Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dancing Little Flower

Such a Happy little baby. She loves music class. She is really starting to learn to dance, her dancing is like running around in circles, but the intention is there.She was especially loopy on this day, she was rolling around on the floor, jumping up and laying down and giddy with laughter.Here is Kim playing guitar, for once the bopping toddlers aren't swarming like zombies, she actually gets to play without interruption. Close by are Josette and Mira, watching closely.Here we are singing the itsy bitsy spider song. Recently at another play date with Sarah, when Isabel sang this song, Sarah did the spider climbing finger and hand movements, it was a precious moment.Later the instruments come out, a favorite part of each weekly class. Holly reaching for the drums, one of her favorite items to play with.Here she is hanging out with Johnny's mom, playing the drum, checking in to see that I am still watching. She is so independent, but she always has an eye in the back of her head on Mommy.I think this is such a pretty picture of Josette, she is so sweet, I love her little profile.And here Alex is sitting with him mom enjoying the Tambourine. He went to get it and then ran right back to Mommy. I think Alex might be a little shy, either that or well behaved.This is Ivy playing a drum in her Mommies lap, She is one of the oldest children in the class. It is really fun watching her interact and getting a glimpse of what Holly might do next.Here Holly has found something new. I am not even sure what this is called, though I suppose it must be some sort of bell that you clang.And then it is over. Music class comes to an end and I take my happy little dancing flower home with me. She is such a darling.

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Anonymous said...

Dancing looks like a really good outlet for all her energy! She totally looks like she is having fun. Great photos of other friends too!
Love, Granny