Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Veteran's Memorial Park 6.5/10

This is the park outside of the Albany Veteran's Memorial Building. We were inside for the baby fair and I decided I wanted to take a class / workshop about temperament and tantrums. Holly was an excellent example of Tantrums, and with that Joel brought her outside to play in the park until I finished the workshop. She had a great time playing with Daddy.There were huge slides for her to play with, and climbers to play with and sand and sand toys for her to dig and play with. She had a great time climbing up the side of the climber.Daddy chased her around the park and she enjoyed it. It was a fun adventure for her to play without Mommy and she was so busy she didn't even miss me one bit. Its been a while since I have had to rate a park, since I haven't been to any new ones, but this was our first time here.Slides - 1/2 - There were none that Holly could do on her own.

Swings - 1 - EDIT - Joel thinks there were swings, so I adjusted the score.

Surface - 1/2 - There was sand and wood chips.

Shade - 1/2 - It was mostly sunny, but there were a few shade trees in the sand area.

Climbing - 1 - lots of climbing opportunities, particularly the climbing wall that was a ramp.

Parking - 1 - Parking out front on the street.

Bathrooms - 1/2 - Inside the veteran's building when it is open.

Distance - 1 - Less then 10 minutes from the house.

Friends - 0 - There were not any other kids playing there while we were at the park.

Fun - 1/2 - It was fun to climb and play in the sand.


joeld42 said...

This was a really fun little park. She really wanted to climb up that structure, she had a blast. And she started ducking into the little cubbies and playing peekaboo.

I think there were actually swings there, too. Not 100% sure but you might want to adjust your score.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun park to me! And sounds like way more fun than a workshop on tantrums! I'd just have to have a tantrum to get outside!
Seriously, You are the BEST mommy! I love that you are taking a workshop on Tantrums!
Love, Granny

Sarah said...

This was "our" park before we moved. It definitely has swings. It looks like you guys were in the big kid section - did you see the little kid section? Anyway, it's a great park. I kinda miss it, though we like "our" new park, Krusi.