Monday, January 6, 2014

Bath time!

Holly is so excited to one day take a bath with her Baby Sister Lyra
But until she is big enough to sit up on her own at the very least
A little dip is all she gets.  Lyra loved the warm water.
She loves being with her big sister 
And she even loved the bubble bath bubbles 

 Here is a video of the girls

Here was when Holly was playing she wrote out Ariel and her Sisters names
She didn't want her hair washed so here she wrote "do not wash my hair "
Afterwards the girls cuddled while drying off
Holly loves her little sister so much
Always asking to hold her
She talks and plays with her all the time
And here are my two twinzie girls
Both in soft cuddly footsie pajamas 
Holly wanted to match Lyra in all her cozy  outfits
Tomorrow we are back to school
Here is the fun katniss braid I did her hair in for bed .  It was a fun evening