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Dinner @ Chloe's

Marina Park - 7/10

Here we are at the Berkeley Marina park, right on the waterOn this day we decided to kidnap Daddy during lunch to come and play with us.Of course the first thing Holly wants to do is hop onto the swingsBut before long she is ready to explore the rest of the parkClimbing up and down this ramp was the first challengeShe was quite excited to make it to the topAnd practiced over and overWhich gave us a few moments to eat our sandwiches.But she wanted Daddy to play with her tooIts a good thing Joel eats fast.He was back on the playground in no time at all.She has so much fun playing with Daddy And it was such a treat to have him on a work day, if even for only an hour.Holly really liked this steering wheel, she was "Driving"On this warm summer day it was wonderful to have the Bay BreezeThe view was amazingAnd Holly was having a great time climbing on the play structureUp and down the side ladder, it was a new skill for her.She needed a little support from Daddy but she was determinedThen she was carefully climb down the RampAcross the bridge, down the slide, and then do it over again. It was a fun day.
Slides - 1/2 - Only tall and twisty slide, neither of which Holly liked.

Swings - 1 - Both baby and big kid swings, both of which Holly loved

Surface - 1 - Both sand and bouncy turf

Shade - 1/2 - None, but the park is by the water and it is super windy so it doesn't seem to get too hot.

Climbing - 1 - Lots of climbing opportunities

Parking - 1/2 - There is a parking lot but it is a bit of a walk away from the park across the main marina road

Bathrooms - 0 - I think somewhere in the marina there are some, but none too near the park itself.

Distance - 1 - Less the 2 miles from home

Friends - 1/2 - There were a lot of kids there but most were much older then Holly and she could not play with them.

Fun - 1- She had a lot of fun at this park. When we went we had to supervise her a lot, but It was several months ago. I think if we went again she would be able to more without me worrying too much

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