to sleep, Joel is amazing and let me sleep until 6:00. But he said he has such respect for me, and can;t believe I make it through all day alone, around 5:30, he said, its almost time for daddy to come home from work, and understood, how by the end of the day I am ready. She had two poopie Diapers today, and they were super watery, diarrhea, so he thinks she has a stomach thing.
This was further confirmed by her vomiting up most of her food twice in the afternoon. Triggered by a little coughing fit. She was cheerful after spitting up her food, and it hurt us more then her, but she was pretty cranky. Joel insisted it would not help, but after her not falling asleep for 3 hours and knowing how tired she was I gave her a 1/2 dose of Motrin in her last bottle, while she did not have a fever, I was convinced she must just have minor aches and pains from teething and feeling crappy and that it would help. Joel said it was for me to feel like I was doing something and would not help, but she did fall asleep shortly after and is still asleep and getting rest. Tomorrow morning I get to have a massage which will be loads of fun, and hopefully she will be up for an outing, we are thinking of maybe going to the bookstore, just to get out of the house.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Thursday 8/28

Holly is definitely feeling better but mom is feeling more sick, my throat is getting soar, I am sneezing, and feel achy with a headache. Holly on the other hand still has no fever and has been very playful. If fact she didn't want to go to bed last night until 11:30, mom was so exhausted and needed a shower that Daddy stayed up and put Holly to bed. She did sleep until 6 am however, and then went back to bed after a snack until 8:30. However after being sick the last 3 days she has lost weight and is down to 13lbs 15 ounces. Joel says this was expected since she wasn't eating much. I was also sad to have to cancel all of my playdates this week. I did not go to the mother's group this morning, and I cancelled lunch with Cole and Aleutia for Friday, but hope to still go swimming if Holly is up to it. Tonight we have orientation at daycare and Joel is going to dream dinners. I was planning on taking Holly to the supermarket and hopefully that will tire her out and she will go to bed a bit earlier tonight. While I love spending as much time as possible with her, it is nice to have 1-2 hours to myself in the evening, so if she goes to be like 9:30-10:00 that is great, I have a chance to watch a show, pump, eat dessert and then can try and sleep by midnight, while I almost never get to bed that early I will need to try now that I am starting to go back to work next week.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Think I'm Feeling Better

I Think I'm Feeling Better
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Wednesday 8/27

It has been a long week so far, but Holly is getting slightly better. her fever peaked i hope at 102.6 last night, but then when she woke up she decided it was playtime, and didn't want to sleep any more. She fussed and cried until we gave in. We turned on the lights and got some toys and let her sit and play for about an hour at 3am on the bed. She was so happy and content, that even though we were both exhausted from being slightly sick ourselves and not getting any sleep, it was so much fun. Her fever was gone, but mostly because it was about 5 hours into her last dose of Motrin. This morning she was pretty cool, but she is back to 99's again this afternoon. We cancelled Sally and i forgot about Simone coming over, but i sent her away, as she sees other moms with babies. Holly took a short nap in her swing, and another nap right now, but she is eating a bit more and she had a big poopie today so I think she is on the mend. I actually put some cloths on her, even though she seemed hot in them, in my mind it made her feel like she was getting better and that i trusted her not to vomit all over them, but I was worried about her getting a chill. She liked the fan, and i didn't want to have to turn it off. This weekend she had 31 ounces of food on both Saturday and Sunday, huge growth spurt, but being sick she only had about 20 ounces on Monday and Tuesday and only 5 wet diapers, but the advice nurse said as long as she has one every 8 hours, she is going about every 4-6 depending. I have had a headache for a few days, and I am stressing about going back to work. HR was supposed to turn my email back on but they have not and it is annoying me. When I am sick I am cranky and things really get on my nerves. Joel has been great. He slept in till 11 and worked through lunch, but he was up with us from like 2-4 am last night and Holly slept in the bed this morning at 7am so he slept on the bottom of the bed, I felt bad for him, but only in retrospect, as at the time, I was happy holly was back asleep and I just wanted some rest myself, the fact that the 14 pound goblin was taking up more then 1/2 the bed didn't bother me. Mom and dad were content to share the other half. I need to make myself some lunch so I will write more soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am a Sleepyhead

I am a Sleepyhead
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Monday 8/25

It has been a rough day. I had to get up this morning at 7:45 to go to employee Health to get clearance to return to work, Holly was also up, after having a rough night last night, and she was coughing and throwing up the food Joel fed her at 6 am. She was crying and feverish. I recorded only 98.5 on the ear thermometer, but I don't think I got a good reading. I went to the Doctor and Joel called and said she calmed down. We took her to the pediatrician at 10:30 and she actually had a fever of 99.7. This however is not considered a "real" fever and the doctor did not seem concerned. She said she probably picked up a virus at gymboree, swimming, or daycare and she will be sick 3-10 days. Yikes. She also told us at 6 months we could start her on rice cereal and pears. Joel is excited to get this started. She said if her fever rose we could give her Motrin.

We went home and right to bed, she was sick and pitiful, and whimpering, and fell asleep. At 2:00 I gave her some Motrin in a bottle because she had a fever of 100.7 which dropped to about 99.1 at 5:00. Then at around 9:00 it was back up all the way to 101.7 and I gave her a second dose. Most of the day we slept, but a few times she was awake and somewhat playful in a low key way. We cancelled out appointment with Katie, and got as much rest as possible. I cooled her down with a damp cloth around 10:00 waiting for the Motrin to kick in and she slept for a few hours, but I think it will be a very long week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mouse Ears

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Sunday 8/24

Today was a fun day. Holly was very cheerful and had a very excitable morning with Daddy. She is teething again, as her mouth was bothering her in the late evening and she had trouble staying asleep and has woken up several times. This evening we took a walk in Holly's stroller for the first time around the park. She really loved this, it was outward facing, and she didn't fuss or cry at all, even though several dogs barked as we passed them on leash or in there house. The dogs on leash interested her but she was not startled or upset. and a Kitty even tried to follow us home. We walked early evening so it was cool and breezy outside, it was dusk, so the sun was just beginning to go down, and it was very nice, she is like a sponge and takes in everything.

I played with her ribbon today, inspired by the rhythmic gymnastics, I was doing twirls above her head and allowing her to watch and reach up to the ribbon, she really liked this and had a lot of fun. She also tried to eat the webcam while she was skypeing with granny this morning.

She is growing so fast and more of her onezies are too short for her, we have been using the extenders on some, but the snaps were not the right size for the blue star onezie, so it has been retired. She also played in her bouncer again, and had a lot of fun. She didn't turn as much today, but was a little more intrigued with the toys, and had a bit firmer stand on the books, and actually bounced a little more. Daddy has been playing the airplane game with her, where she flies on her belly all over the house. Sally says this is a great game as it helps strengthen her back as well as helps her with her balance.

She was very ticklish today, and I was chewing on her feet and thighs and this made her laugh. We also gave her a bath before our walk, and she had fun playing with her yellow ducky and some scooping toys. I laid her back so she could get her ears wet, and though she doesn't like this, she did better then she was when I tried this in the pool in LA. I forgot to try it at swim class and will try and remember for next week. We washed her hair and let her play in the water. I decided not to give her a regular massage as it sometimes makes her hot to have the oil on her especially after a refreshing bath, but I did some stretches with her in the afternoon, and some of the light soft massage that I do think helps to relax her. I will give her a regular massage tomorrow after her session with Katie. Katie is coming tomorrow at around 5:00 as a make up since she could not come on Friday.

