Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boom Box Fixation

Ahhh, the days when there were flowers and it was warm and dry outside. I guess not too warm since Holly is wearing long sleeves, but cool and breezy.We headed over to another play date at Chloe's house, our weekly Monday play date, I am enjoying the weekly routines, Chloe's Monday, Music Class Tuesday, Library Wednesday, Sadie Dey's Thursday.Swim Class on Fridays, alas though, I haven't actually made it to swim class in weeks. Holly is almost always napping at 3:30 and it is a lot of work to get there on time, plus after the week above, we are kind of ready for a break.SO this is a Yo Gabba Gabba boom box. We saw it at target, and Kat didn't want to get it for Holly, but then we actually played with it at Chloe's and she loves it.In fact she was sort of obsessed with it and didn't want to share it with anyone else. At first we thought it only played one song, the theme song, but then we figured out it played more.The characters jump up when you hit the various buttons and each of them sing a song so it is like you have a real boom box, there is just only one station, the Gabba station.She carried it around with her all over the playroom. She didn't want to let anyone else play with it. it was a lesson for Chloe in sharing her toys, and Holly wasn't doing so well in her lesson.Eventually she got distracted by other things, she loves the little hat Chloe is wearing, and she likes to climb, so she started to play around some more.She did the usual, jumping into the toy box and emptying it out, digging deep to see if she could find anything new, there is always something novel to find and play with that she hasn't seen before.She dug deep into this bag and found some blocks and had fun dumping those out and making a big old mess, but I guess that's the fun of getting to play with someone else's toys.I love how she turns everything into a little hand bag, she can be such a girl sometimes, always accessorizing.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...does she need a Yo Gabba GAbba boom box for xmas? It's cool to see her focused so much on something.
Love, Granny