Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Muir Woods

We had relatives in town over the Thanksgiving break, so of course we had to take them to see all the sights.One of our favorite stops is the Golden Gate Bridge overlook. It was quite chilly, but Holly was napping in the car at that moment, so she didn't get out to look around.This is another of our favorite places to take visitor's who haven't been to California before. And in fact, Holly loved it. Joel totally wants to take her hiking now.She had a lot of fun walking around looking at all of the trees. It was a wet cool day, the rain wasn't falling thankfully though, but she found mud to play with.Then suddenly she realized that the trees were tall, really tall and she wanted to look at them. What a stretch! Her and daddy would both bend there heads back and look to the sky.And well, wasn't it a beautiful view, the sky peeking through the trees, I love the colors and the light, it is so pretty. It was dark in the forest, but still late afternoon.Look at the smile on both of their faces. They were having so much fun. We go out a lot but usually to the parks so this was a treat for them both.We didn't want Holly to get too muddy, and though it was inevitable, we carried her on our shoulders a bit so she could get a better view and we could contain her.She had to make sure she new where everyone was, who was ahead and who was behind. She was very busy keeping track of everyone, and of course soaking in the scene.Here we are at Cathedral grove, near the end of the walking pathway. it is a beautiful, peaceful spot, though she liked to use her "outside" voice and listen to the echos.And then we headed back around the loop towards the opening of the park. It wasn't so much that she didn't love walking through the woods, it was more that she wanted to stop every few seconds.Look at this leaf, look at this twig, look at this rock, look at this tree, and well at that rate we would have never made it from one end of the park to the other.Here it is Mommy's turn to carry Holly. She liked this, as she was also starting to get tired from the long walk, the path is about a 1/2 mile there and back.And she was ready for some snacks. Which Daddy was worried would get in his hair, so Mommy let her snack while she rode on my back. We had a great visit to Muir Woods.

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