Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playdate @ Chloe's

On Tuesday we went on a play date at Chloe’s house. We had a lot of fun. There were about 8 moms’ there with their babies, but Holly was the oldest and only cruiser. Well, towards the end a mom with a 9 and ½ month old, Mackenzie came with her mom Amy and she was able to cruise, but she seemed to mostly stay in one place. She actually could stand independently, like if you pulled her up to a stand she would just hang out there standing and eventually sit herself down, but not take any steps. It was pretty cool to see.

There were a few 8 months old who had the crawling and sitting down mastered, but they didn’t seem to want to wander off and crawl anywhere either. Then, there were a few littler ones who were just getting the hang of sitting. Holly I guess is a very independent baby, she is not afraid of other people, and as long as mommy is within her range of sight, she is happy to be off playing on her own.

It was fun to see all of the babies interact with each other, and Holly is definitely a social butterfly. She goes right up to the other babies and tries to make friends, she of course wants to see whatever it is they are playing with, but then gives it back after she “takes” her turn and she moves on to the next thing. She was friendly with the moms too using them all as a means to travel to wherever she was going simply cruising right onto them and over them and climbing wherever she needed to go.

She loved playing with all of the new and interesting toys, and Chloe has gotten some new ones since our last visit. I decided to get one of those leapfrog tables after playing with it at Chloe’s house, she had two one up on its legs and one on the floor, (which I didn’t realize was the same toy at first, so it sold me that the legs were removable) Chloe’s mom said they are on craigslist pretty cheap, I found one for only 10$ so I am hoping that they sell it to me, but the lady did have some other inquiries. There was also this cool front door toy, that was big and something you could use for Cruising. The door open and closed which she loved and there was a little mail slot with an opening and closing cover that said, you’ve got mail and she did that one over and over. She is starting to understand that she was controlling that sound and making that noise, and loved it.

There were a lot of neat musical toys and new things to chew on of course. It was funny as we had to extra baby proof. Holly found all kinds of neat ways to escape from the play area, like going under an end table into the other part of the room. We also had to move the fence, since she is a wanderer. The other moms like to say that Holly is a very “busy” baby, which is sweet, but what they really mean is that she doesn’t sit still for a second, and is extremely active. She is hard to keep up with sometimes.

We had fun overall. I am starting to try and teach Holly gentle, and she doesn’t really know her own strength and has no notion of where her body is in space. She tramples over all things, be it toys or other babies, sometimes even trying to sit on them, and scotch them out of her way. I think one of the babies pulled her hair, but I can’t recall for sure if it was here or somewhere else we played this week, but I thought it was good for her, she is always in there face, and tries to pull on them and grab there hair. Maybe she isn’t sophisticated enough yet to understand that it hurts, and that is what she does to them, but she is tough, and it took about 3 seconds of me holding her before she was pushing mommy away so she could go and play some more.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Coffee Time

SO we have been trying to teach Holly to drink from a Sippy Cup. She can’t really suck the liquid down with the valve in, or tip her head back enough for it to work. Without the valve the liquid runs to fast and she gags on it. So based on my friend Tracey’s advice I decided to try a regular cup very full so she can slurp the liquid. My next option is a built-in straw cup.

Well the Yogurt Juice I decided to give Holly was only 4 ounces and not big enough to fill a regular type cup, so I first tried to get her to sip it out of the container, but she just wanted to chew on that. So in search for a cup just her size Joel suggested an expresso cup. So here she is sipping “coffee” like a little sweetie, learning to drink slowly but surely.

Holly is pretty impatient though, so after a few sips she was having none of it. Since I not only wanted to teach her to drink, but expose her to new liquids, like this strawberry yogurt smoothy juice drink, we discovered that it was the exact size to screw on a bottle top. She is still not drinking from the level 3 nipples, but I put one on this juice and she grabbed the bottle and gulped it down. Isn’t she adorable!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blast off!

Totally unrelated picture, but isn;t her hair cute and wispy :-)

So.... Holly is a pro with her Spaceship Walker, twisting, turning, steering and navigating all over the kitchen. Soon it will be dry and we will try her outside again.

