Monday, January 31, 2011

Train Museum with Opa

While Opa was visiting we took him to visit a Train Museum in the South BayHe is an Avid Train Collector and has a huge set up at home that even has a subway.He however recently took the whole room down as he is rebuilding something new at another location.His love of trains has totally warn off on Holly since the visit.Here she is climbing on a cool tractorShe will climb on anything if given the chanceI loved this model with all of the windmills it reminds me of the Livermore hillsNow every time Holly sees a train she gets so excitedShe also plays with her toy trains all of the time now.She has three sets, well really two but the third is her Gabba Train cars which link together.The second set it rather complicated with an engine that moves on its own with a remoteWe use this one on special occasions when the house is clean and we have room to set it up
But mainly she uses a small set of wooden tracks that she can push the little train on. She really had a lot of fun at the museum looking at all of the trains but especially liked hanging out with Opa.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oakland Food Festival

Last time my parent's came to visit it was for my sister's BirthdayWhile they were in town we met some friends at the Oakland Food FestivalIt was full of the food trucks all kinds and super fancy I guess its a thing now.They also had live music was was pretty coolHolly enjoyed that and of course being out of the house.Of course her shoes came right off luckily the stone wasn't too hot.She was especially excited to see Chloe, since we had my parents it had been a few days.She found some older kids to play with and of course decided to elicit a game of chaseShe loves running around and the music just game the best backdropWe hung out and played while the rest of the grown-up went to check out the foodI love this little outfit, Opa picked it out and brought it for Holly, the pick check pants were great.After Chloe took off we went to get some food too.This was a tent with a huge piaya it was gigantic and looked super tastySo as we were walking around the festival we came across this silver guyHolly was terrified of him and would not get close at all, I thought he was cool though.Here is the family at the farm, I love these little goofy head pictures.So this is the line for the Korean BBQ Truck, they had BBQ Taco's and Spicy Pork stuff, it was so so good.There wasn't a lot of stuff for Holly to eat however, but she had fun walking aroundIn addition to the food trucks there was also a farmer's marketIt wasn't as crowded in there so Holly was able to run around which she liked.The festival was at Jack London Square it is was a beautiful warm but breezy dayThere were several local Honey makers which was awesome, one had a hive with them.We got some Honey, it was so good and local honey is wonderful for allergy immunityOn our way out we ran into a group of GoatsYes, you read me right goats. I don't even remember why they were there but there were even babies.That perked Holly right up she was super interested, but she wasn't really allowed to pet them.It was a really fun day out, it was great to have my parent's visiting and a festival is always fun.Its neat how the food trucks are so popular now.

Friday, January 28, 2011