This morning Holly played in ocean time with daddy who was taking pictures of her, and so he let her take the camera and take pictures of him, it was very cute. yesterday she drank 31 ounces and Joel says she was eating almost every 60 to 90 minutes this morning. She weighted 14lbs 6.5 ounces after a poopie today, so perhaps she is going through another growth spurt. Joel is eager to let her try some real food, so when we go see Dr Jones tomorrow for a follow up we will ask her what she thinks, as well as talk about starting on Folic Acid and perhaps Omega 3's.

We had a fun day catching up on the Olympics and lounging around the house, she played on her quilt and in her Mommies lap. She has not been sleeping as well through the night waking at around 2 and then again at 5ish, so perhaps every 4 hours, but I hear this is to be expected around 6 months when she has a growth spurt.

We have begun to talk about when to ween her off of the pacifier, I am in no rush to do this, and while she doesn't need it per say there are lots of times when she is upset that it really comforts her, and makes a big difference. Joel says he is not in a rush but that we should start to think about it. I am going to do some research on what the best way it, especially since she is starting daycare, I really want her to have it to help her sooth herself.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Red Horsey

Red Horsey
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Saturday 8/23

Holly is such a big girl. She is already 14lbs 5oz. She is so happy, and animated and learning so many skills so fast. On Friday we went swimming again, and she had a lot of fun. She was a little tired and low key, but it was good. We saw Cole and Aleutia and plan to make a playdate. On Saturday she spent the morning playing with Daddy, they did ocean time, and he read to her and played with all of her toys. She was very smiley when I woke up.

We played some new games. One with a ribbon that she pulls through a paper towel tube. It was cool. For now she just wants to eat the ribbon, but after a few tries she would keep pulling it and watch it float around. We also played the blanket game, where we would rock and swing her in a blanket and even bounce her up and down. Tomorrow I am going to try it with a ball. We played on the bed, and she is getting so very intent on specific things, and she will almost sit on her own, and she is reaching for specific toys she wants. It was fun to play on the bed as I could let her climb and roll all over me, and sit and fall over without worrying that she would bump her head again.

As usual I took a lot of pictures. Daddy has been playing the alphabet animal game with her, where he thinks of animals from each letter and says, what sound does an armadillo, bee, cat, dragon, ect make and then makes the sound. He thinks of all kinds of crazy sounds and makes me laugh. We watched baby Beethoven and Mozart while playing with her balls and toys today, and we had a flash card story, where i took all the cards in the toy group and made up a story about each one. It wasn't a very good, cohesive story, but it was basically using each picture to prompt the next line and show them to her. A the moment she only wants to eat them, but hey, I am all about exposing her early.

Speaking of which, we tried out the bouncer again, and I was amazed. her legs still do not reach the floor at all, but with three books she can push up on them and she is using her arms and reaching for the toys, which she has never done before. She grabbed one of them with both hands like handle bars and she actually rotated herself about 270 degrees around. She even grabbed the fly toy, with her left arm, which was tucked into the seat, and brought it to her mouth. She played and was quite fascinated for about 20 minutes. Then our pizza came, and she was a little fussy, so I tried out the swing, and she was wide awake chattering to herself swinging for another 20 or so minutes just in time for me to finish eating and then she wanted mommy again. I took some more video's of her today, and I think she is teething some more, but we can't tell if it is a third tooth or not. She is getting better and better at holding her bottle herself, and I always let her start it and then hold it when she gets tired.

Holly also peed on me twice today, the first time I was taking her over to her crib for some naked baby play time, and had just taken off her diaper. I didn't give her a chance to pee before moving her, and she peed on my shirt. I cleaned her up and weighted her, then she played with her mobile while I put away some of her cloths and cleaned up the room. She was starting to get fussy, so I decided to listen to her and thought she must need to pee again. We made it back to the changing table, but she peed on the chuck, before I put the diaper on. I am getting better at listening, and she is getting really good at communicating. Sometimes with a whimper/whine noise, others with a look or gesture or reach. She is making more and more happy baby noises and I truly think that she sings when I play music for her, and she does it to entertain herself when sitting in the car seat and she thinks no one is listening ;-)

It was tough getting her to go to sleep tonight, but that is mostly because she took an almost 2 hour nap in the late afternoon. I had her asleep but then when i went to put her down in the crib she woke up and it took me another hour. Mind you, I love singing to and rocking her but I was so hot with her against me, it was so sweet though she wanted to touch my face and held onto my nose mouth and cheek. Finally i had to swaddle her as if she wasn't touching my face she would flail around and wake herself up, so i could not put her down otherwise, now she is sleeping soundly. She is so strong supporting her weight on her legs and even practicing balance, and reaching for toys. I sorta wish I could stay home until she was able to sit up well on her own, as I think that would make day care easier, she would be less dependant on people who were not her mommy and didn't know her every wish and need.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Owwie - blood tests hurt - but I'm a brave girl!

Thursday, 8/21

So it has been a few days since I have kept up on the Journal, since we stopped the Minocycline treatment. It has actually been a bit of a rough few days, as I am trying to get a head start on transitioning Holly into Daycare. Tuesday we went to Davis, and Holly saw Dr. Hagerman first off, I think this made her a little tired, so by the time she got to the last eye tracking video she was rather fussy, and over tired and needed a nap, so I don;t think she did as well on that one. Next time we visit, I will ask that she does the assessment stuff first. She ended up napping while we answered the vineland questionnaire, then we drove to a different lab to finish off the Mullins Assessment.

On the way home I was able to talk Joel into going and seeing the Mummy 3 movie at the baby brigade, and Holly was such a good girl. This cheered me up. Right before leaving Davis, we did a blood draw. She was only able to give 2 vials of blood, so she will need to do another on the next visit. She cried when the needle went in, and cried because she was restrained, and she cried when the needle was moved around to get the blood to flow, but in general, it was not as bad as the screen with the earrings, and other then having to hold her down for about 3 minutes she didn't get too frantic and when it was done she was happy and playful again, and it was much better then vaccinations, which the misery lasts for days after.

On Wednesday we saw Sally, and holly is gaining some new skills, she is holding up her trunk, when Sally holds her waist and puts light pressure on her front legs, she is in a complete and steady sitting position, and this she reports is great, and should be practiced so she can learn to balance, also when she is on her tummy if Sally shifts her weight, she extends one side, and crunches the other bringing her leg up, which is the precursor movements to crawling. Sally was very excited about this progress. We played on a cute Bouncy horse, and the ball, and did some other stretches. Afterwards she was to daycare, for 2.5 hours. She would not let any of the other teachers hold her, they tried and after a moment she would see me and cry, one tried for several minutes walking with her and trying to sooth her but to no avail. So I stayed and played, and she at least got to see the room, see the teacher and get exposed, so it won;t be a completely new place.

