Sunday, December 6, 2009

Off to India

We recently headed to Franklin Park in Alameda to hang with our Mommy Friends and have a Happy Send off Party to Robin and her family who just left to India for two years.Here she is with her new baby Scarlett Mae and off playing in the park somewhere is her older girl Maura. We were sad to see them go, but they are sure to have a great adventure in there new home.Here is Holly in the swing next too Eliana. Swinging high, Daddy is giving her a push. She loves the swing and was having a blast.There is Rylee climbing on a car shaped structure. It was a lot of fun for the kids to ride on and play and climb and hang they all loved it.Here is Rhonda and Teagan. It is neat that she was here, because we met her through a different group, but she knew all of these mom's from when Teagan was little.There in the background is Gigi, Simone's Mommy. She is expected her second soon now. And Ryan Teagan and Rowan's dad having a snack, They had some great food.Here is Maura Robin's older one. She is so adorable in that hat. Holly saw her climbing up to the table and wanted to follow in suit, but we were able to catch her and redirect to the play ground.There was this "Climbing Slide" that was fun, and she went up to the top of the platforms, but the other slide was too high for her to do on her own. There in the background are Simi (Simone) and Jayden.Little buddies, who get to play together often. They are very cute. Jayden is just two, and I think Simone is 3 ish. Simi had the cutest whisker's painted on her face.Here is Tanta Kat helping Holly with some climbing. She didn't have the greatest of balance up on the bars there. She was having a lot of fun running around the park following the older kids.Here is Camille, Gigi and Melanie chatting it up while the kids play. There kids are all a little older around 3 ish, so the worry of falling off the slide isn't there any more. While I hate seeing Holly grow older, There are some things to look forward too also. Here is Liliana posing for the camera, such a sweetie. And there you have it. Our good bye party int he park for Robin and Family. They will all be missed.

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Anonymous said...

India! How exciting! Why are they going there? Holly loves the park! Fun to see her there.(How did you rate this one?)
Love, Granny