Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

4 Year's ago today was Holly's Due Date - Luckily she was 11 Day's Late and her Birthday didn't fall on the day that only comes once every four years. But thinking back to this being my last day of work, and where we were at waiting for our baby to come four years ago, and the fact that Joel's Brother Alan is in that very same situation today, waiting for his baby girl due on March 14th, it is hard to believe the time that has flown by and the little girl Holly has become. I plan on writing yet another post about all of this for Holly's birthday, but with out of town visitors and a big party to plan I wanted to acknowledge some of that now too. it has been quite a journey, just thinking back a year ago she has come so far I can't imagine her as that little 8lb baby any more, though she still reminds me that she is not a big girl yet she is still Mommies baby and in truth she will always be. (Right Mom ;-)

The ultrasound scans are from 28 and 33 weeks old and the picture of me is actually from February 29th 2008 when I went in to do Fetal Heart Monitoring on my Due Date. I still have that Sharfenberger bag for Carrying my knitting, though I have since retired that Sigg Bottle for a new less dented one.

I also want to note that in this second picture of Holly she is holding her toes and sleeping, she still tries to sleep in this exact position, though now she takes the corner of her blanket and wraps it around her toes, I wonder if she did that with the umbilical cord in the womb, its funny how much of there personality they have already before they are born but of course how much they change so quickly too.

New Years Eve Ballon Drop - Chabot Science Center

So I am in fact mostly caught up on my blog. I have other this and two other posts coming up that are from a time before February, so I am actually mostly posting pictures from the same month, in fact from within the last thirty days. This however is two months old and from New Years Eve. On this day we headed over to Chabot Science Center and we attended a Count Down to New Year's Balloon Drop. Holly was super excited, though I was a little nervous about the noise especially when inevitably some of the balloons will pop, but Holly came armed in her head phones and was ready to go. We were Joined at our Drop time by Joaquin and later in the afternoon attending a different drop Mira. The Balloon drop was a big success and Holly collected several balloons which she drug all over the museum until eventually I had daddy put all but one into the car for her.

She enjoyed the rest of the Museum too. She played in the discovery lab with toys and blocks and microscopes, did some puppet shows for us. She climbed into a rocket ship and explored the entire building from top to bottom. We even attended a movie about Dinosaurs in the Planetarium, it was only about 45 minutes long but she did amazing because several parts of it were boring for little kids, like when talking to the archaeologists. We expected to see more dinosaurs themselves, but it was still really fun. We had a great time.