On Thursday they gave me a call and said that one of the children in another room was exposed to viral meningitis, and they were required to report this to me. I was stopping by the pediatricians office to get paperwork anyways, and they didn't seem to worried although I was, and said that I should keep an eye out for fever and rash. We went to the mommy's group this morning, and met Kyle and another little Indian girl with a very unique name that I can't remember whom was adopted. We were practicing Holly's sitting, and she was reaching far out in front of her to get a toy and she made a face plant into the floor. There was a loud bump and she immediately screamed. There was a little bump on her head above her eye, but it wasn't bulged out, it was just a red mark. She calmed down within a few minutes but fell asleep. I was of course worried about concussion, but everyone told me it was not that bad, and not to worry. Since she was 90 minutes overdue for her nap, I let her sleep. I asked the on call nurse about this also, and she said to watch for vomiting, but she looked fine. She woke up about 30 minutes later as if nothing had happened.

I then took her back to daycare, I handed her to miss Mary with her lutchka, loopy toy, and blanket and she didn't cry when I was setting up her diapers and bottles so I left without even saying goodbye, I didn't want to give her a reason to get upset. I went to a movie, Sisterhood of the traveling pants. I checked my cell phone every 5 minutes for the first hour, then every 10-15 for the last hour, making sure they didn't call me and watching the clock. I did enjoy the movie, but was worried about her. When I returned, at first she cried a tiny bit, but then I went around to the other side of her crib and she reached for me to pick her up. I did so, and she put her hands on my cheeks and tried to eat/kiss my noise, then smiled and laughed at me. I asked how she was, and her blanket was soaked, they said she had a rough time, and she spit up all her food. I am assuming this meant she had a fit, they were not overly communicative.

Her g-diaper was on backwards and very sloppy, and they said she had eaten, but her bottle was only short 50 cc's We staid and played another 45 minutes, I met several of the other parents, as there was a returning parent's orientation and they were showing up early and hanging out with us. Sasha and Chloe as 6 & 7 months, so just a bit older then her, and Naomi is 9 months. They all seemed happy and well cared for, but they don;t seem to have bonded with Holly yet, she was down in the crib, not being held, though not crying when i showed up. I don;t know who her teachers will be, what the routine is, ect. and they didn't write stuff down, so I am very super apprehensive about all this. New parent orientation is supposed to be next week Thursday at 4:00. The time and date has changed 4 times, so it all seems very disorganized and unreliable. I can't wait until she starts at aquatic park, this is going to be a nightmare.

We were so hot when we got home we put on the AC, took off our cloths, and ended up napping. Then we played till Daddy got home and Holly had a fun bath and massage. We played in the bath some with her rubber ducky. The water is not so deep, and i think I am going to talk Joel into giving her bathtub baths soon, so she can have deeper water to play in. We washed her hair and neck good, which was starting to get very sweaty, even though I have been cleaning it off every day. I sang her to sleep after reading her a story. Not before Daddy riled her up with his gwaaa ing, and making her crack up laughing.

Tomorrow I see Isenberg, get my return to work paperwork done, and go swimming. I am looking forward to the pool, it is SOOO hot. Next week Emeryville is closed for training, so I won't get to take Holly back until the 2nd. I am going to try to officially return to work early, so i can catch up from home on the last 6 months of email, and so i can spend some time with her on Tuesday the 2nd before I head in and so I can pick her up early.

I ordered her picture flashcards, which I am excited about. They will be arriving tomorrow. I also want to go back to Ikea and get her another fishy toy to take to daycare, and another loopy toy from Target, and maybe some toys to hang from her crib there.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Parachute Time

Parachute Time
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Day 32 Monday 8/18

Today was a very busy day. Holly took a nap with daddy this morning, and when they woke up on his chair she was rested, changed and had a full belly, so she was ready to play. Joel reported that he made faces at her and she laughed and laughed at him. This was great as the last few days she has not been very cheerful with him.

Instead of her normal nap around 10:30 we dropped Joel off to work and went to a trail Gymboree session. While it probably wasn't as good as a session geared for her age group, we had great fun. There was another mom there with 9 week old Sarah, and several moms with toddlers from 14 months to maybe 4 I think. They had these very large foam barrels and we put it on its side and put Holly on her Belly and rolled it back and forth rocking it, she stayed like this for a very long time in the center. Then we made room for Sarah to join us, but this was at an angel, so she started to turn over. We laid on it backwards also which stretched out her neck and back. We also slid down the slides on our belly's and had more tummy time on the wedges.

Holly liked looking at Sarah who was also very social, and the two smiled and Holly kept reaching for her face. The little kids loved holly, as they all have dolls at home, and she is like a little doll, so they all wanted to hold her hand and pet her head. She was happy to oblige, and in return got to hold there hands and touch there faces. There were these large stacked donuts, and i put holly in the middle of them, standing, leaning over the side. She stood up for a few minutes then would plop down onto the mat, since she was inside of the donut she would be sitting when she "fell" rather then going all the way to her back, and she liked this. They also had these wedges that looked like the top 3rd of an orange, that holly stood up against, sorta like tummy time but mostly standing. later they had circle time with songs around a large parachute. They drummed on one which she liked, and on another waved the parachute up and down, she grabbed the edge of it and held on. Then they blew bubbles which she tried to grab, and she listened to the songs. She stayed awake and alert the entire time, and then at 12:15 passed out on the way home.

When she woke we watched a little baby Einstein, but she wasn't very interested in the Baby Noah Episode, it was animals, and not as interested as the more animated characters and puppets in the other episodes. We read a story and then had to go and visit her new Daycare. It is actually the center she will begin in January, Aquatic Park. She was quiet and playful, and sat in her car seat for about 15 minutes playing with her fish when we arrived, then she wanted out and played on my lap with her loopy toy. We then got to go into the baby room and meet the teacher and some of the other kids, she was right at home and ready to grab and mouth the toys. I am very happy about this daycare and wish she were starting this one right away. In January they have a 1 week transition period where you attend with the child each day and leave for a certain number of hours while they transition, I think it will be great. This program only has 4 "baby's which goes to about 14 months, and another 4 at 14-24 months.

We went home to meet Katie for a session but it was cancelled. This was good, as Holly had not had a nap for about 3 hours and was very tired again She took a short nap, and was refreshed but rather fussy, so we had a fun baby massage. This was a long massage, and she had a good deal of naked baby time. She liked this a lot, and since she hadn't eaten in almost 4 hours, I made her 6 ounces of food. She drank 2.5 but then 20 minutes later had another 2.5.

She played with Daddy when he got home and was cheerful to see him, she has a new game where she wants to eat his glasses, and she takes them off his face with two hands. She has been almost sitting on her own, she can not get to sitting, but she can stay seated for maybe a minute and she is starting to fall forward which I am told is good, This I believe is because she is playing with her feet so much.

Also, over the last few days, Joel thinks she has been singing, we do have music playing quite often, especially in the car, and she is very verbal, he says that her babbles sound like they are going in the pattern or rhythm of the song, and it sounds like she is singing along. Who knows if she is, but its very cute.

Tonight she last ate at 8:30 and I gave her a 25 dose of Minocycline with 4 ml of apple juice and 3 pinches of sugar at midnight. She was starting to wake up while I was mixing the medicine, and I gave her the pacifier and she fell back asleep, she was sorta awake a few minutes later for the medicine, but drank it, and then with the pacifier fell back asleep again. its only been 30 minutes, so I hope she stays asleep another 1-2 hours at least before I feed her again.

