Friday, December 11, 2009

Hanging Around!

Its cold and rainy out, Holly is napping and I am sitting on the laptop avoiding packing for my trip to Florida in 3 days. I figured i could pop out a post with some random pictures from us around the house.Here is Holly's newest favorite activity, climbing onto the entertainment center, trying to get into the TV. This is the first time we have really been disciplining her and telling her no, but it isn't working out so well yet.Here she is hanging out with her all time favorite toy in the world, her Toodee doll from the TV Show YoGabbaGabba. She chews on Toodee's hand so much that the first one we got her stopped singing, and I had to get her a new one. I was going to return the broken one in its place, but now she wants to bring Toodee to bed with her.After She made Toodee "Jumpy Jump Jump" in bed, so that she could keep her self awake, we gave her "Sleepytime" Toodee (read broken one) for the bed, and Singing Toodee for play, and oh does Toodee get to play.Here on another night, she climbed onto the couch after throwing her snack and Toodee into the ball pit and then jumped in after them. She is nice and cosy, lying in the balls. But now her snack is empty and she is gonna ask Mommy for "up"This was fun, on thanksgiving week when her cousins were visiting they built these really fun forts, and Princess Holly had a thrown room to sit in, she would basically run and knock it over, but she had a blast playing with the older kids and it was a lot of fun.Instead of packing I find myself organizing Holly's cloths, I have set aside several onezies and pants she has grown out of, to box up and was trying on some warm outfits for her to wear. This one is so very cute.Alas it doesn' fit her very comfortably, so it went into the pile to box up. it was fun to play dress up though, and I am setting aside some cloths to pack. the problem is, as my sister says, "it was so hot in Florida that her eyeballs were sweating"Yet on another occasion she complained she was cold, so I think I will have to bring tank tops and long sleeve, makes packing much harder. And takes up more space too. Plus having to bring layers for mommy also, in one suitcase.Here is Holly in the Dodge Caravan we rented to drive down to Monterrey over Thanksgiving week. She is checking the car out, and looks so grown up in her hoodie and jeans, She is growing up too fast!

"What I'd really like, mom, is to borrow the car keys. See you later. Can I have them please?"

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