Sunday, December 20, 2009

Music Class

Here we are at Music class. Holly is being a little rascal here, she is giggling up a storm.Mira is showing off her belly Button. Holly has discovered her own also, but when I ask her where it is she would rather point at mommies and daddies.Here she is doing yoga, or sommer salts. I think she will really enjoy gymnastics, not that I know where in my schedule I will fit another activity.Here is Adrian giving Phoenix a hug, and little Sophie in the pink is getting so big, she is crawling around now. We signed up for music class again in January.This is Johnny sticking his tongue out at me. He is such a sweetie and he even knows Holly's name. Which is totally amazing here the little ones call her by name.Here she is dancing around class. She is starting to learn to jump and she is even starting to pick up circle circle from Chloe.Here she is mooching a snack off of Chloe, she always seems to find when someone is eating and pan handles her way into a bite.

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Anonymous said...

Holly can TEACH the Yoga class! She's such a wild thing. I can't wait to hear her giggle!
Love, Granny