Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Smiling Eyes

Smiling Eyes
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Holly was born with a genetic disorder called Fragile X.



During her pregnancy, Mommy found out she was a carrier, and after an amniocyntisis, Mommy and Daddy found out that holly had a full mutation. This is a spectrum disorder and delays can be mild to severe, but are typically reduced in females.

On July 3rd Holly had her first visit to the UC Davis Mind Institute where she was seen by Dr. Randi Hagerman, a renowned researcher of Fragile X.


Holly is also recieving early intervention services which include PT for High Tone in her hips and arms, and an OT / IDS.

Holly has show only slight delays and on occasion has a burst of new skill that advance her past her developmental age. it seems there are some things that tend to get her stuck, then once she gets that skill several associated skills all come at once.

This picture is from the day before we went to Davis to meet Dr. Hagerman.