Monday, December 14, 2009

New Climber!

So last week we missed our regular Monday Play date with Chloe. Holly didn't fall asleep until almost 2:30 that day and I myself was really tired, and ended up napping with her. It was Monday after the Thanksgiving break, and I needed some time off.It turns out that it was about 5:30 before we woke up, much too late to go to Chloe's. Well we saw her the next day at Music class and found out that her Daddy picked up, cleaned off, and Assembled her new climber over the Thanksgiving Break.We had missed the unveiling of it. But were promptly invited over for an impromptu play date after music class so we could see it in all its glory. And boy is it ever amazing. Chloe is an ace already climbing up and down and all around, but her mom reports that it is fun for her to play with it when Holly is around as she uses it in other ways, like she never crawls underneath, but Holly did that strait away.Then of course I about had a heart attack the first few times holly was sitting up on top like this, afraid she would fall off over the side. There are actually pillows on the ground and there is carpet, not that anyone has fallen, I stood next to her most of the play date until I thought she was used to the climber.She actually has learned to climb up and down using the climbing wall, which I think is pretty impressive, but she likes me to be there next to her and I give her a hand and help her get a foot hold. I have even convinced her to slide down without help, but I think she likes me there, and of course, the two girls climb strait up the slide. Dare Devils, the two of them.

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Anonymous said...

My kids were SO deprived! A climber in the living room! WOW! And this is for kids who go to either playgrounds or playdates daily! My kids were definately deprived! Lucky Holly and Chloe! I love the way they learn from each other too!
Love, Granny