Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time for Goldfish

Holly was all about being a little baby when we last went to Toddler Corner. She wanted to climb into the play pen and play with the toys in there, so I put her in, then the older kids followed and they all jumped around.
Later they sat down together for a snack. Holly has this little Dixie Cup filled 1/2 way with goldfish, but she kept tilting the cup and spilling them everywhere.I guess that's one way to find out if your ready to use a big girl cup or not. She can drink from one if i hold it and help her, but she likes water and liquid so much, she will even turn her bottle upside down and let the remaining milk drip out so she can slosh around in it, if I'm not watching close.Then there is the climbing phase she is going through. i think I tell her chairs are for sitting about 20 times a day. She will stand and climb on just about anything she can. Her new favorite thing, that gives me a heart attack is she learned a way to climb into her little shopping cart.Here is a little video of Holly sitting at the Toddler Table playing with and eating her Goldfish snack, climbing up and down, and then running off.

She found the baby swing and climbed into it all on her own, and then did the sign for swing, so I turned it on for her. What a silly little thing she is.

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Anonymous said...

I love the video! She was humming the whole time too! So cute.
Love, Granny