Wednesday, December 23, 2009

@ The Beach

Over the Thanksgiving break we took a road trip down to Monterrey and stayed the night. While there we hit the beach. This is a park we had lunch in.It was chilly, but Holly liked running around and would work up a sweat, it was also sunny, so the sweater came off, then went on again, depending if we were close to the ocean breeze.Here is a little beach area below the park, there was a steep set of steps down. Holly wanted to go, she saw the other kids playing in the water, but they were in baby wet suits, and it was too cold for her.The view of the waves hitting the rocks on shore was beautiful. Everything was so picturesque, it was fun to just wander around and soak in the scenery.I loved listening to the sounds of the waves crashing, and Holly liked looking over the edge of the cliff down at the water crashing into the sandy shore.We had some yummy bagel sandwiches, she had a bit, but really just wanted to stay moving and eat her snacks while she explored the park.She made friends with a Sea Gull which she thought was a "Duck" and while she was running in the grass it swooped down and stole her Yellow Accordion Tube Toy. But then dropped it when he realized it wasn't food. later she tried to feed him puffs, but we thought that would be a bad idea.So instead she amused herself with running around and climbing on the rocks, hmmm falling off a rock, or getting pecked by a sea gull, are these really my two choices??But in all seriousness, it was so much fun, she was pretty safe, and loved to look at and pick up almost every rock or shell on the beach. We didn't get very far with her eagerness to explore and look at everything.She played in the sand, and for the most part kept things out of her mouth, but the rocks were shiny and salty, so she had to at least taste them, to see what they were. Use all of her senses you know...She even liked the sea weed until she got her self tangled up in it and then of course was like "Mommy help" with her Up sign, and wanting me to get it away from her.Daddy had fun chasing her around the beach, and although she couldn't go into the water, she was happy with all of the things she could do.

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Licking rocks on the beach! Oh it's so much fun to be a toddler! Enjoy!
Love, Granny