Saturday, December 12, 2009

Duck Duck

Last month we headed over to Dreamland Park for the East bay parent's of Special needs Meet-up group. Alas, we were about an hour late and the group had decided to head out for lunch, I think they were cold.We were enjoying the nice cool breeze and decided to stay and play for a little while before running some errands, and it was nice for Daddy to be at the park with Holly. She immediately ran for the swing.Later she was climbing around in the play structure and found this cool tube, so we convinced her to crawl back and forth between us, I think she thought it was a fun game.I love the surprised look on both of there faces here, I was somewhere else on the other side of the play structure and when I saw them coming stuck my head in and said "peek-a-boo"Holly came right over to me after that, she wanted to play too, but then she decided it was more fun to climb over with daddy, and headed back in his direction. This is a great park for kids, but I think ones a little older benefit better.They make things kids size, so it is hard for the parent's to follow them into the structure, for a little one that makes it harder, as they might not be completely safe alone.Here i am looking down at Holly and Daddy running between the swings and the climbing structure, she couldn't really make up her mind, but the goal was to get her to use up a lot of that energy, so she had fun running.She also is starting to pay attention to details, and this neat painted ceramic tile caught her eye so she went to explore it, I think she really enjoyed all of the colors.This was neat, it is a slack bridge of sorts, it is like made of a canvas material, and curves down, so when you walk on it, it is an unstable surface. It was a fun challenge for her to get across it.But what she really liked most of all was the little girl on the other side who was jumping. This would make her bounce. The motion was too much for her to keep her balance standing so she sat on the other side, her weight making the bounce for the little girl even greater, and when the little girl jumped Holly would bounce up too.She had a lot of fun playing this game. Soon it was time to go home, but before leaving we decided to take a short park. The Dreamland playground is park of Aquatic park, so it is a long park along the highway just off of the bay.There were ducks in the water, and well Holly really wanted to go and see them, she ran strait towards the muddy banks shouting quack, quack, duck duck.
Here is Daddy trying to contain here, he caught her just in time, but she was not very happy about it and really wanted to go into the water, it wasn't very clean or nice, and very muddy.Mommy likes to indulge her though when I can, so I let her sit at the rocks near the edge of the water, as close as she could get without jumping in, and even let her splash a little, but now I wonder if that was almost like taunting her?

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Anonymous said...

That brought back memories, of Holly's Daddy when he was a toddler, falling into the duck pond!I can't wait to hear her saying "Quack quack quack!"
love, Granny