Tomorrow we drive up to UC Davis, and complete the second Eye Tracking test.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Moo Cow

Moo Cow
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Day 31 Sunday 8/17

Holly has been quite amusing today. Mom went out this morning for a massage and she played with daddy. They watched baby Einstein, read books, played ocean time, and balanced on Holly's Ball. Joel said she was fussy, and grumpy but not hysterical. When I walked through the door, they came into the living room and when she saw me she made the biggest smile I had ever seen and started to laugh she was so happy, I have never had such a reception, she was so happy to see me.

We played in the afternoon, had some tummy time. Holly has a bouncy Ball, and it is about the height of her shoulders, she can stand and lean against it, or when I roll it she is balancing on her belly, if I put her on it backwards, then she can stretch her head and shoulders back. We played with this some also. I read her a few books, more of the touchy feely ones which she liked. She seems to have 3 teeth coming in now, a second bottom one and maybe a top one, so her teething was pretty bad today.

In the late afternoon we had to go run errands, and when I put Holly in her car seat, she had just eaten, and been changed and was about ready for a nap, she was again being a jokester. I would lean my head in towards her and she would start to laugh and laugh, she is just learning how to laugh, so sometimes the line between a laugh and a cry is close, both are a release of emotion, but she was happy. no matter what I did everything I did seemed to crack her up. It was adorable, and we took a short video of it. She fell asleep on the drive to best buy, and while we were in the store woke up. She was happy and played quietly. We walked over to babies are us, and she just looked around. Once back in the car she was fussy, and hungry, but was ok once we got home and fed her.

She has been getting more grumpy the later it gets, and fell asleep pretty early tonight. She last ate around 7:30 and I gave her a 25 dose of Minocycline at around 11:00 in 4 ml of apple juice and 3 pinches of sugar. She woke up again around 12:45 and had a 4 ounce bottle and is now fast asleep.

I was talking to my mom about Holly's "Panic Attack" and my mom does not think it is panic or anxiety attacks but "hysteria" uncontrollable emotions. she said that when she was little, and even a teenager, and her mother as well, both had fits of hysteria. When something did not go there way, my mom would cry so hard she would be shaking and make herself sick, and wrapped up in a ball shacking. My grandmother was more violet with her outbursts and would throw things. So my mom thinks her fits sound more like uncontrollable release of her emotions and not anxiety or panic. Its so funny that the Fragile X doesn't come from my mother, as there are so many signs that would point to her side of the family, but it doesn't.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


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Day 30 Saturday 8/16

This morning, mommy slept in. Holly was again pretty fussy, but had her moments, more whining and whimpering, not real tears. She watched Baby Einstein, First Moves, which she liked and played in Ocean Time. Later she had some tummy time, watched Baby Einstein Language Nursery, which mildly distracted her from her fussyness. Joel and I kept passing her back and forth all day, she would cry when he held her, and stop as soon as I took her. She was over tired and I rocked her to sleep for several short naps. I read her 5 books, which she paid attention to. One was a texture book which she reached out and felt while I was reading it. Later Joel read her 4 books, and she was actually happy at that point.

She was again teething all day, happy most of the time when she had her frozen teether. Surprisingly the cold doesn't hurt her hand while she held it into her mouth. She wasn't very playful, and was peeing a lot. However I did see a glimmer of her normal self in the afternoon, after one of the diaper changes I was putting a new outfit on her and blowing on her chest and belly and she was laughing hard and touching my face, getting my nose and mouth and cheek and she was in a good mood, but it was short lived. We had the Olympics on in the back ground, but she didn't even watch that,

She basically watched mommy the entire day. She was happier if I held her, and whimpering with daddy, and watching me, her eyes said, why aren't you holding me mommy so I took her back much of the time. Last night was heart breaking, and I don't know how I will go back to work if this is what happens when I leave her in day care. We received the Hanen infant communication book, and will start working on it. I have flipped through it, and already do many of the activities listed, but will try to be more methodical about it moving forward.

Holly slept from about 6-10 she woke up in a much better mood, she was smiley and seemed rested. She was hungry and played quietly after eating and fell asleep in about 15 minutes. I gave her a 25 dose of Minocycline at 1:15 in 4ml of Apple Juice with 3 pinches of Sugar. She has been moving around a lot in her sleep lately, last night we had to move the monitor camera in her crib because she was reaching for it and trying to chew on it. I have not really been swaddling her in her sleep for the past few weeks either. She seems to be sleeping ok with out it. I do have a large size swaddler that I may pull out if the teething gets too bad, as the swaddling seems to help. She does whimper in her sleep and chew on her lips.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie
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Day 29 Friday 8/15

This morning Holly had her session with Katie, and she was teething, so she was very oral, and would not do any of her stretches, or work without being able to chew on something and have something in her mouth. She did a lot of reaching, passing from left to right hand, and when eating her shoulders were back and relaxed so she was in a good position. She also did quite a bit of altered tummy time, with great back strengthening positions holding herself up and not getting too aggravated. She was rather sleepy today. We went to swim class which she enjoyed but she was not as animated as she usually is.

When we got home from swimming Holly had a wonderful turn taking session with mommy, where she would chatter I would respond and then she would continue, presumably telling me all about what she thought of swim class. She has done this in a limited bases before, but this particular time we went back and forth about 15 times over twenty minutes, it was the longest conversation she has had yet.

In the evening we had some stories and then she got very upset. Mommy was taking a break from watching Holly trying to catch up on her notations, emails, journal, and also talking with Josephine. Holly spent almost all her time with mommy over the last two weeks and weekend, and she was missing mommy because I took a break, she would cry when Daddy held her, and was not really cheering up. I think it was because she was teething, but she was working herself up, into what may have been something of a panic attack. Joel had not seen this before and he was very distressed, wondering if the medicine had caused it, and if she has ever done thing before the medicine. She did it the time I was stuck in San Francisco which was a few days after she started the medication, but I also think she has done it before. She starts to get frantic and she freaks out crying so much she starts to choke on her breaths and she basically threw up her entire meal. I was on the phone ordering Chinese food when it was happening, not realizing she was in a frenzy yet, and thought it was regular crying, which I was trying to ignore, and allow Joel to sooth, since I am trying to get her used to me not being there since we are starting daycare in 2 weeks. But her entire outfit was soaked in food, as well as it was on her hair face neck hands. I grabbed her from Joel when I realized how back she was, she almost started to calm right away, I then stripped her and myself down and went into the shower. The warm water holding her tight and cleaning her off, shampooing her hair, and then wrapping her into a blanket.

This happened around 7:00, she had eaten around 6:30 She fell asleep in the towels, and I put her into the swing. She stayed asleep until I moved her into bed at 3:00 AM, at which time she drank 130 cc of breast milk. I gave her the 25 dose of Minocycline at around 11:30 with 4ml of Apple Juice and a pinch of Sugar. We think she was fussy not only because she was teething, but she had been trying to poopie all day, and had not gone for 2 days, and wasn't going. She ended up with a poopie at 8am Saturday Morning. I have talked about this behavior in my mother's group, and they have told me I should let Joel sooth and calm her, but also that there babies do have these frantic crying spells that make them spit up there food, but it is hard for me to believe, and perhaps I do not describe it as drastic as it is. I can;t tell however if it is a panic attack.

