Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ear Tubes

I want to thank everyone for there kind words and concern! Holly now has tubes in her ears. We hope this will help with her speech, but mostly it will prevent future ear infections and numerous antibioticsWe were nervous at first of course, but the Pre-op appointment helped ease our fears. And while we had second thoughts since she has been well of late, she still had trapped fluid, and would most likely get a new infection at the first sign of a cold.This spring she had 6 infections and developed an allergy to amoxicillian. So we felt this was the best step to take. For the Surgery Holly could not eat or drink starting from midnight the night before, we were lucky that she slept right till 9:30 when we left for the hospital.We packed a ton of toys and had to be sure to clean out all food and drink from the diaper bag before going as not to tempt her.First we went in to see a nurse and get Holly changed and get her vitals completed, and of course verify she had not eaten.Then we had some time for her to "terrorize the lobby" she played with her shaker's and her Gabba toysHer and Daddy played with some lego's and then it was time to see the Anesthesiologist.At Pre-Op she did play therapy and was able to play with the mask and tube and put it on her face so it was familiar to her when it was time for the real thing.Before pre-op I was expecting it too take minutes, they told me 10-15 seconds, in reality I think it was maybe 30. They warned me she might thrash around.The gas had a strawberry flavor/smell to it and she didn't fight it as much as I feared she would, she cried a little bit, but that only meant she was taking deeper breaths and it was happening faster.It was surreal though to see her laying on the table not moving, "passed out" and then they took us out and wheeled her into the OR. We went to the special lobby.Joel ran downstairs to get me a bagel and some tea and I would say in less then 10 minutes the doctor came out and it was over, he said it was smooth, and there were no complications.She was in recovery doing the post-op check and he said they would get us in about 10 minutes, I guess when they woke her she started to cry and was really cranky.She wanted a yogurt juice and the sugar water and apple juice they offered only made her more mad. Finally they said we could go and once we were on our way out she stopped crying. She spent most of the afternoon on my lap watching TV or later taking a nap, we had to ease her slowly from clear liquids to juice and jello but by nap she had a yogurt juice and when she woke for dinner she had mac and Cheese. no reaction at all, and by evening she was back to herself.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home again Home again Lickity split

Waiting for surgery

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pre-op Appt


Dessert Please

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toddler Bed

Today at Holly's nap time I asked her if she wanted to sleep in her bed or mommy's bedSurprisingly she pointed to her arm (how she sign's Holly) and then to her 37 minutes later (which is not unusual for nap time) Holly was fast asleep in her TODDLER BED! for the FIRST time!!! YEA!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twirly Whirly

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Gift For Daddy Day

Happy Father's Day to All the Daddies Out There!

It's Father's Day today. I am hoping for a relaxed afternoon.We have plans to head over to Chloe's for a BBQ with Chloe and Sarah in the afternoon.The morning will consist of Daddy and Holly timeHolly made a present for daddy and we have a project to work on todayI think Joel will enjoy doing it with Holly.I wish the weekends were longer and the weeks shorterThe Holly and Daddy could spend more time together, they have so much fun playing.Its nice to have Joel home during the day. I look forward to the upcoming Holiday and a day off.These are some pictures from an impromptu playdate at the Public market.Holly, Sarah and Chloe were out at the park and it ended up being dinner time.We all decided to head over to Public market and Eat.Richard and Joel joined us after they got off of work. But Eric wasn't able to make it.The girls loved playing in the ball pit, Chloe and Sarah were a little scared at firstBut once they saw Holly they wanted to jump in and play too.This bus was so cute, it is technically a two seaterBut our three Bambino's squeezed in together and Holly took the back seat.She is surprisingly laid back when it comes to Sarah and Chloe and sharingShe has said Sarah three or four times now, and she say's CoCo for Chloe, quite a bit now.I think once she made an actual approximation of Chloe, but the CoCo is much clearer,And it is a nick name that her parent's gave her. I think originally it was to be CC for her two initials.But that didn't really fit her, I think CoCo is very cute.After riding the Merry Go Round, the girls finished playing and we finished eating.We headed over to the bookstore and browsed. They were having a super saleKatherine and I were bad influences on each other and ended up buying too many books.But the girls love them so, and well it's hard to pass up such a great deal.