Enjoy the Video

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Precious Sleep

Precious Sleep
Originally uploaded by vczdavis
Holly is refusing to go to sleep. Yesterday was Joel’s day with her and she slept in late, waking up around 10:00 she normally would be ready to go down for a nap about 2.5 hours later, so at 12:30 bottle in hand she came and laid down with me. She was so riled up, and she drank her bottle but then as soon as she finished she was trying to flop herself up and turn and sit and stand and she wanted to play. So Joel took her back and they played for a while. I tried to settle her down some more and we watched Baby Einstein, but it took her swing and over an hour for her to settle and fall asleep around 3:30. She only slept for 90 minutes and woke up around 5:00. So I figured she would be ready for bed around 10:00. We played, had dinner, watched the Oscars, and then began to help her settle down.

By 10:00 we laid down with a bottle and I attempted to get her to fall asleep, but again as soon as she finished it she was up and trying to crawl and climb around and refused to settle. We watched the Oscars a little more and then tried to put her in the crib. She climbed around for a while in there but after twenty minutes got upset and wanted to play. By 11:30 we tried another bottle and bed again, it almost worked but then she started to try and get up. I tried to bear hug her and keep her on her back but she got mad and had a fit and Joel was tired and really didn’t want to hear her cry. So I tried walking around with her and that didn’t work and then the crib again. Finally by 12:30 we were watching Baby Einstein and 2 ½ episodes later around 1:45 she fell asleep.

She was up this morning by 9:30 so she didn’t get much rest, but actually went down for a nap by 11:40. Katie arrived and we ended up doing paperwork and talking about her sleep issues and how she is fighting sleep. I read online that babies don’t fight sleep that it is separation anxiety but I am in bed with her so that can’t be it. I was tell Katie how she sometimes even hits and pinches herself to stay awake and will kick off the covers and anything soothing to fight the sleep. After a long discussion we think it may be related to Sensory Seeking behavior, and her not being able to self regulate. She can’t wind herself down and she is seeking sensory input to stay keyed up. At some point she gets close enough to sleep that all sensory input begins to irritate her and prevent sleep, so it is recognizing where she is on that line and knowing which thing she needs. But a routine and more time that normal to let her wind down before bedtime or a nap will be needed. We are breaking out excel to make a schedule and routine and see if we can at least try and follow it.

Tonight was a little better; I started to try and get her to wind down at 9:00 and then at 10:00 tried to put her to sleep. It wasn’t working; she drank her bottle and then wanted to play. So after reading some research on the internet Joel was more confident to let her cry more than 30 seconds and also be in her crib on her own. So we put her in the crib at 10:45 and said goodnight. She played for about 15 minutes walking around, turning on and off her blue toy, but eventually she started to call for us. I let Joel go in right away the first time, he didn’t pick her up just told her we were right here and then left but a few minutes later she was crying again. So this time I went it, I laid her down rubbed her back and put on her Sun Music toy and left, but then the third time she was really agitated, Joel actually waited 2-3 minutes before going in, but she wasn’t “upset” she was having a fit, I can tell the difference in her cries, after about 2 minutes it went from mad to upset so I sent him in. The 4th time I went it, it didn’t even sooth her because at this point she was begging me to pick her up pulling on my shirt and reaching up to me, so eventually I did.

Back to Baby Einstein, and another 30 minutes and it didn’t even seem to be working, she crawled off my lap and onto the floor and tried to go and play, so I picked her up and started another episode and she was almost asleep, but fighting it, so we gave her another bottle and she fell asleep. I was holding her and rocking her for the allotted 10 minutes (which is how long it takes for her to go into deep sleep and not wake up if I put her down) it was about 11:45 now, so not bad. But then she starts to scream, I hadn’t done anything and next thing I realized she was in my arms having a night terror. So it was 12:45 before she got down to sleep again, and she is so pitiful hiccupping now in her sleep I can hear her in the other room, and she vomited twice on me from the crying and I had to change her and the changing table and my closes both times and her blanket got all pukey, and well. I just don’t understand. Today she had a 2 hour nap in the morning and another 75 minute or so nap in the afternoon. She had only been awake for 5 hours, so she shouldn’t have been that over tired, and well she had only fallen asleep, in my arms 8 minutes earlier.

But it is what it is. She is asleep now and hopefully with the schedule and routine it will get better. While Katie was here this afternoon we researched Fragile X and sleep disorders and fighting sleep is actually quite common in Fragile X, but then again, here is her Momma up at 1:00 AM fighting sleep to blog, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far.

