Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Baystreet with Sara

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Park Hopping

We love hanging out with Chloe, the girls are the closest of friendsWe joke and sometimes call them frenemies, as they delve into the terrible twos and begin to butt heads.I think they act more like sisters, sharing everything, always able to make the other smileAnd often just wanting what the other has, purely because they have it. Giving what they want to the other because they care that much.They have been interacting and engaging and actually playing with each other long before the expects said they should beThey smile and hug, they taunt and tease each other, egging each other on.Partners in mischief, they learn from each other new skills, and bad habits too.On this particular day we had a free Saturday morning and decided to meet at the park in Alameda.Daddy always loves it when he gets to tag along and see the girls in there true element.Pictures may speak a thousand words, but seeing is believing and sometimes the antics these two get up to is quite unbelievable.Holly loves to swing, Chloe not so much, but together, with Holly by her side Chloe wants to swing too.Chloe loves to slide and climb, Holly is often hesitant on the slide, but with her friend near by, she too comes whizzing down.We started the day in Franklin park, but it was very hot, and there was no shade.So then we drove over to Lincoln park, stopping at only one garage sale on the way.This park has two play grounds, a nice grassy area and lots of shade from trees.Chloe is not a fan of the sandy ground, but with Holly to chase she puts aside her dislike and follows.They climb and jump and run across bridges and through play structures.Tube slides are in particular Holly's lease favorite, but she likes to play peek a boo through themAnd sometimes when Mommy waits down at the bottom she will venture through.If Chloe tries to climb up the chain ladder, Holly is by her side trying too.I must have taken fifty pictures of the girls sitting together on the curb here, so many expressions.We took a break from playing to sing some songs and they were so excited to sing along and listen.The cute smiles, excitement, and surprise as the clap, stomp, and shout hooray.Its so neat how they listen to the words now and can follow along on all of the actions in the various songs.The morning was long and our bellies were empty so we began to wander back to the cars for Lunch.We were taking Chloe and Katherine to Mommy's favorite Thai Restaurant, so they could try it out.We may have let them have a few snacks along the way, and we even had a few bubbles before we left.Lunch was yummy, the place is called Toomies (I think - its on park, around the corner from the movie theatre) and they have a wonderful Garlic and Pepper Chicken and yellow Curry Chicken.One Sweet and One Spicy, the perfect dishes to get and share having some of each.Days like this are the little things that make life so wonderful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010