Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swimming on Mondays - Video

Holly is making amazing progress in the pool, here are some video's of her lessons.  She still needs lots of help with Big Arms and her strokes, but she is starting to get a little vertical and getting underwater more.

Swim Lessons - Jeremy to Wall

Swim Lesson - Wall to Jeremy

Swim Lesson - Simon Says

Swim Lesson - Diving for Rings, Swim to Mommy

Swim Lesson - BlastOff and Back

Swim lesson - Obstacle Course

Swim lessons - Obstacle Course Take 2

Monday, March 25, 2013

Maya's 5th Birthday Party - Video

Happy 5th Birthday Maya.  Here we are celebrating with her at one of the coolest and most unique places we have been for a Birthday Party.  The East bay SPCA in Dublin.  The animal shelter was beautiful and had a cool party room.  While waiting for the guests to arrive the kids got to play with stuffies and do some coloring.  Then they all read a story learning about animals and the do's and don't for strange dogs.  Then they got to meet a few friends.  A Dog, and a Kitten and a Guinea Pig. The kids did a craft where they made cat toys and then We did a tour where we were able to meet the cats and give them the toys we made.  We got to see the vet area and the outside courtyard where the doggies get to run, and the kids got to also.  We went back inside for some more play and then had yummy food and snacks and Birthday Cake.  It was a lovely party and Holly had a wonderful time.

Singing Happy Birthday Maya

Holly Pets a Guinea Pig

Fly like a Bird

Fly like a Butterfly

More Outside Play

Petting a Puppy

The Licking Doggie

Pet the Doggie

Maya pets a Doggie