Sorry about the bad picture, I am tired and Lazy and don't want to spend the time to find good ones at the moment. Plus - Dare I use a flash and risk waking her - I think not.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I <3 Faces - Black & White

I heart faces is a site where you can share photos and submit them into weekly contests, of faces, one for kids and for adults.

So this is my entrance into Week 7 Theme: Black & White


So I know that a lot of you didn't like this picture for a few posts back but let me explain why I love it so much especially for this submission. Look at the raw emotion being expressed by that face. So often beauty is seen in a smile or a face showing Joy or Silliness, but what about Frustration, Anger, or uncontrolled emotion that you don't know how yet to understand. Crying because you want your mommy or you are tired or you just didn't get your way.

I guess maybe only a mother could love a face like this, but the furrow of her brow, her long lashes, the slump of her shoulders, her wisp pixie like hair. I think there is something about this photo that reminds me that in all states how much I love my Child and how beautiful she is, even when she is angry, upset, and crying.

She makes another face, just before this one, just before the tears come that I love. (I know I am sad) it is such a cute face of forewarning, and I hope one day to really capture it. I have gotten at hints of it, which you will see (be warned) this week on Wordless Wednesday, but I have yet to truly capture the depth of that face, I aspire to one day do so. But until then, I am left with this aftermath, which reminds me a mood can turn in only a moment from a smile to this, and then just as quick back again when she is lifted into Mommies arms.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy Day

On Friday Katie came over for another session at 9:00 AM. Joel almost forgot again but I happen to wake up at 8:45 and asked him if he remembered, so he went and woke her and got her ready. She is pretty cranky when she first gets up especially if she is woken up. But he changed her and let her get settled before giving her a bottle, it was actually about 30 minutes into her session before she started getting hungry.

We had a lot of fun during the session. We played with the ball push toy again and she is starting to get the hang of it. We also played with the peg board, and with the connector tubes. Also Holly has not learned how to put donuts on the pole. I was so excited a few nights ago when I saw this. She does it with two hands and is very slow, intentional and full of concentration. Although tonight she did it several times and even did a star or two so she is getting better by the moment. This was great news. A few new things we are working on is stacking blocks which she tried to do but isn’t super steady at yet and also asking Holly to hand us something, “Can I have that Please” and see if she hands you the toy.

We were discussing her Oral Motor issues with tie into her eating issues, which By The Way she isn’t eating again, she is taking maybe 3-4 bites of her food and then refusing any more. I might be able to bribe another 3-4 bites with puffs when then she gets smart and decides the puffs aren’t worth it and won’t eat at all, but back to the discussion on her Oral Motor issues. Katie is a little concerned with her constant chewing, not so much that she mouths things so much but the veracity at which she does so, and is worried she might hurt herself. She takes her chewy tube and instead of chewing on it she will bite down on the edge and then tear it out of her mouth pulling hard.

Katie tried this thing where she put pressure on her jaw bone to see if that would be something she liked and fill the need of the biting, but she did not like it at all. So then we tried swinging therapy, which is a lot more like swaying. We let her lie down on a big quilt then picked up the corners and swing her side to side. She loved this. At first she got all excited and was kicking and squealing, but then after a few minutes it made her very calm. Katie says this activates the vestibular system in the same way that biting does, so in the future when she is fussy I will try it some more. We did it tonight and she liked it but it didn’t calm her as much as I hoped but it made her cheerful when she had been rather cranky.

She got mad at me tonight while she was placing donuts and stars on their holders. I got excited and clapped and told her what a great job she did, and the first 1-2 times she liked this and it made her smile, but then she got upset later when I did it after. Wait… Now I have to ask Katie about his, because I think it is a developmental milestone, where she gets “embarrassed” by being the center of attention. I have a “The Human Baby” show saved on Tivo and one of them is on emotions, so I have to watch it now and try to remember what they said about this behavior, what age it starts at and see if this fits. But she kept putting the donuts on but then if I reacted she got upset and cried at me. It was a very interesting thing to see her playing and crying at the same time.

