Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dim Sum Yum

The day before Kat left for Florida we had a Sunday Afternoon Brunch Play date at a wonderful little Dim Sum Restaurant in Alameda, it compete with our favorite in San Francisco, and comes out with flying colors.It was quite a wait to get a seat for a group of 9 adults and 4 kids, 30 minutes or so, but not the 2 hours we might have waited at the SF place we like. Sim Sum was also on Kat's list of foods to eat once back in the states.Even Holly tried a few pieces and actually liked them the sticky buns with pork and the pot stickers were favorites, liking both the noodle outside and the meaty inside.Chloe had these Gabba Finger Puppets to play with when she got fussy, and her mom lent us the Toodie which kept Holly very happy. It was wonderful going with three other family's so that there was so much yummy food to all share.Katherine loves Dim Sum and knows all of the best dishes to order. Another family, there daughter new to the group named Chavez and a few months older then the girls, was also a seasoned Dim Sum orderer.We trusted there judgement and Kat and Joel had a bite of whatever they picked for the table. Sarah really enjoyed herself and ate so well, it was nice to see and a good example for Holly.She was very exuberant, but did a good job of staying in her seat and eating and being well behaved. Holly on the other hand wanted to get up and wander around as the end of our lunch approached.Kat sat down on the floor with her and Chloe in the back corner behind our table. it made a safe little place for them to play. Katherine was smart and brought the Gabba Puppets and some books for Chloe.These kept both girls entertained, while we all ate to our hearts content. it was actually very reasonably priced in the end, about $110 for 9 adults, not bad at all. and the food was amazing.Holly liked these finger puppets so much I scoured eBay and finally found a set for her that we too can now bring to let her play with on long car rides and in restaurants. They were originally from jack in the Box, so I had to find them else where.I ordered some yummy Lemon Chicken, as I personally am not the biggest fan of Dim Sum, but Joel and Kat thought it was Yum Yum! So it made me happy for them to have a great meal.It was a fun little outing, great conversation and a change of pace from our regular play dates, it was especially nice for the Daddy's to all be with us and get to chat.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like fun, going out with a big group of friends. Sounds like we might need to try that resturant out next time Mary and I come to visit (next March if not before). Holly looks adorable as always! Love Granny