Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toddler Corner

Recently Sarah and Isabel met us at Toddler Corner. It's this play place that is located in the Nursery Room at a Local Church. It is a very nice, smallish space that they open on Friday Mornings from 1000 - 1:30 PMThere are a lot of really fun toys for the kids to play with. It is an enclosed space, there is a table with chairs, toddler size for snacks, and great and friendly mom's to chat with.It is free for the public to come and play for the 3.5 hour session, and it is something to do on a Friday Morning. We had a lot of fun, but I think Holly got antsy after too long, she needs more space for running around I think.One thing that we really enjoyed about it though was how everyone had snack time together. We didn't come prepared the first time and everyone shared there snacks with us, we even got a yogurt, some goldfish, cheese.There is a play kitchen and blocks and puzzles, some push carts, instruments. Mostly though it is fun because of the other moms and dads. It is nice to chat while the kids play with each other. I have run into moms there that I know from other places, and that's always fun too.

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