So the other thing we did today was go to swim class which was so much fun. Holly is splashing and playing in the water and she loves it. I scheduled a meet-up there, I am a member of a mom’s meet-up group and 4 other mom’s attended who I had met previously so it was really fun to see them again. Then we saw Sarah and Isabel who I haven’t talked about for a while, but Sarah and her mom are from our Mother’s Group, which I never go to anymore, but we made friends with Sarah and Isobel and run into them all the time, we hadn’t seen them for a few weeks so it was fun to run into them again. Then finally we ran into Heidi and Kareem. These are our new friends from Studio Grow, the one who is exactly 1 day younger then Holly. I was so excited to see them. It was there first time at Swim Class and Kareem really had a lot of fun. I think next time I run into them at Studio Grow I will have to exchange Emails with Kareem’s mom.

After swim class we decided to go on a shopping spree. It didn’t end up that way, I was only going to by some Dreft and Baby oxiclean but it ended up being much much more. Firstly we got Holly a Holly sized chair. We are very excited about it. She thinks it is only useful for using as a tool for cruising and pulling herself up, but if I put her in it she sits. She isn’t very graceful getting down, she sometimes turns like she does for getting off the couch, but other times she sort of lounges forward which is ok if she catches herself but once she bumped her head. It was in slow motion so she didn’t even cry, but I will need to keep an eye on her.

Then they had this sale of getting one Fisher price toy for 19.99 get a second one of Equal or Lesser Value for Free. So I found 1 toy for 19.99 and a Second for 16.99 then I realized the second one that I loved wasn’t actually fisher price but instead of putting it back I decided to get it anyway, because I liked it so much and Holly’s birthday is coming up soon, and then found a third one that was Fisher price. So the extra one I got was a gear toy, which you will have to wait and hear about after Holly’s birthday when she opens it. But the other two were ones we opened tonight. One is an Animal Nesting Box. There is a Lion, an Elephant, and a Zebra that nest into each other they are made of softish material that is cloth and very colorful and three dimensional. There is a little monkey you can put in the last box. The other toy was like a gum ball machine. It actually goes with the round balls Joel got holly for Christmas. You put those in the top and then hit a level on the side and it lights up plays music and the balls comes rolling out. Holly loved putting the balls in the top and she loved seeing them come out, but didn’t quite get that it was the lever pushing that made that happen.

I got her two sets of 12 month Pajama’s because she is getting so tall she is growing out of all of hers, and they were both on sale, one for 3$ and one for 6$ and then I got her 3 new pairs of socks that were on sale normally 2.99 each and instead 3 for 4$ I refrained from getting her any more cloths even though I really wanted to.

The next thing I got was the Frog scooper toy for the bathtub that collects and stores all of the bath toys on the wall. I thought this came with some toys and was disappointed when I found out it did not, but I did get her a few toys including another set of nesting containers that have fish on them and little holes for water to drip through. The smallest has 1 hole, then 2 and 3 and 4 as they get bigger in size. They are very colorful too.

Let’s see. Oh I also for her birthday, not yet opened got her some large baby Lego’s they were normally 24.99 and I got them for 13.99$ so I was excited about that.

I did also get the supplies I needed and ended up earning a 15$ gift card for getting three “cleaning” type items that were on a list that included the Dreft. What was most exciting of all was that any number of these wonderful items could be Christmas Present’s from Granny because we used our Gift Card and it cut the purchase price in Half, so for me it was a steal, and I didn’t feel bad at all about all the shopping I did, because I got deals, free toys, and used our Gift Card.

While we were there Holly did not want to sit in the cart, she was fussing and wanted mommy to hold her. We rocked in the rockers for a bit while I fed her and then later we were looking at the high Chairs and she really liked this one on wheels so I pushed her around the store in the highchair in front of me pulling the cart behind me and continued shopping like that. It had a toy that suctioned on the top and she was happy and content, at least until I had to put it back and we got to check out. Joel was very excited about all of my purchases and we immediately opened most of them, but Holly is still warming up to them and so while she played with them, she wasn’t that excited yet. But soon I am sure she will keep having fun with them.

I still need to get Holly a Big Girl Car Seat, and now I am pretty sure that I want to get her a High Chair, so I will keep an eye out for those, but I have a feeling it will be part of her Birthday Bootie. I mean her Oma and Granny are coming to Visit. The other thing I saw was a little table and chair set that was set up like a tree on each side and then the chairs were four animals, the Panda, Elephant, Lion, and Monkey. It was the coolest little kid table I have ever seen. I might have to get it and keep it in the garage for 6 months until she is big enough for it, but I am afraid they might not have this one in 6 months and well I have never seen one like this before. I will think about it and see.

