Friday, December 11, 2009

Just Like When She Was In My Tummy

We have been going to Sadie Dey's almost weekly now. We are part of there meet-up group which allots us free admission and coffee on Thursday Afternoons at 4:30.Since I haven't had to pay and it is getting dark early now, it has been a wonderful place to go late afternoons. Holly has a lot of fun climbing and playing and on Thursday's they do a movie night too.I love this little brown dress, its corduroy and so soft. It is from Isabel and Sarah, it is a size 2T but didn't fit Sarah, so she gave it to Holly. We have had it for months, but it only just now fits, and has been cool enough to wear.Holly has really been into Baby Dolls lately. I think part of it is her Yo Gabba Gabba dolls, since she likes them so much, she is getting the concept of a baby doll, she feeds them, shares tea with them.She puts them into the cart and pushes them around just like Mommy pushes her around. This is one of her favorite things to do. Once she finds the Doll she wants to take it everywhere with her.It goes up the slide, and the down the slide. It is a challenge for her to climb up holding them, but she uses all of her available tools, hands and even the mouth make for a good spot to keep hold of something.Once of the things so fun about Sadie Dey's is the dress up chest they have for all of the kids, full of really fun costumes. I love this Parrot one, it is so beautiful and colorful. Its neat watching the older kids run around dressed up.Here is Holly going down the slide. She has got it into her head that she needs mommy's hand to go down. A few times I have been able to get her to "come to momma" and go down on her own, but I think she just likes my hand.Here she is playing at the puzzle table, these are all interactive puzzles that are attached, and you mostly open doors or latches and move around the pieces like a maze, connected to the base.In her dress she was getting really hot, though it was cold outside, the heat was on inside, so I ended up having to change her cloths. She runs so hot and especially when she is playing hard her head gets to sweaty!Eventually it was time for a snack. Holly was happy to munch down some yummy strawberries, they are certainly one of her favorite foods. it seems she can't get enough of them. I would say she likes cheese better, but maybe only because I ration her intake.Here she is playing smooshy face in the glass. She also does peek a boo around the corner of the structure. One day she even tried to hang from the bar above her head. She sees the older kids doing this and wants to try too.Its great therapy to get her arms above her head like that and bear her weight, but she isn't quite there yet she is still just experimenting. She also is becoming an expert and getting up and down the steps with no incident.An this is the neatest new toy they have. It is like a mood ring. It is heat activated when you put pressure on it you get the image that you are pressing. Well Holly decided to play smooshy face with it. I swear the image looks like she did when she was still in my belly and we did the 4D scans of her. Her little face and cheeks and nose all smooshy, its amazing how she still looks like herself in vitro. These are a little harder to see, as she did it on top of the image of her face as it was fading but it was her foot prints, now her feet, MUCH bigger then they were when they were kicking me in the belly. She has grown up so fast! Today she is 21 months old.

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Anonymous said...

Holly is so adorable in the brown dress! ANd I love that she is into dolls now. What fun! Joel used to have a doll named Ralph that he carried everywhere.
Love, Granny