Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookie Decorating PlayDate

We have been going to some very creative play dates over at Tyler and Rylee's house. There mom Amy is a great host.They are 5 and 3 so Holly has a lot of fun playing with all the big kid toys, it gives me a chance to see what she might be interested in as she gets older. She really enjoys this easel, though she eats the chalk still.Here is Elisabeth playing on the exercise bike. How cute is that. She doesn't really quite fit on it yet, but she likes to climb on and give it a try.Holly enjoyed sitting at the big girl table, all her own size and had a snack with the other kid, she drank some juice and ate some eggs and strawberries.I have been trying to put her yogurt juice into her sippy cup for her, to get her to use it more. Sometimes she drinks it, sometimes not. She would rather just drink Mommy's tea from the Sigg bottle.Here we are decorating Christmas cookies, the theme of the play date. This is one Holly made, with only a little help from me.She had more fun eating the blue frosting then actually spreading it onto the cookie, she put sprinkles on too, and chocolate chips, but would then just take them off and eat them.This is the cookie Mommy made to take home to daddy, it is supposed to be a smiley face of chocolate chips, but it took about ten to make, as every time I put a chip on, someone took it off and ate it.Here she is back in the playroom on the Easel, earlier it was the dry erase board, which was easier for her to draw on I think, here she is just playing with the chalk.The big kids do a lot of coloring, she still chews on the crayons though, I think she was just hungry, she was content though trying out a juice box, she is good with the straw.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like so much I'd like to invite you to a cookie decorating play date at Granny and Nana's house! Anytime you are in Gainesville. Like maybe on December 28?
Love, Granny