Holly wanted to get Daddy's glasses so bad that when he took them off and put them in the swing she decided to lounge after them. I have one determined girl!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're Back!

Wow… it has been a while since I posted a daily update type post. We actually had a really good last few days now that Holly is back on the mend again.

Regional Center:

So I have been battling with them to get approval for speech therapy and respite. I was denied on both cases and went into appeal mode. Here is the thing, while I understand the policy on Respite and agree Holly probably does not present with extra ordinary care needs compared to other 11 month old children, it is the principle of the thing. Another mom in another Regional Center in this state received 22 hours of respite without even requesting it. My Regional Center said they typically do not ever give this to any children under the age of 2 unless they have a physical disability that requires special care, so I can accept this, but why is this done inconstantly from one regional center to another within the same state with the same funding issues?

I am of course very happy for this other mom, and I will try again but the way this center is I may never qualify. I think I have ranted about this before so I will move on to the goodish news. I received a call today from my case manager telling me that her and the supervisor are bringing my request to their Director to try and make a case and bend the rules and get Speech Therapy for Holly. This was another principle issue for me, because this same other mom will get Speech Therapy services starting at 12 months, and one mom even told me in her state it starts at 6 months. But originally my Regional Center said there is no benefit of Speech Therapy until 18 months old. This prompted me to email her asking what all the speech therapists were doing in other regions that was of no benefit to those kids who are younger than 18 months and if she could instead get me an evaluation and have the Speech Therapists report tell me that services would be of no benefit even though I already have a referral from a specialist and her Pediatrician.

I also wanted to know what the next step was to make an official appeal of the denial of services which would most likely include the need of a mediator, so perhaps my Case Manager thought if she could make an attempt to bend on the Speech therapy I would drop my complaint about the respite and we would all be happy.

So the drama is that my new insurance basically sucks. I have been trying for months now to get in to see Aimee Bord the Speech therapist who works with Randi Hagerman. My Insurance changed before I could get in to see her and then the person who does the scheduling was on jury duty for 3 months so she never got our new insurance and Aimee was booked. So finally she has room to see Holly for an evaluation and they were trying to get authorization but were being delayed. So when I called the insurance company they said that my Primary Care physician has to submit the request for Authorization first.

I realized this would affect three upcoming appointments, Holly’s X-ray, Her Speech Evaluation, and our visit to see Dr. Hagerman. So I called my pediatrician on her cell, she is so great, and she is trying to take care of it all. But the insurance won’t cover Aimee, so she instead gave me a referral and approval to get a Speech Therapy Evaluation Locally. She took care of the issue with the X-ray and did a request for Dr. Hagerman but is almost positive it will be denied and won’t go through by next week’s visit, so I have contacted Dr. Hagerman’s office to see if we can make the visit a research visit instead of a clinical one. They just assumed and made it clinical this time because the last three times we were there I was on different insurance and it was covered.

But the issue here is that when my Regional Center Case manager called me what she said is that she needs a report from Katie our OT recommending Speech Therapy, and from Dr. Hagerman. Also if I have a Speech Therapy Evaluation already she has a stronger case to get approval for the actual services. So hopefully I will be able to get all of this straightened out in the next week or so.

Well onto the more fun stuff. On Thursday we went to Tumble and Tea. She had a lot of fun but only enough steam to last about 2 hours and then got cranky and sleepy. When we left she fell asleep in the car within 5 minutes. I let her nap and chatted with my mom while we waited for Joel to get off of work.

We met two other little boys who were also 11 months old. Vincent was very adorable with bright blue eyes and lots of blond curly hair. He was very mellow and quiet but quite a climber. Holly had a lot of fun playing with him. He wasn’t used to other babies and this was one of his first outings so he was a little intimidated by Holly but she was friendly as ever. The other little boy Aiden had just moved here 6 months ago from Korea and wasn’t cruising yet. He had one of those toys where you push the button on the top and it spins. He wasn’t quite sure how to use it and Holly saw him playing with it so she crawled over pulled it out of his hands set it down pressed the button to spin it and then crawled off to climb on the jungle gym. It was so cute. She was showing him how it worked.