My sister has had panic/anxiety attacks, and they are similar, I chatted with her about this episode. My Sister indicated that breathing, rocking, and swaddling helps her overcome them and the attacks are far worse then whatever may have set them off. I am not sure if this is normal baby behavior, or a female fragile X "tantrum" anxiety attack. Holly seems to have a very High tolerance and rarely gets overstimulated anymore, this was not the same, it was more like she was uncomfortable, and mommy wasn't fixing it (I obviously can't if its teething) and she just gets more and more fussy, until something just pushes her over the edge and she explodes. I am going to ask the pediatrician next week if I should have given her Tylenol, in case it was teething, its hard for me to tell if that is indeed whats wrong, or some type of numbing gel, but she didn't seem very bitey, so I don't know.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its a Crab!

Its a Crab!
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Day 28 Thursday 8/14

This morning we went for another swim, we had a lot of fun. More kids at the pool to play with, and she was talkative, and actually kicked a few times. We also went to the expo again, same as above. In the late afternoon we were hanging out in the Art Studio, and met Theo a 9 month old. He was so happy to meet Holly, and crawled up to her, they both reached out towards the other's face and touched cheeks. They then locked hands and were petting each other. Holly was so excited to be able to touch him without me pulling her hand away. She watched him crawl, and they were both standing up and looking at everything together. Also at the Disney booth a woman gave holly a 3 eyed alien from Toy Story "al" he vibrates and talks when you pinch his hand. Holly didn't know what to make of him. Once she was surprised once she laughed, and another time it made her cry, based on her mood and how tired she was. We left to drive home at 6:30, Holly was pretty fussy, and I finally sang her to sleep. We didn't get home until 1:00 at which time she ate, as she was hungry from the drive. So I gave her the Minocycline at 3:00 with 4 ml of Apple Juice and 3 pinches of sugar.

Today would be the end of her 4 week Trial, if it were not for the extension.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holly and Mickey

Holly and Mickey
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Day 27 Wednesday 8/13

Today I decided to give her a baby massage with sunscreen and she really liked this. It also made me happy. When we went to the pool, there was a 14 month old, a 2, 4, and 6 year old and she would reach out to the other kids and try and play with them. She was very social, I let the 3 year old hang onto her crab toy and we pushed her around together and she liked holding her hand.,

Later we went to the expo there were hundreds of people everywhere, and they all smiled waved and looked at her. She was very social, and did not get overwhelmed with all the interaction. In the expo, it was like the art museum, there was noise, color, moving objects, people, and things to look at in every direction. She did eventually get a bit overwhelmed, but not upset at all, she simply took a nap in her stroller and then when she woke was ready for more. She didn't like to stay in her stroller, so much of the time I was carrying her so she could really look around. There was an art exhibit, and we went and looked at the pieces and she had a favorite that made her laugh and smile whenever we went by.

After the expo we went to Lucian's hotel, there were more fountains in the lobby for her to look at and play with. Since we went home late, Holly woke up at 1:00 so we fed her, and gave her the minocycline at 2:30 with 4ml of apple juice, and 2 pinches of sugar.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Got you!

I've Got you!
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Day 26 Tuesday 8/12

Holly was very playful this morning, we did our stretches, and she was standing and bouncing on her legs. We played music and danced. She was very cranky after her afternoon nap, but then later cheered up when we went swimming. There were other kids in the pool that she was very entertained by, she would watch them jump in and out of the pool. We had a floating crab that she liked to sit in and I pulled her around and this was also fun. She did not like getting sun screen put on. At the poolside she tried to play with Lucian, she would reach out to him and try and touch his cheek and hand, but he is still so little, I was holding her back. They did lock eyes, and she really liked looking at him. Later we walked around the hotel and there were lots of fountains, and holly tried to reach out and touch the water. They would jump like the fountains at the Bellagio and she would be surprised and then look and anticipate the next set of water. Holly ate at 8:15 and I gave her the minocycline at 11:30 with 4 ml of apple juice and 3 pinches of sugar.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pillow Party

Pillow Party
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Day 25 Monday 8/11

Holly is officially 5 months old today. We slept as much as we could this morning, and it was a low key day. Then headed to the convention center. Where we registered and went to a talk. Holly was a bit fussy but when I walked her around. We played and she was very social, smiling at all the other attendees who would stop by and say hello. We gave her the Minocycline at 11:40 with 4ml of Apple Juice and 2 pinches of Sugar. Her previous meal was at 9:30.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


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Day 24 Sunday 8/10

This Morning Holly played with daddy. She was very smiley and energetic. In the afternoon, we read books and did lots of stretches and tummy time. She played in ocean time, and watched the Olympics. I had to pack for LA so she spent a lot of time playing on her own, she sat in daddy;s chair with her toys and watched me pack, and later played in her crib while I packed stuff from her room, and watched her mobile.

This evening she was very fussy, and I think she has a second tooth about to break skin. She had lots of fun bouncing, and we invented a new game, where I would bounce her on my knee and then make a face and she would giggle and laugh. She was very climby, and did tummy time and sitting time and rolling time on me all afternoon. She is also much more expressive these days, she is making all kinds of new sounds and cooing. She is making a haaaa haaa like sound and a ahh goo and a purring type noise. Its hard to describe them all.

We played with several of her soft blocks, and rattles and she would hold them, look at them and bring them to her mouth. Ohhh, and our new pacifier game. I hold the pacifier in my mouth by the handle, and she is standing on my lap, then she comes in and grabs it with two hands and puts it into her mouth. She is then so please with herself she laughs and it falls and we do it again.

She last ate at 9:30 and I gave her 25 dose of Minocycline at 12:30 in 4 ml of Apple Juice and 3 pinches of Sugar. She ate again around 2:00 as we are getting ready to leave for LA.

Tonight at 3:00 am we are leaving to drive to LA after Holly's Night feeding. Since she often gets very fussy after long sessions in her car seat, we thought it best to try and drive while she is asleep. She will not be getting her regular sessions next week, She has a make Up on Friday, and Saturday when we return, with her PT/OT Also, Since I can not bring all of her toys, music, and books, she will have a very different week. I think she will get a lot of different kinds of stimulus, and lots of time in the pool. I think this upset of her schedule is also good, as she will be starting Daycare in about 3 weeks, and life will be different then, so she has to learn to be adaptable. I have my fingers crossed that things will go well.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle
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Day 23 Saturday 8/9

Holly was great today. We ran errands all afternoon and she was happy and playful in her car seat. She played in the chair for a long time on her own, and in ocean time. At the baby store we read several stories and she was very social and smiling. We played upside down baby and stretched. We played bouncy games, and reaching games. We watched Swimming and Gymnastics, and had a quiet day.

She ate at 9:00 and at 1:00 I gave her a 25 dose of minocycline with 4 ml apple juice and 2 pinches of sugar. She has been sleeping well tonight, and I think her tooth is hurting her less, and she is learning not to bite her own fingers. Today she was reaching for her pacifier which was out of reach, and it is attached to a pink string. She pulled the string which brought it closer and then picked up the pacifier by its red rim. She has been putting it into her mouth often, although she doesn't always get good aim, sometimes she chews on the side, but sometimes she is focused, uses two hands and puts it directly into her mouth.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Now What do I do with Them?

Day 22 Friday 8/8

This morning Holly had a session with Katie her OT/IDS. She did tummy time balance on her Ball, did an exercise where she squeezes her arms then stretches, which makes her looser, and practiced reaching. Katie and I agree that Holly's tone is not much better.

