Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dying Eggs

I really aught to have Tanta do a guest post, she took about 500 pics of us making eggs, these are the only ones I got as I was juggling Lyra.  But you get the idea!  Hopefully Tanta will post some pictures today.  

It was lots of fun, I had asked Tanta to boil eggs for us as we were on our way home but didn't realize I only had brown eggs.  She boiled 7 but then I couldn't find the decorating kit so I ran to walgreens to get a new one. I Aldo picked up another dozen of white eggs.

We got started dying and one one hand the brown eggs were not taking the color great, but it was still so much fun we decided to boil another 5.  But then those were so much fun that we boiled another 5 for 17 in all. 

We had a special white crayon that would keep the dye out so we could draw pictures on the eggs, that was my favorite part.  Kat's favorite part was mixing colors on the eggs and holding them in a second color after the first dye.

Holly's favorite part was putting them in to soak and then checking on them several times.

It was fun to see how they turned out.  After they dried we put stickers on a few.

Yesterday I ate done for breakfast and Holly asked to peel them, I think that was also her favorite part :-) 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Choral

Last week Holly's school had a Spring Choral with the k-3rd graders.  It was a morning performance, so in spite of being up till 4:00 am with Lyra I wanted to take Holly to school and see the show.  

It was nice being up in the morning with Holly, getting ready, eating breakfast, and fun to take her to school.  Though it wasn't the normal morning routine, it was school seeing her classmates.  Before the show some kids ate breakfast, Holly decided to color.

The kids had been practicing for a few weeks learning the four songs they would sing, not only the words but the hand gestures too.  Those I think really help the kids learn the songs, matching the motion with the words makes it easier to remember.

Holly has been telling me about the rehearsals all week and the day before after each grade practiced they all got to stay to watch the older kids preform their songs.  Holly was excited to see a girl in first grade who recently presented her with a book she wrote, and some new first grade friends she met in her Wednesday fairy tale dance class.  She also got to see her 3rd grade reading buddy preform.

It was nice for the kids to watch each other during rehearsals, as the auditorium was filled with parents on performance day.  

Each grade sang 4 songs.  The kindergarteners were so sweet.  Every grade sang "This Land is your land" and as the kids got older their versions became more elaborate the older kids had more verses and their singing was much more melodic and in harmony.  It was cool so see how they would get better as they got older.

The first graders sand one song where each line grew on the last so in the end the sun fed the weed that fed the snail that fed the eel that fed the shark ect..ect.. They had signs for the word in each phrase and by the end had kids holding up all 7 I think,of course these were tto help them remember all the words.  Later the third graders sang a similar song but knew all the words with no prompts, very impressive.  It was a super fun morning.

Here are videos of the songs the kindergarteners sang:

This land is your land:

Mr. Moon:

Oats and beans and barley grow:

Four Seasons:

And finally after their last bow each Kindergardener class exits / this video is fun for Holly to watch because she gets to see every kindergardener as they walk by.


A few weeks ago we met friends at ikea!  It was both sad and wonderful, sad that many of these great friends that we once saw 2-3 times every week we are now lucky to see once in 1-2 months, but wonderful that the friendship lasts the test of time and the girls play together like they last saw each other yesterday.  Here is to hoping to see more of each other and making these fun play dates a regular event!


Last weekend we had a sleep over with Mira

Holly was so super excited and counted down the days and then the hours and then the minutes until she arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The girls played a cool Sofia the first board game during lunch

Then decided to go outside and play in the back yard

Holly wanted our neighbor Stella to meet Mira so we invited her to join us for a bit

The girls invented a sandwich game where they crashed into each other on the slide

It was hilarious and interesting to see the type of "rough housing" girls do compared to boys

Baby Lyra didn't want to miss out on any of the fun

Here she is trying to eat a flower Holly picked for her

As tumbely as they were it was cute how the girls were being careful if each other

Here we are under the Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom

Lyra loves being outside and she really likes watching the big kids play

Here is an awesome VIDEO Joel made in slow motion that includes some jumping and sliding from the sleepover:

The girls did a great job taking turns picking what to play including doll house, babies, doc mcstuffuns, pinkalicious uno, and this fun balloon popping game that was a birthday gift from Leekou (thank you!)

They had yummy spaghetti dinner and then bath time with colored water and bubbles.  Each girl picked one color, Holly red and Mira Blue and they got to watch it turn purple.

While drying off they watched toy story if terror which Mimi had picked earlier in the week.

Then they were off to bed, not a problem at all... At least the big ones that is