Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

Even though Holly doesn't know who Santa is, or that he brings presents Christmas Morning, we wanted to save some items for her to open when she woke up on Christmas Day. We want to have that as a tradition, at least while she is little, and it was fun to spread out the festivities.This I think is one of her favorite Christmas Presents. It is a M&D Puzzle that has little doors you open and the pieces inside are magnetized so they stick but you can pull them out. She loves opening and closing doors, for one thing.But she also really likes taking the pieces in and out. I am amazed to report that after only 3 days of playing with it, she knows where they all are by picture and by name. If I had her to Car she puts it in the garage, if I say, where is the Turkey, she opens the door of the oven to reveal it inside.Here she is signing open and Tanta Kat is signing it back to her to help her with her "Form" she is a little sloppy and "All Down" and "Open" often look alike. Against my better judgement, Lego's were all over the room before I could tell her to wait. These were from her Great Grandma Pat who mailed them ahead, and she loves them.These I was in fact able to get her to hold off on Opening, I just worry about loosing pieces while in Florida, but Holly was determined and pulled the "Lego" Muno out of the little box window. I think she is still a tad young for them as she puts the pieces in her mouth, but I think with supervision she can play with them just wonderfully.This is a fun little toy from Ikea that she will be able to grow into, though she plays with it already. It is like a crane, that picks up blocks via magnets, and a shape sorter in one. She liked making the crane part go up and down. But she would manually would attach the blocks to the magnetic base.She is starting to get fascinated with magnetic things, we got her these color form type things earlier in the week and she has been playing with them on the fridge, its like a magnetic book, but she likes the fridge better. It is a Fairy tale story and she plays with all the pieces arranging them.Another Mega Block set, this one was Plex's car and I decided to let her open it since she asked so nicely and it had wheels so she could push it around. Later, Opa built it all for her, but she broke it apart.This is one of my favorite things she got, I had something like this when I was a kid, as did my Mom which is why she bought it for her. It is a 16 block set with images on each side, making 6 different pictures, like a puzzle.She will have to grow into it, but for now she can stack the blocks, and she was excited when I changed the scene from the cow, to the duck. Mommy had fun doing the puzzle! And she liked putting them in and out of the base, lining them up.She got some Yo Gabba Gabba books which I think she enjoys, favorite characters in a different format, and another animal puzzle. This one has pegs, which makes it easier for her to use.I ended up packing all the puzzle pieces in Zip Lock bags so I wouldn't lose any and she could bring them to me and ask to "open" and we could play together, low and behold, instead she learned how to open a zip lock bag.This is a Yo Gabba Gabba Percussion set, which I was excited about, Daddy picked it out and it has all kinds of neat instruments, but the two best are the Plex Flute and the Muno "Kazoo" thingy. Both require her to blow which is excellent Speech therapy. Today she made noises with the Plex and was so proud of herself.This was a kinda big present. We thought about getting her the little people farm house with animals, but when we were at the store she showed no interest but instead ran across isles to pull down and play with the Kai Lan tree House. She really wanted this and doesn't have a "Doll House" so this is a starter one.Here Kat is writing Holly a note in a beautiful "Family History" book she gave to Holly and "Mommy" there are places to write down the family tree, and put in memories, as she gets older she can fill it in, for now I will work on the histories for her as a keep sake.Only Holly had presents to open, and she played with all her toys all afternoon, in the mean time the Grandparents, and Great Grandma Bertha Too played on the Wii. They went Bowling, Skiing, Tight Rope Walking. It was so cool, they loved it. I love how it is so accessible, Holly's Great Grandma Bertha is 87 and she is having a blast!

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CarolineThomas said...

That is the coolest thing ever! Bertha on the Wii!!!! She rocks! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas, nice that you spent it with your family of course. :)