Today holly read stories, sang songs, and played. We went to swim class in the afternoon. She has been fussy and very chewy, and we noticed that she has her first tooth breaking through the skin, it is pretty sharp and I think she has bitten herself a few times using her fingers as a teething ring.

She had been very concentration full, in her play and has reached to get toys. In the evening we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony and she really enjoyed all the colors. In the late afternoon we were driving and she was very frantic and grumpy and she cried so much she made herself throw-up It is so hard to take when she does that and I can;t calm her because I am driving. once I was able to pull over and take her out of her car seat she calmed down right away, but she was frantic in the seat.

She also actually had 2 poopie diapers tonight, which could have contributed to her fussyness.

She had her last meal at 8:30 and I gave her a dose of 25 Minocycline with 4ml Apple Juice and 3 pinches of Sugar at 11:30. She drank it down. She wasn't sleeping well, she kept waking up whimpering but immediately fell asleep once I gave her the dropped pacifier.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Feets!

My Feets!
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Day 21 Thursday 8/7

Well today was a very very long day. This morning at 10:30 we went to a new Mother's group for 6-12 month olds. Holly was a little young, but the babies in the 0-6 month group were all like 4-8 weeks old, and the facilitator thought we were ready. There were two babies 6 weeks older then holly, a little boy and a little girl. The girl was sitting and crawling, walking (holding mom's hands) and rolling, the boy was not really doing any of these, he was sorta sitting, but not well. It was great to compare how holly is doing, even though I know your not supposed to do this, but i got a chance to see other babies in action. Holly can almost roll onto her stomach, but she has no desire too, she does in fact walk when i hold her hands, and she sits up, but still pushes back, rather then falls forward, so doesn't quite get that yet. In a char or leaning she sits fine. it was fun to see how they play and interact with toys, and I think that holly is right on target. Serina the little girl crawled over to us, and reached out to holly and holly reached back and took her hand, and they looked at each other and smiled. it was so amazing to watch. Holly was certainly watching and absorbing everything she saw. She was playing with her feet some more also.

The we went to a place called Tumble and Tea, a Play Cafe, where I met tow other mom's with 6 month olds. Another Boy and Girl, and the same again, the boy wasn't rolling or crawling, he was just starting to sit, and the girl wasn't crawling, but rolling onto her belly pushing up and sliding and rotating, so she was certainly on her way. I see holly doing some of the same moves, but she doesn't like those arms, I can see she needs to be looser to really get there, and the little girl would slide to her side when sitting, but could do it a bit. Her and Holly also played and holly watched her intently. The play area has rubber mats and inclines, and I had holly on her belly on the incline looking over to the little girl, Laural, and she stayed there for like ten minutes watching her and on her belly and pushing up, then she rolled of her belly and got grumpy. We also read a long Big Kid Book about sleepovers and she was very attentive, she loves to be read to. This is great!

I did call Hilary earlier this week, but there was no answer and no voicemail on the phone I called, Perhaps she was out of town, and I know she is busy, I will try to touch bases again soon, but perhaps wait until after the wedding and honeymoon. I don't think that holly's tone has really changed much on the Minocycline, though I try to give her several massages a week, and we do daily stretching. On the play mat incline we did some more upside down baby stretches, with her head extended looking at me backwards, this made her laugh as she knew it was me, but I didn't look right, she kept trying to right herself. Normally when she is upside down she doesn't see me, so she stays like that.

Later we went toy shopping and I got a few more teethers, and some toys that make music and sound when you rattle or press them. One is her octopus friend from ocean time, and each arm is a color and it says the name of the color when you press it. In the store she kept laughing and playing with it.

I also am ordering a set of 350 picture cards, I am very excited about these. Stage one does matching, where there are two of each card on plain white backgrounds. Stage 2 has 5 or 6 of each thing in a natural setting, so like apple, on a tree, in a bowl, ect. I hope to get these in about a week, and they should be fun.

I also ordered the Hanen Infant book, like 3 weeks ago, but it has not come yet.

Once we got home, Holly danced, played with all her new toys, and was very talkative, told her daddy all about her day. I think she is a little shy, but not really. When playing she is more of an observer, watcher, and will interact with you, but not make the first move, and she is usually more quiet. But then at home she is all smiles and talkative. She will smile at the babies and other moms when they smile at her, and she reaches for them or takes toys from them, but she is also a wait and see kind of girl. I guess I will know more once she is crawling, and see how she does. There were some older kids who came and played with Holly, like 3 years old, they seem to all love babies, and she is happy to play with and interact with theses miniature people.

Today She fell asleep on my lap and I had to go pay my tab and I let one of the other mothers hold her while I went to pay and she woke up and started crying because it wasn't her mommy, but a strange lady, so she definitely needs to get to know people, but she recognizes faces she has seen before, like our regular friends, and even some of the moms and babies from swim class, so she has warmed up and will be more talkative there.

In two weeks I am taking her to try out a gymboree class, but heard I should join the YMCA and that they have a warm pool and kindergym, that is better and more affordable. Next week we will be in LA, so things will be crazy, and off her regular routine, but it should be ok. Holly didn't eat much today, I think it is because she is teething.

She had a full bottle at 6:30 then at 8:30 only drank 1 ounce. Then fell asleep around 9:30. I gave her her 25 dose of Minocycline with 4ml of Apple Juice and 3 pinches of sugar at 11:30. She did not have a poopie diaper today, but has been very very gassy, and i think that also made her super cranky. I am surprised the sugar isn't making her go more.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Day 20 Wednesday 8/6

Today Holly's PT Sally came over. Holly was propping herself up and pushing with her arms. Sally tried a figure 8 cloth stretchy apparatus on holly that was to pull her arms back. She thinks it works, stills allows her to use her arms, but pushes her shoulders back. These were trials ones to see which material works best and she will make one with snaps for holly to use.

Today was more of the same, ocean Time, Tummy Time, Stories, Singing, Dancing, Baby Massage. Today I was watching the Human Baby show, that talks about children's development and holly was very intrigued with watching the babies in the studies on TV. During her massage and naked baby time, holly got fussy and I wasn't paying attention to what she was trying to tell me, then a moment later she peed on the blanket. I wish I had listened, but thought it was great she was telling me she needed to pee.

Today I also gave holly some upside down time. She was slightly reclined with her butt raised. This made it very easy for her feet to reach her mouth. She plays with them all the time now, but can't reach her mouth easily, because lifting her butt is hard work. So with this incline she was able to chew on her toes. It is a very slight incline and she was happy and content to play with her feet for about twenty minutes while I straitened up around the house and checked email.

This morning she was unable to nap, and took a very long afternoon nap. She was teething in the evening, and grabbing chewy toys, and reaching for them. Joel told me that this morning when she woke up she had pulled a stuffed animal out from the other side of her crib and was chewing on its toe, as the toe was all wet. Today i decided to read to her from her cloth books, so she could play with them when I was done. One is called tails, and she liked to grab and feel the different tails, and she chewed on this book for a long time.

