Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Pics from Granny & Nana's Visit

Granny and Nana came to visit the weekend before Holly's birthday. While they were here they helped Joel finish up "Holly's Park"They had to haul fifty 40lb bags of Mulch into the bag yard and lay it out. It was a lot of work.One of the nights granny made Birthday BrowniesHolly had more fun however eating the frostingShe also liked pouring out all of the various sprinklesThen she just ate the sprinkles and frosting....But it's her birthday so she is allowed. The following week, Mommy ate the brownies.Here is Nana playing Accordion on Daddy's iPadEveryone played some music, Holly helped Daddy with the GuitarShe loves playing music and is learning about guitar in her new music class.To top off the night Granny gave her a bath and she got to play with her new water flutes, an early birthday gift.

Swim & Gym with Granny

Every Friday we go to Swim and Gym But since I am always in the pool and on my own I never get to take any pictures
During Holly's Birthday week Granny and Nana visited
So we were able to take lots of pictures with Holly and Granny in the water
Holly is learning so much, she goes under water now on occasion
And she can swim around in her little "boat" all on her own, it is greatHere is the little cutie drying of after her swim classThen we head over to Swim & Gym for some tumbling and jumping aroundAfter it was child watch and Granny and Nana stayed to play with Holly. Here she is changing babies Diaper :-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Yellow Fish, Blue Fish


MOCHA, Museum of Children's Art is a new to us play place in OaklandWe recently got a membership. It is all about artThis is the downstairs art room which is open during the week.All the tables are set up with supplies for various craft projectsUpstairs they have a larger room open for the weekendsThere is a cool little playroom too with a kitchenette, We had a lot of fun trying it out and hope to go back again soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like a Hurricane!

The girls can tear through toys like a HurricaneEmptying the pantry to play in the kitchenDumping out every single puzzleAnd still they are full of energySpinning around in circlesSo busy with new games at every turnJumping from circle to circleFinally we get them to take a seatColoring, is so much fun and when contained doesn't even make a mess!