Saturday, July 31, 2010

Swim and Gym

Swim and Gym ended for the summer a while back. We miss it.But on the bright side we have enjoyed having a little more free time on Friday mornings.Since it ended we have attended Kindergym a few times which is a great way to tire Holly out.The other thing we have done was attend Family night on Friday evening where we get to swim and play with Daddy.I usually don't take pictures when we are at Swim and Gym, Obviously taking the camera into the pool is a no go.And it is really just too cumbersome to have it in the Diaper bag and carry it around during Gym time.But this day was in May on the weekend that my Mom visited when Joel was on his writing retreat.She wasn't allowed directly into the pool area without a bathing suit so these pictures were from through the window viewing area.Holly has so much fun in the water. Since we have been going to the pool more with Daddy she is even more used to the water.She has jumped into the pool on her own and lets her face get wet when splashing.While changing we let Holly sit in her Stroller and drink a bottle it keeps her from playing with more water in the locker room.And then we run over to the Kindergym. There is so much to play with in there.Holly enjoys climbing on the mats and playing with her friends. Citlali is in School with Holly now so we see her three times a week.It is a wonderful program and it will start back up again in September. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dino romp

Farmer's Market Summer Opening

The Point Richmond Farmer's Market had its Spring Grand OpeningWe took the three amigos to check it out and they had a really good time.There was live music which the girls enjoyed a lot, especially from the young Guitarist.Somehow Holly could tell he was a kid like her, I mean older about 12 or 14 but not a grown up.There were a lot of other really neat booths, though not the two I was looking for from last year.There was a bounce house and a bouncy slide, though you had to buy a ticket for like ten minutes.There was also a neat fire safety trailer with some training and pointers.The girls got to go inside and wear these cool fire hats and we learned what to do in case of a fire.At the end the girls got to go into a room where there was a pretend fire with smoke and an alarm and they climbed out of the window.The girls didn't even get scared, they did really good. It was a fun day and we all went home nice and tired.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Book Club

Sadly it has been a few months since I have made it to my Book GroupThe recent books just haven't spoken to me and the time they meet is now in the afternoon.Holly is usually napping at that time and by Thursday my week has been long and I just don;t want to wake her.We have missed our friends as we rarely get to see them in any other arena.We were hoping to see many of them this past month at Madelyn's Birthday party.Her mom scheduled her party two weeks in advance because her little brother's due date was the same weekend as her real birthday.As life we have it, the little guy came two weeks early on the afternoon of her party.Needless to say there was not a party that day. But we hope to make it over to visit Naomi and family in the next few weeks.Sadly that doesn't give us a chance to see any of our other Book Club Friends.Maybe we will make it to the next meeting, the book is actually one I am interested in.But alas, there is the other problem, carving out a few moments each day to actually read.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010