I forgot to mention the other day Joel read to her a dinosaur pop up book and she really liked this. I also have a scanimation book where the animals move and she likes this one also. She had her last meal at 9:30 and at 1:30am I gave her 4 ml Apple Juice 25 dose Minocycline with 3 pinches of sugar and she ate it down in a few sips without waking. Tomorrow I will try and remember to brush her teeth since she is getting so much sugar.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Play Date

Play Date
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Day 19 Tuesday 8/5

Today holly was very low key. We read several stories in the afternoon, and she paid very close attention. One was a word book, labeling things around the house. We also watched baby Beethoven, and Baby Van Gogh. She liked both. She even watched one on her own for about ten minutes while I straitened up. We also watched Baby's First Moves. This one was totally fun. We danced, shaked, jiggled, had tummy time, reached, Played peek-a-boo. She was very interested in watching the movements of the other babies and had lots of fun bouncing shaking and dancing.

In the afternoon she had a play date with Miriam and Issac. She showed Miriam how she plays in ocean time, and they read a book together. She enjoyed watching Miriam and Issac, but didn't interact with them much, and then took a nap. Later we had a nice massage and some naked baby time. She has been playing with her feet more and more. She was smiley today, but also very quiet. I think this is because mommy was sleepy this morning, perhaps my low energy rubbed off on her. Also we had workers in the back yard with a concrete saw, which made a loud noise all day.

She was a little fussy in the evening and was tired but not going to sleep, mommy rocked her to bed easily after a bottle at 8:30. At 11:30 I gave her 4ml of Apple Juice with 25 dose of Minocycline and 3 pinches of Sugar. She gulped it down again in her sleep. We did some tregger massage techniques that a friend showed me, which is more like caressing, or a relaxation technique, I think it helped keep her mellow, but I don;t know if it made her any looser. We did do some stretches, and we did these during upside down baby time, it gave me a chance to lengthen her neck, with her head pulled away from her shoulders, I could get in there more and massage that area, but I didn't want to keep her upside down too long.

She also played with a rolling toy today, that when you push it it rolls back at you. This amazed her and she watched it for about 15 minutes, I would push it and it would come back and she would watch it go back and forth and really liked this. She sat between my legs and I put the toy between hers and pushed it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Your my Daddy

Your my Daddy
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Daddy Notes:

Holly has been very smiley and cheerful today. She is getting very good at grabbing her feet, especially when she is getting changed. She is trying to get her toes in her mouth but cant quite manage without help. She's been making excellent eye contact, and will follow us around the room. I think she's starting to maybe recognize her name. She laughs a lot when I bounce her up and down, she's a happy little girl.

Blowin Raspberries

Blowin Raspberries
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Day 18 Monday 8/4

So I am pretty confident Holly is getting most of her medication now. I have been giving it to her in the middle of the night, several hours after/before any feedings, usually 3-4 on either side, so I know she is absorbing it, and she takes it while asleep, so most of it is swallowed, with only minor drooling, but no spit up.

Holly has been more expressive, and communicative. Joel noticed that she will look towards what she wants and then make noises, until we pay attention to it. So for example, this evening she wanted to be in her swing. We were trying to rock her and play with her, but she kept looking at her swing. Joel finally said, do you want your swing, and put her in it, she immediately stopped crying and soon fell asleep. She also did this with her bottle. She ate the first half of it, and as typical wanted to take a break, then about 30-45 minutes later she was fussing and staring off, and Joel said, she is looking at her bottle. I gave it to her and she gulped it down.

Also tonight when we put her down to sleep, she dropped her pacifier, and Joel reached to give it to her, and when it was going towards her mouth she reached out with both hands and grabbed it and put it back into her mouth.

Also she came up with a new game today, the bouncy game,. Her daddy was bouncing her on his lap and she laughed and laughed each time he bounced her. We were also singing new silly songs and making faces and goofy sounds and she would laugh at the silly sounds. In Ocean time she played by herself quietly for about ten minutes and she rotated herself 90 degrees to better reach different toys on the other side.

I read her her Holly family book, and the spot book, and was sang. We walked around the backyard and sat outside, and we watched a little baby Einstein. While I was pumping I wasn't able to play with her and she woke up. So I propped her up in her pillow nest and put on Baby Neptune and she watched it without fussing for about 15 minutes while I was finishing. She was very hungry since she just woke up, so she began to fuss. I took a break to feed her, but then after she was content to play on her own and watch while I finished.

I do think she is making more new different sounds, but I can't really articulate what they are. but she is blowing with her tongue and lips and exploring her mouth, and she is very intrigued with her feet. She played in her crib for about 10 minutes watching the mobile, during naked baby time, and was happy to grab onto her feet and watch and listen to the music.

Holly last ate at 9:30 and at 1:00 am I gave her 4 ml of Apple Juice, 4 pinches of Sugar and a 25 dose of Minocycline. Just before she had woken up and cried and I gave her her Lutchka and she was sucking hard. I went to make the medicine and she fell back asleep, but was still sucking. I put the medicine in, and she sucked it down without even waking up in like 30 seconds, no drops or anything. I wish every night was like this.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Too Big for my Britches

Too Big for my Britches
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Day 17 Sunday 8/3

Today was the last day of Granny's visit. Today was the same as the last few days, holly blowing bubbles with her tongue, and playing with her feet. We had tummy time, ocean time, naked baby time, story time, and singing time. Tonight mommy and daddy were very tired and wanted to watch a movie. Holly was very laid back, and laid on the couch between us quietly playing and staring off into space.

She was very intrigued with her feet and played with them for over ten minutes, very amused. She isn't really getting them to her mouth on her own, but she is certainly interested in them. She was also very ticklish tonight, we played the upside down baby game, and I would kiss her chest and she would laugh and giggle each time I gave her kisses. When she was upside down her feet got kisses and this made her laugh, then she would stand up on my chest with her arms stretched out and I would blow on her belly and she would laugh,. She likes this game a lot.

She did have a poopie early in the morning, around 10 am but it was normal consistency, not too watery, so I will use the same mix of sugar and apple juice tonight as yesterday. It had been mentioned a few times that she might be hungry and want more then her regular 4 oz bottle, I personally have not noticed this, but thought I would give it a try. Often I have more then 120 CC of breast milk, but less the 200 (which splits nicely for two 100cc bottles) so this morning I made a bottle with 170 cc and this afternoon one with 140. In both cases she did not finish them. This morning she drank the typical 120, and left the remaining 50 for her mid morning snack. Then this evening she only drank 70 and then had another 30, then 40 each 1 hour apart snacking through the evening. I will continue doing this with the breast milk since it does not go bad, and it gives her the opportunity to drink more if she wants, but she is gaining weight consistently, and she hasn't drank more, so I think she is fine. She last ate at 9:30 and I gave her 4 ml of Apple Juice with 4 pinches of Sugar and 25 dose of Minocycline at 1:00am. She didn't fuss much, and she fell back to sleep right away for another 3 hours.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Two Dads

Two Dads
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Day 16 Saturday 8/2

Today Holly was "blowing Raspberries" all morning at her granny and Daddy. Apparently last night she was practicing for only me, and today she wanted to show off her new skill to everyone. It is quite adorable. So I am not sure how well so much sugar worked out. At 6:30 am she had a very watery poopie, and yesterday she went at 2:00, so it wasn't even 24 hours, which is the minimum for her usually. Tonight, I waited again until she was sound asleep, and at around 12:30 AM I gave her 4ml Apple Juice, with 25 Dose of Minocycline and 4 pinches of sugar. This was a little more apple juice then the night before, and a little less sugar. it wasn't quite as easy, but about half way through I got her to take a few really big sucks and swallow most of it, after the first ten minutes of it dripping slowly. Then it was just the last sip or so. I tricked her by getting her to suck on her pacifier, then switching them. It seemed to work ok.

