Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ice Cream Sundays at the Park - 8/10

Near the end of the summer we went to a really fun play date.
Ice Cream Sunday's in the park. Everyone brought a topping and the host brought the ice cream
Then all of the kids were able to make there own sundaes they were very yummy.
We were at a new park, that we had never been before. It was really fun.
Castro Valley Community Park -
The park itself was quite a drive away, but certainly closer to some similar parks we have been to in Pleasanton area.
There was also a lot of construction going on. At the time I believe the bathrooms were closed
At least half of the Parking Lot was also full of construction vehicles
And when we first arrived the water feature was turned off and also being fixed.
That said, it was still pretty amazing. There were three different playground areas in addition to the water section
A very cool sand box and several picnic areas and benches for sitting
The play structures were huge with giant spiral slides and lots of places to climb
I was really proud of Holly for going down the slide all on her own
Well, she did of course have Chloe to help her. Its a toss up some day's if she will be brave or not.
On this day she was being really brave and was super excited to see and play with Chloe
We didn't really know the other kids at the play date that well
But everyone was really nice and friendly.
Kathy and Chloe arrived rather late so most of the other Mommies were on there way out by then
I haven't been going to the park a lot this fall
I'm not really sure why. I think it has to do with the weather
Lately it has been really Hot or Cold and Raining. During the end of the summer the weather was perfect.
Here the girls are having another snack.
Chloe hadn't had a turn yet to make a Sundae so we took our last chance
Before the ice Cream melted. There was some yummy Orange Sherbet and Vanilla
Later the Water Feature turned on. Before then I hadn't actually noticed it was a splash park
The water was as good as the Splash park at the pool but totally free
It was actually a little cool on this day, as you can see Chloe in a sweater
But Holly is always hot, and of course adores the water. She had a blast
Chloe ended up getting soaked anyway, just in her cloths.
The spray guns were really fun and the girls had fun squirting
It was a fun day, but coming to an end. Chloe headed home and we played a few more moments
Slides - 1 - Several, plus big twisty ones.

Swings - 1 - yes

Surface - 1 - Three Kinds, Bouncy Turf, Sand, and Chips

Shade - 1/2 - In the picnic area. The play structure could get very hot

Climbing - 1 - Climbing Wall, Climbing Rock, ladders.. there were lots

Parking - 1 - Even though there was construction, there was a large nearby lot

Bathrooms - 1/2 - There was one but it was closed when we were at the park

Distance - 0 - It was far, at least a thirty minute drive

Friends - 1 - It is much closer to Chloe's house and while we were there lots of kids were too

Fun - 1- It was a super fun park that I wish was much closer
I think the construction should be finished, I should check the park out again soon.

Friday, October 28, 2011