Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cake

So this is the eating post!@

First Holly finally sits down for a few bites of pizza and a little bowl of Pasta, Really she just wanted to eat some of the crazy bread.

Then it was time for the CAKE!

So I admit, I went a little overboard with the cake.  We needed sheet cakes to feed people, we got a vanilla and a Chocolate from Costco, but Holly wanted princess cakes, specifically the ones we see every week when we go shopping at Luckys, the ones shaped like the princesses.  So my idea was to get Aurora, Cinderella and Belle the three they make and put one on top of each cake and have a Third for her special cake.  Well once I had them they said it would basically ruin them and the dress to try and transfer it on top of the other cake, and when I picked them up they thought Belle, was Tinker "Bell" so she was the odd girl out.  I let it roll off my shoulders since it was the morning of the party and Holly does like Tinkerbell anyway.  but I had three extra cakes and wasn't sure what to do with them.  So we decided to use Aurora as the Candle cake, let her also eat Tinkerbell at the party, since she was Chocolate the preferred flavor and saved Cinderella for school the next day.

As Joel comes in with the cake you can see the emotion in Holly's face as everyone sings for her.  She is filled with excitement and blows out her candles on queue, I am sure she was also high with anxiety to be the center of attention but I was so proud of her for how well she kept it all together and then she dug in.

She ate the cake directly with a fork and the frosting with her fingers, we just let her have a free for all and she loved every minute of it, the frosting Monster, definitely a high light from the party.  She had a wonderful time.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Holly! 3-11-12

Holly was eager for her friends to arrive and the staff didn't want her on the floor before the official party start time so she was eagerly waiting for them at the door.

Here Chloe and Dylan are arriving
This is Gio Holly's best school friend,
She was excited to see him outside of school and for him to meet her other friends.
This is our friend Evvie on the Balance beam
All the parent's taking pictures
Another school friend Samantha
Another school friend Joey flipping on the bars
Holly climbing the web
Chloe on the Balance Beam
Holly and Chloe running down the trampoline
Holly and Chloe playing with the Hula Hoops
Our Friend Teagan chasing a Hula Hoop
A friend from Swim and Gym Lucie playing
Kaylee and her Mom
Holly likes the Hula Hoops so much we decided to give them away as our party gift
Our friend Ruby sliding into the foam pit
Holly on the trampoline
Mimi in the Foam Pit
Theo waiting in line for the trapeze
Aidan landing in the ball pit
Samantha even swung off the trapeze, she loved it
Holly on the Trapeze
and waiting to go again
Patiently with her friend Camille
This is actually teacher Anthony
She swings, she hold tight
And then she lets go
Here is Citlali
She is swinging on the bar and drops into the foam pit, her first time
Theo a dare devil goes backwards
Kaylee trying out all the equipment
Our friend Madelyn climbing around
Lucian exploring the gymnasium
Sachi running and jumping
Ruby finds the Hula Hoops
This is the cloth swing.  We never get to play with this during gymnastics
It's actually one of the circus arts classes tools, really not for swinging specifically
But it does work great for that and Holly loves it
She never wanted to get out
It was actually a bit of an ordeal getting her to give someone else a turn
Finally we coaxed her into playing with Gio
Here is Teagan and her Brother Rowan decides to try the trapeze
It was certainly one of the popular activities
there was a huge line up of kids waiting for a turn
But there was a lot of other stuff for everyone to be doing, it was a mad house
The place was really big so there was a lot of room for everyone to run and play
Here is Citlali jumping on the trampoline
Our friend Sara liked jumping too
Teacher Anthony rescuing Mimi from the pit
Joaquin in the pit
Holly taking another turn
Starting out higher
and crashing into the foam pit
Samantha running across the trampoline
Then Tanta Kat decided to take a turn on the trapeze!
Everyone eagerly watches
Here she is letting go
And crash!
Holly went after and she waited for her

Then Mimi's Dad Ron took a turn
He swings, he drops
and Crash!  it really is a lot of fun.
I saved all the Birthday Cake pictures for another post, so here we are saying goodbye to our friends
Angelina, Mimi, everyone gets a Ball and a Hula Hoop
Bye Bye Maya
So glad you could join us Eli
See you soon Ruby.
Keep on smiling Brendan
The fun of parties is we get to see friends whom we don;t see on a day to day basis and we get to have all our friends from every different place all in one place.  Thank you everyone for joining us in our celebration and stay tuned for tomorrow and see the infamous cake eating pictures!