Thursday, March 31, 2011

Princess Belle

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lucian's House

Daredevil in a pink silky dress, down the slide she goes... Head First. Then it is off to play Hide and Seek. She loved looking out this front window.

Here she is with Tracey, Lucian's Mommy. We have recently been reconnecting with our good friends.
Mom had been working on finishing a thesis which took up a lot of free time, but now its done and we are up for lots of playing.

On this particular day it was over the Holiday Break when both Daddies had time off of work and could also hang out.
Our friends had moved to a new Apartment which we were super excited to see. It is really nice.
Holly loved playing with the slide at Lucian's house, another friend with an indoor slide.
The kids sit down together to eat a snack. It was really fun seeing Holly and Lucian playing together.
Holly was truly taking the opportunity to assert herself, which she doesn't get to do often. Most of her friends have big personalities ;-)
It was neat to see her initiate some games and play chase with Lucian.
She also really liked checking out all of his fun toys.

Always the funnest part of getting to play at someone else's house. Well that and not having to spend the next two days cleaning up.
Now that we have started school, it is amazing how little time I have to do stuff
But I do want to make a trip to the Exploratorium, California Academy of Science, and Golden gate Park Playground. All favorites of ours.
Meeting in the city I think makes it a little easier for our friends to coordinate so they don't have to come over the bridge
The kids got along really well, the last few times we saw each other they didn't get to actually play.
Seems like they got along so well, Lucian was ready to make his move, but it seems Holly beat him to the punch.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Started

For her Birthday Holly got a Play set from Oma and OpaBut before that could happen we had to basically change the entire yardOnce we cleared the space we had the begin the buildThe entire build took several weekendsWe had Chloe's Dad help us cut the Cement walk and Jack Hammer it to piecesBut then it needed to be cleared away, then we had to lay the tarpEventually we began to build the structure but Rome wasn't built in a dayAnd neither was Holly's park. That didn't stop her from wanting to try it out right awayShe was desperate for the swings but on this night it was the tireShe has been watching Daddy hard at work all dayThis was only the beginning of the work, I will post more another day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer Party

I know... it has been six monthsI have this terrible habit of putting of posting some picturesIn this case i took about 500 at this event and it is a daunting task to go through them allIts easy to post a blog about an event I only took 20 pictures atThey are either all good or all bad. But when you have 500Even if you love them all, I can't post them all so I have to find the best.It is however kind of fun to see the pictures from 6 months agoSeeing how much people have changed in a seemingly short timeIs really long in the life of a childSummer party is always a lot of fun, it is a chance to see everyonePeople who aren't able to come to regular play dates come to summer partyLast year it was at the Pram houseIt is a really fun place to hang out and playHere we are with Angela and little MayaRowan and his dad RyanLittle Miss Sara rolling the Basket ballThis is Theo such a handsome little gentleman!Look Mom, No HANDS!Behind the Pram house is a parkHolly wanted to be outside and could not resist the slideWeee so much fun. I miss the sunny and warm weatherI like this picture a lot.So cute the three of them climbing on this truckAhoy there... Land hoe!What fun games to playHere is Angelina with her DaddyAnd our friend Madelyn and Tristan, they since have moved away and are missedOf course little miss Chloe with her DaddyI can't believe how fast everyone is growing up nowTime goes by so quickly I can hardly keep up with the changesChloe is now virtually potty trainedShe is almost sleeping in her own bedHolly is talking about potty training now.We had a play date with a few friends who went potty while they were hereAll evening she wanted to try. She sat on the potty waiting while I read her a bookWe were there maybe 8 minutes, I couldn't believe her attention spanMiss Maya we don;t get to see often either, she is in preschool nowOur schedules haven't meshed but it is fun to see her at the party and event circuitSachi is a darling, she is so sweet and shyWe get to see her at weekend events and when she warms up she brightens the roomHere is my little goof ball jumping on the trampolineRocking on the horseA bundle of energy where ever she goesMiss Angeline will be two soon. I remember feeling like Holly was so big when she turned twoBut in comparison Angelina seems so little now that Holly is ThreeHere is our group photo, those are always fun and crazy to try and takeTwo best Buds, Maya and Tristan miss each other dearlyI love sweet Maya's curls and her white blonde hairSuch a beauty, All the girls are I think it is the nature of this carefree timeAll sunny days and happy playingNo worries in the world, freedom to exploreThis is Miss OliviaAnd the lovely Teagan, she is growing up so fast too, it is amazing to watch her developLittle Tyler, it is cute that he and Holly are good friends nowHolly's hir is so long now, I have to always wear it up To keep it out of her face, when it is down like this she looks like DaddyAhh.. Like Sister's the two girls are always having little squabblesBoth so head strongHere is Ian I don't think we have seen him since this partyHis mom teachs 2nd grade at Rosa Parks, the school we will likely attendI love these smilesSara's hair has grown too, her Mom wears it is two pony tails some days, I love itAhhh... trains, Holly really gets into her playThat's it, the Summer Party, We can't wait till the one this year.