We also played in some new areas, the symbolic play room has a little kitchen set up and Holly had a lot of fun cruising around the kitchen opening the refrigerator and the stove and turning the dials and getting to play with all the appliances she never gets to play with at home. She also was quite happy to be in the middle of the big kids watching them play, but I doubt they enjoyed her getting in the way and traveling under foot. In fact she got hurt, it of course lasted about 5 seconds, but she was sitting near the stove and trying to push it in and a little boy was trying to pull it open. He won and she wasn’t happy.

She is also really starting to begin tantrum behavior. Here are two examples. She was trying to push one of the little cars and there was another little girl, older who wanted to rid it. Holly was pushing and she was holding it in place refusing to let it move. First Holly grunted at her and then growled she kept trying to push the car and was getting more and more angry then all of the sudden her face turned went to a frown and she wailed. The little girl’s mom said, Honey maybe you should let the baby play with that toy, and she did. But once Holly got her way she pushed the car for about 5 seconds and 8 inches and then continued climbing and cruising on her way.

Later she was playing with a doll in a cradle she was trying to take the doll out and its arm was stuck in a way that you would have to twist the doll to remove it. Well she tried to bruit force it out, pulled, banged, tugged, tore and dumped and had no luck getting it out at all. Then she looked at me and made the face again and before I got to her there was the wail again. I got to her and said, “Holly, are you frustrated?” Would you like some help with that?” I then removed the doll and handed it to her. She grabbed it out of my hand and immediately began to maul it chewing its arm and head with a vengeance, then tossed it aside and went on to the next toy. I tell ya, I don’t know what I am going to do with this girl when she can actually throw a tantrum if she is like this already. It is still cute though, but I am sure when she is 3 it won’t be.

The other thing we played with at Tumble and Tea was the table of latches and levers and slides. She loved this and had a lot of fun opening and closing twenty little doors and chewing on lots of little metal pieces and pushing and sliding wooden pieces around.

So even though we were there only about 2 hours we had a lot of fun.

That night Joel took me out to eat. I haven’t been out to a real restaurant for a long time. We went to Barneys which was my choice and I was craving the garlic skinny fries and chocolate Oreo shake. Holly ended up waking up as we walked into the restaurant, so our meal was quick but we put her into a high chair I gave her a bottle and then we asked for a slice of cheddar cheese and I Cut it into little bits and put a few in her reach at a time and she snacked on them through the entire meal and stayed content and happy. She is such a good baby!

Black & White and Color'd All Over

Next week’s theme for I <3 Faces is Black and White. I made these pictures for it. But then found out that the judges are a bit purest and there is to be no color element at all in the photo. I had so much fun with my new photoshop skills creating these that I had to share them anyway. In the end I love the picture I did choose for my entry next week. You will have to wait and see it. I think you will be surprised, it is not the picture you would expect, but I love it.

So onto the photo’s.

This is such a cute picture. She is so funny when she decides that she wants to crawl around the house with her sock. She puts it in her mouth and crawls and cruises and moves around the house with the sock in her mouth. Occasional she will take it out and look at it and chew and pull on it but then she puts it back in and crawls some more. I also really like the contrast of the bright yellow against the desaturated background I think it actually brings out her expression more.

This one is after bath time. She is such a sweetie. I love this towel. She gets so many compliments on this towel when we use it during swim class.

This last photo was from Studio Grow when she decided to run and grab the balls from the pit and try and put them back in, but she wasn’t as fast as the older kids were at throwing them out. I guess tossing balls out of the pit is something you don’t grow out of for a long time.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Video Trifecta

Mommy doesn't ever get to eat in peace any more. I suppose if I sat at the table maybe I would, but Holly likes to linger and cruise back and forth on the couch whenever I eat and grab my plate and get a bite for herself. This time I decided to let her go to town eating the rice. She sure made a huge mess.

Holly's new thing is snorting like a pig. it was not easy to catch on film and way cuter in person. I think this might have something to do with being congested, but it is so darn cute. She goes through a wave of various emotions here from snorting, to laughing, to chewing, to whining, to crying when she doesn't get her way. She also babbles some. It is a very close up take on her face so a little shaky.

This video was taking while we were waiting to playtest at leapfrog. Holly actually really liked this play table. While this video doesn't really show Holly interacting with the toy - she stopped by the time I got it rolling - it does show her crawling, standing up, and cruising which is also pretty cool.