Monday, December 7, 2009

From Mogwai To . . .

Here is my sweet and happy little Cherub, playing nicely with her friends, Gabriel at her side, sweet and calm as he usually is, contemplative. Our small little group enjoying the play room.New friends joining us today, Chavez is just under a year old. We just met her family at Dim Sum a short time earlier, she is such a sweetie, watching the older kids with keen interest.Suddenly like a distracting squirrel she spies something just out of her reach, something she wants, something she climbs to try and get to, something that becomes a fixation.She pulls in the ranks, and other's join in on her quest, they see it too now. The playroom just isn't as interesting as it was only moments earlier, alas the mommies are doomed.And here, my sweet and wise Mogwai, as if fed after midnight has turned into a gremlin. She wants out, she can not be constrained, and she will not be thwarted.Soon there is an all out tantrum. I mean seriously, why must she stay contained instead of being allowed to roam free, and get the item of her desire (the little push car just outside the play room) she rolls and cries, she is mad.Distraction is a technique that the mommies of these creatures learn at an early age, and the key to preventing them from turning into gremlins is being sure they have a nap before there play dates.But it seems this little one chose to fight of sleep, and is paying for it now. Distraction is fleeting and soon her mind wanders to what it is she really wants to do.Here her fellow Mogwai try to calm her, a hug to sooth the frustration of now "Always" getting what she wants, but alas in this sad state of tiredness, the hug proves to only upset her more.A snack may help for a moment, a drink from mommies tea, being allowed to climb up to the couch another novelty that fills her attention for a moment.But then she is down, we must not have understood her, we must not know how much she wants to ride in that push car, she must go and show us, tell us, its all she can think about.The other Mogwai play, for the moment they are well fed and rested, there true nature hidden from the camera's eye, it all looks pleasant, as I am sure it always is on these lovely play dates.But today you got to look behind the curtain. My sweet Mogwai will come back to me, she always does. and in truth, at this point it is sort of exciting to see her demonstrate her new and age appropriate skills.I mean, really, transforming into a gremlin isn't easy work. Its still cute, and well garners sympathy, as eventually she does get to ride her little push car, and she is happy, but sooner still sleep will come as we head home early from our mostly fun afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I love the storytelling style of this blog! And as always the cute pictures. Ah the terrible twos are here! I found it to be more terrible one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half with my kids. You sure got great temper tantrum pictures!
Love, Granny