Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pump It Up

We are in Florida with the Oma and Opa for Christmas. We took Holly to Pump It Up for the first time, she had so much fun! I decided to jump line and post a "real time" post to give everyone a sneak preview. Don't forget to check out all the video's there are 6 of them, most are very short, just 20 seconds. Holly's first time down the big slide, there is a look of sheer terror on her face, yet she asks for more.

She loved the slide, they had one in both rooms and she loved flying down it.

I think the Opa and the Tanta was having as much if not more fun then the little Holly was. I was cracking up laughing we all had so much fun.We spent about 20 minutes in the first room, it had a slide and two bouncers, then they moved everyone into the second room.Here there was an obstacle course. The first time Opa and Holly went through together with Tanta Kat's help. It was a huge workout, and really tough.Getting over the big hill in the middle was a challenge, but eventually everyone got over and tumbled down the slide on the other side in a bundle of giggles.Here is Opa commando style climbing out at the end of the tunnel. They had the get through walls and obstacles and over and under and around.Here is Holly coming through the last tube with Opa's help. After the first time she was almost a pro and was ready to go again.But first we took a break and went into the big bouncy house. Here Holly watches as Tanta Kat and Opa play Basket Ball.

Then she ran over to the slide again and wanted to climb on up. So here she goes down with Tanta Kat I think Opa was tuckered out.

Just climbing up that ladder is a lot of work, but Holly's cuteness convinces Tanta Kat to take her again.

Later Oma even got in on the action, they decided to go through the obstacle course, and Holly would show her the way. They did great until it came to climbing over the hill in the middle.So Tanta Kat and Opa helped lift Holly over to the top so she could go down the mini slide in Oma's lap, she had so much fun. Here they are smiling at the other end, as they finish the course.She found these cool Hula Hoops and wanted to spin and play with them. The attendant was doing a "walk the dog" trick where it rolls and then comes back.She wasn't impressed. She did like however Opa's game of ring toss, she giggled as he made each shot and then tried to make a few of her own.Then she went into the big bouncy house to play, she had fun while the grown ups took a break.

But she got bored in there on her own, so she decided to go through the obstacle course one more time, "on her own"She could do almost everything except for climb all the way up to the top of the back of the mini slide, so Tanta Kat gave her a little lift.She let her slide down all on her own, and she laughed with pure glee. She had so much fun, this slide was just her size.It was quite a work out, and she was all tuckered out by the end of the session at 7:00 We headed out to eat and she was so hungry she ate my whole dinner, I had to order more food so I could eat. It was a fun night.

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