Today she did the usual. We watched the rest of baby da vinci, read her holly book, and many other's sang songs, she made pie with granny, played in ocean time and had a lot of tummy time on both aqua duck and her quilt. She has a triangle play center and she will watch the knobs spin and the pieces move while on her belly, then roll off when she is tired of it.

She also had a lot of naked baby time and a very long massage. We did several stretches, and she really got almost 30 minutes of play, massage and naked baby time, before she started to get hot and sleepy.

We went out in the afternoon with Lucian and his parents, to eat Indian, and the smells and music were all very exciting to her. She sat in my lap and looked and watched everything. Viks the restaurant was very warm, and she was getting tired and cranky but too much was going on for her to sleep, she wanted to be part of the action. even amidst all the chaos, she let me know when she was wet, and once I changed her she was somewhat less fussy.

Last night I tired to bring her into bed with me to sleep, and she was sorta falling asleep, but she was too cranky. Normally she gets to sprawl out on the bed, and I sing to her, but with both mommy and daddy there, it wasn't like her normal morning nap, and she didn't like it, so daddy got up with her. This was when she had the bad wet poopie, so that could have been why she would not settle down, but then daddy rocked her to sleep. In the afternoon she also played in her crib for about 10 minutes she has a very interesting mobile that she never gets to use because it distracts her when she is trying to sleep, so she watched it for a while.

She has been grabbing her legs and feet, and her daddy reported that she was pulling on her feet and hand in a coordinated way, and definitely making improvement. I have also noticed that Holly is very long waisted and this makes her center of gravity a little different and her legs shorter, so in order for her to reach her foot into her mouth, she needs to also be able to hold her but up into the air, which requires doing three things at once. During her massage I had her slightly tilted upside down, so her head was a little lower then her butt and with this extra leverage she was able to get her toes into her mouth. She didn't do it for long and I didn't keep her upside down too long, though it is a game she likes, but she keeps trying to eat those toes.

Also, she held her bottle completely on her own, for about 3-5 minutes. She tries to do this a lot, but usually gets over zealous, if her hands aren't even she will end up apply more pressure on one or the other and it was push over, but today her hands were up close on the rim and she was able to sustain it. Then she began to chew on the nipple, as she wasn't actually super hungry, it was amazing, I wish I got a picture of it, but I am sure she will do it again soon enough.

The teething was not as bad a usual today, she was still chompy, but didn't seem to be angry about it. I could just be reading into this, but I think she is having more "your not my mommy anxiety" and a few times she has gotten upset and only I can sooth her, I am starting to worry about daycare some more, but they said i can bring her there with me for a few hours on a few different days so she gets used to it, and the teacher's so I hope this will make a difference.

Of yeah, the other thing I wanted to point out is she is consistently crossing the mid-line with her right hand to reach for things that are on her left side, she will grab with both hands, or her left, but she also crosses to grab with the right on the left side. This wasn't just one time, and this is listed as a older child skill. Holly is 20 weeks this week, and she will be 5 months old in 9 days.

Friday, August 1, 2008


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Joel Notes:

Holly has been doing well. She's tolerating the medicine now, she still doesn't like it but it hasn't been an ordeal the last few days. She's been really expressive and has been grabbing everything within reach and sticking it into her mouth. She chews and chews. She's been a lot better with spitting up, too. This morning I woke up and went to check on her, and she was already waking up, just stretching and wiggling. She didn't cry at all and was just happily wiggling and looking at her mobile and kicking her baby monitor. She was very happy to see me with the bottle, though. She's very loose in the morning, but she tenses up during the day.


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Day 15 Friday 8/1

This morning mommy was very tired and slept in, but Daddy and Granny met Katie Holly's OT at 9:00. They played in Ocean time, practicing rolling onto her side, and she stayed on her tummy for a very long time in Aqua duck. Also Katie has her sitting, and leaning forward and kicking her feet on Aqua duck which she really likes. They did stretches, and the other usual activities. After about 45 minutes she got cranky, but then she had her second wind, and went another 30. By 10:30 she was napping with Mommy.

After her nap she read several stories, and watched some baby Einstein. This episode was Baby Da Vinci, and it was all about the body parts. First the Eyes, then the Ears and then the Mouth. It is probably coincidence, but when the mouth part came on she kept touching her mouth, and she hadn't been doing that during the eyes and ears section. Also last night she was laying on daddy on the floor on her back, and from that position she rolled onto her stomach, and stayed there playing, and doing some tummy time. Daddy's belly is cushy and angled so it was comfy. I was surprised to see her roll onto her belly.

This afternoon was swim class with Granny and Mommy. We dunked underwater twice which she liked. She was super kicky today, and very chewy. She was reaching for the floating toys, the little fish, and of course loves the red lobster. She was super interested in the other babies today, Sophie, Iko, Cole, and Scarlett. She didn't really splash except once, and I think this is because she is still tight, but when mommy splashes and gets her face wet she does not mind at all.

This evening Holly was so very cute. We played a new game. I will try and get video of it if I can. But when one sticks out there tongue and purses there lips and blows you make like a puttering sound. Joel apparently has been doing this will Holly all week to try and get her to imitate him, and I did not know. Tonight I was sticking my tongue out at her, and then I started making that noise/face and it cracked her up, then she copied me, several times she would stick her tongue out and make little spit bubbles and noise and try to do the same thing as me. Joel only saw her once. I would do it, and she would laugh and chew her fingers when he was watching her, then he would leave and she would do it back at me. It cracked me up. I totally think that my laughing at her was such positive reinforcement that she kept doing it over and over. We must have played this game for like thirty minutes.

Also this evening we sang songs, played patty cake, played upside down baby, which she anticipates, and knows when you are about to put her upside down. We were doing stretches, and these make her laugh, her chest is very ticklish when I stretch it out. She sat in her bouncer but only for maybe 10 minutes. During dinner she was in her swing because we thought she was tired and ready for a nap, from her long day swimming, but she was getting fussy. The swing was not facing us, so I moved it over to the table, and turned it to swing side to side, and i got her a bunny toy to hug and chew on. She could now look at us, and she played in her swing for most of dinner, when she started to get tired she made little whining noises and I found her pacifier and she was happy, then I simply had to keep putting it in until she fell asleep.

This was about 9:00, we were playing a board game by this time, and then Joel and I went to a movie, as she had just eaten, and I didn't want to wake her. When I got home at 1:20 I gave her 3ml of Apple Juice with 25 dose of Minocycline and maybe 5 pinches of sugar. I tasted the mixture with 2 pinches and it was awful, just a tiny drip on my finger tip tasted bad, so I added in more sugar, until it was bearable. I hope this sugar isn't going to give her diabetes or something, and isn't too bad for her. I turned her swing off, but didn't move her, and stuck the medicine bottle into her mouth, in like two sucks, she drank all of it but a last drop, which I then squirted into her cheek. This stirred her a bit, but then she went back to sleep. No fuss, no spit up, and it took less then 5 minutes. Perhaps it was luck, maybe it was the sugar. now I am just hoping she stays asleep at least another hour and doesn't wake hungry.