Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Choral

Last week Holly's school had a Spring Choral with the k-3rd graders.  It was a morning performance, so in spite of being up till 4:00 am with Lyra I wanted to take Holly to school and see the show.  

It was nice being up in the morning with Holly, getting ready, eating breakfast, and fun to take her to school.  Though it wasn't the normal morning routine, it was school seeing her classmates.  Before the show some kids ate breakfast, Holly decided to color.

The kids had been practicing for a few weeks learning the four songs they would sing, not only the words but the hand gestures too.  Those I think really help the kids learn the songs, matching the motion with the words makes it easier to remember.

Holly has been telling me about the rehearsals all week and the day before after each grade practiced they all got to stay to watch the older kids preform their songs.  Holly was excited to see a girl in first grade who recently presented her with a book she wrote, and some new first grade friends she met in her Wednesday fairy tale dance class.  She also got to see her 3rd grade reading buddy preform.

It was nice for the kids to watch each other during rehearsals, as the auditorium was filled with parents on performance day.  

Each grade sang 4 songs.  The kindergarteners were so sweet.  Every grade sang "This Land is your land" and as the kids got older their versions became more elaborate the older kids had more verses and their singing was much more melodic and in harmony.  It was cool so see how they would get better as they got older.

The first graders sand one song where each line grew on the last so in the end the sun fed the weed that fed the snail that fed the eel that fed the shark ect..ect.. They had signs for the word in each phrase and by the end had kids holding up all 7 I think,of course these were tto help them remember all the words.  Later the third graders sang a similar song but knew all the words with no prompts, very impressive.  It was a super fun morning.

Here are videos of the songs the kindergarteners sang:

This land is your land:

Mr. Moon:

Oats and beans and barley grow:

Four Seasons:

And finally after their last bow each Kindergardener class exits / this video is fun for Holly to watch because she gets to see every kindergardener as they walk by.


Last weekend we had a sleep over with Mira

Holly was so super excited and counted down the days and then the hours and then the minutes until she arrived on Saturday afternoon.

The girls played a cool Sofia the first board game during lunch

Then decided to go outside and play in the back yard

Holly wanted our neighbor Stella to meet Mira so we invited her to join us for a bit

The girls invented a sandwich game where they crashed into each other on the slide

It was hilarious and interesting to see the type of "rough housing" girls do compared to boys

Baby Lyra didn't want to miss out on any of the fun

Here she is trying to eat a flower Holly picked for her

As tumbely as they were it was cute how the girls were being careful if each other

Here we are under the Cherry Blossom tree in full bloom

Lyra loves being outside and she really likes watching the big kids play

Here is an awesome VIDEO Joel made in slow motion that includes some jumping and sliding from the sleepover:

The girls did a great job taking turns picking what to play including doll house, babies, doc mcstuffuns, pinkalicious uno, and this fun balloon popping game that was a birthday gift from Leekou (thank you!)

They had yummy spaghetti dinner and then bath time with colored water and bubbles.  Each girl picked one color, Holly red and Mira Blue and they got to watch it turn purple.

While drying off they watched toy story if terror which Mimi had picked earlier in the week.

Then they were off to bed, not a problem at all... At least the big ones that is 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Playing Together

To be honest, Lyra has been a difficult baby.  She eats, sleeps, and cries.... Her happy playtime so far doesn't last more then 20 minutes and is rare.  She is 3 months now but I keep reminding myself she was 3.5 weeks early and so little still just 10lbs this past week.  So these pictures are from a super exciting play session when holly found the bin of baby toys we pulled out of storage and decided to set up Lyra's playmat.  She hung up like 10 things and pulled out and showed her every toy. They were both so happy!  So was Mommy!

Monday, February 10, 2014

100 Days Project - A reflection

Today was Holly's 100th day of school.  We have been spending the last two weeks working on her project.  

We decided to create a garden using 5 colored groups of 20 straws for the stems and 10 groups of ten colored tissue paper for the flower tops.  Each night we would commit to making a set of ten flowers and slowly over the last two weeks grew it too 100.

While the project I am assuming was meant to teach the kids about Math, groups, sets, counting, adding, ect it caused me to be rather reflective of time going by.

While today marks the 100th school day it has been 167 actual days since Holly started school - this seems like a life time ago - but - tomorrow Lyra will be 11 weeks old, that's 77 days since she was born and that seems like yesterday! Tonight she is 9lb 3oz almost double the weight she was when she came home - 5lbs 8oz yet she is only a pound heavier then when Holly was born...

Then there is Holly's growth, though she is probably only 3lbs heavier and maybe an inch taller she seems like a different child... In the last 100 days of school she has begun to read and write!

She completes a daily journal at school with actual sentences describing her weekend activities and pictures of parties and gardens and princesses.  She can write all her letters and even read simple books she has many many site words.  And as illustrated by the 100 day project she knows 50+50 is 100 or if we plan to complete 10 flowers a night and we have already done 7 we only need 3 more.

I reflect back further to last year at this time when we were touring kindergarten classes. I remember seeing the kids journals and artwork, hearing them count by 10's to 100 in circle time and thinking my kid will never be able to do this in just a year.

Fast forward to only 5 months ago when kindergarten was starting, my kid still couldn't begin to do any of those things, let alone sit in circle for more then 5 minutes or at the table for 10.  I was worried she might not make it through the first day of school.

Yet here we are 100 days in and I am amazed by all she has learned and all she can do and she is so independent and grown up too.  She learns about history, and landforms, plants and marine animals, she listens and answers questions, she reads and she writes and though on some nights these past two weeks it was a chore getting enough focus to get through ten whole flowers or figuring out number bonds and writing our weekly book reports she has come so far.  

I am amazed by all she has accomplished in Only 100 days of school.  And while she thinks it's a very big number and really can't discern it from a million in my almost 14,000 days of life I know it's such a drop in the bucket. So while it on one hand seems like a life time ago, when I look at the other hand it seems like just yesterday she was that 9lb baby only 77 days old... But no in just 1 month she will be my 6yr old and she will have over 2000 days under her belt.
100 straws
A description 
Ms. Kai's Daily message
Lionel's 100 candies
Holly looking around
100 googly eyes
100 Lego houses
100 cards
100 pieces of sea glass
100 popcorns - love the display
With over 100 kindergardeners
There were more then 100 displays to look at
100 things older the 100
By Boone 
This was great - 100 doggy treats
Oh and 100 pop cycle sticks
But each with the name of 1 kindergardener
100 bones
And 100 nails to make a giant fish
100 rocks
And 100 pine cones!
The projects were all so creative!
Here is Holly working on hers
While having a sleep over at Tanta Kat's!
I hope the next 100 days of school will be as great as the last!  Thank you Mslcolm X and especially Ms. Kai