Friday, December 18, 2009

Sadie Dey's Weekly Meet-up

Here we are at another Sadie Dey's Thursday Play date. We stayed and had Dinner with Chloe, when Mom buys dinner, kids eat free.Holly ate almost this entire bowl of Mac and Cheese, it came with apples which she liked too.Here she is in the movie room reading a book. Her and Chloe loves these little stools, we arrive around 4:30 and they are all neatly stacked up.By the time we leave they have taken them all down and are playing musical chairs with them. Sadly they have learned to climb on them too.On this visit she was really into reading for some reason, she kept bringing me books from the book case, So we looked through them all.Here was an older boy who wanted to play in here with us and was finding fun toys to try out. He wanted to read Holly a story too.I think he liked her train shirt and thought she was cool for wearing it. Here she is watching the Thursday night movie, I think it was Curious George.I love this picture. Talk about Curious George, our little monkeys were swinging like chimps on the climbing structure. There are like 5 kids hanging off here.Chloe is a crazy climber, here she has a foot dangling off the edge and she is trying to climb up onto the side bars over the step.Before long they will be able to climb to the top and hang off like the older kids do, I can hardly believe they are getting to be that big.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of monkeys! I love the pictures!
Love, Granny