Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

When we had family in town over Thanksgiving week we took Holly and her cousins to one of our favorite parks, Codornices, which is right across from the Berkeley Rose Garden. (which I just found out is a historical landmark.We of course had to stop by the swings and play in the Sand, and go down the slide, but soon we were running in the grass and took a little tunnel under the high hilly road over to the other side.Here we emerged in the rose garden, and Holly actually really enjoyed it. She wandered the rows and rows of flowers with her Daddy, but he had to be vigilant, as she wanted to touch and smell just about every one.They have thorns, so you had to be quick to save her little fingers from getting pricked. She found rose hip buds / seeds, and some little pine cones and picked up fallen Rose Petals.From the garden we climbed up to the overlook and waited for the sunset, it was a beautiful cool late afternoon, and the view of the bay was gorgeous. It was a nice little trip.

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Anonymous said...

How cute Holly is in that blue dress! We must visit that park next time we're in Berkeley!
Love, Granny