Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music Class

We went to Music class today, I was in such a rush to get out of the house, waking Holly from her nap, changing her cloths that I forgot my Camera. So these pictures are from a few weeks ago, but I thought I would talk about today.We rushed in the door just in time for the end of the Welcome song, so that was nice. They sang welcome to Holly as we walked in, and she was like.. Umm What? Everyone is looking at me. It was cute.We found ourselves a seat and enjoyed a few songs. Chloe was so excited to see us and ran right up to Holly, "Hi Holly" she waved and smiled with glee. It was so sweet.I love when these two little ones get together, it is amazing to see them as there friendship builds and they grow up together.Holly was up in no time running around the room and playing and then we sang the "Open Shut Them" song and she smiled at me from under a table and ran over to me so sit and sing it too.Later we did a car driving and a horse riding song and she actually sat in my lap for those too which was pretty amazing, but alas it was then guitar time.William got his snack and Holly was stalking both the guitar and his food. So I whipped her up a yogurt juice and had her sit in my lap so she wouldn't get into too much trouble.We lasted a few songs, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, Chloe loved these, she was singing along with Twinkle Twinkle, she didn't have all the words, but many of them, and those she didn't she babbled in tune, similar sounding.She even had hand gestures to go along with them. In this post I have pictures of Josette, Mira, and Mila all three were not in class today, the group was really small in fact, and next week is our last session until the new year.We got up and danced and sang Motor Boat and Ring Around the Rosie. The pictures from this post are from right before Kat left. We miss her and it is fun seeing her in the photos.For example, it was nice to have Tanta Kat to swing Holly around and around tossing her up into the air and running in circles like a little boat, vroom vrooom.After dancing around for a while out came the shakers. At first Holly didn't even notice them, she was so busy with her little snack trap eating up some puffs and veggie straws.Then she saw them and ran right over picking them up and tossing them down. I was able to contain her and keep her from throwing too many and made sure she didn't hit anyone in the head.I tried to get an iPhone video of her playing because the tune in the background was one of my dad and sister's favorites, "Manaminah" I so don't know how to spell that so I sounded it out phonetically."Do Do, Do Do Do! Man am in ah@" There was another shaker song after and even though it was just today I don't even remember what it was.But then it was time to clean up, and she was excited about that, running around the room like she does but this time putting as many shakers as she could find back into the bag.Some time after this we played the Piano songs, and Kim took requests from the audience. We started out with the theme song to Sesame Street which was really cool, I hadn't heard that in forever.Then we sang the all time favorite song from the Carpenters,"Sing a Song" I thought that was so appropriate to sing and play at a toddler music class, it was a lot of fun.My Request was Rainbow Connection, which we sang just as class was ending and people were wrapping up for the day, packing there things, ect.I remembered a few other songs we sang, one was On Top of Spaghetti, it was one of William's favorite songs.We also had story time and it was the neatest book, I would love to find it for Holly, it would make a great Christmas Present.It's called The Jazz Man, and the words, which Kim sang were to the tune of "This Old Man" so it was like, This Jazz man, he play's one, he plays drums on his thumb with a Bim bam boo and a spin around the room, This Jazz man goes rolling home. I am completely making that up, and the real words are so much better, and each page of the ten numbers is a specific Jazz Man, unless Kim was just making it up as she went along to the theme, not sure.But it was a really neat book. We enjoyed the song and I think Holly really enjoyed the pictures as she actually sat still and watched as Kim read. It was cool. And that was Music class.


Anonymous said...

Music class looks like so much fun! And how fun that it is also a chance for Holly and Chloe to play. I'm so glad you are doing it with her.
Love, Granny

joeld42 said...

Don't forget to get a video of Chloe saying "hi holly" next time they are together! It sounds so cute I want to see!