Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daddy goes to Music Class

So a few weeks ago we went to this baby and kid fair at the Veteran's Memorial Building in Albany. They had some classes, some booths and some vendors.This is where I found out about a gymnastics's class that I want to sign Holly up for. I received a pass for a demo class, which I have not gotten around to trying yet, but hope to in the new year.I intend on then signing her up, I think it will be good for her to have something a little more structured, and she will love the climbing and tumbling.Here Joel and I are in one of the free Demo classes they offered from Music Together. It was basically a free music class that Daddy could come and join us at, since it was a Saturday afternoon.Holly was eager to run around the room and play, while all of the other kids sat quietly in there parent's laps. You can see from the pictures above, Joel is making an attempt to "contain" her.But he lost the war when the silks came out and Holly was up and playing. Of course this was a queue to the other parent's that there children could move around too. It was fun to sing and play.The music together class is very similar to the music class we already take on Tuesday's only it cost about 3 times the price each session. It was nice though to try it out for free.Here all of the kids are cleaning up the scarves, Holly is very good at putting back the items after playing with them, but ten she also searches for there storage location and wants to pull them out again later.Next was the instruments. One thing I really enjoyed about the Demo Class, was that we got to play with several hand's on items. In our current class, it is only 1 type of item each class.Also we don;t have the silks in our current class, just the shakers or the instruments. I think it was a lot to try and fit in all three in the time we had for the demo, and I am not sure if the real class has all three every time.After a bit we all cleaned up the instrument's again. Holly really likes the drums, and she enjoys putting them all back into there container. She runs around the room searching for strays to clean up.Last was some guitar songs. Holly was obsessed and tried to help the teacher play. He actually encouraged it though and didn't mind one bit. he used her as an example of how she is an active, hand's on learner and we should encourage our kids to explore the instruments. We have been pulling the guitar out at home more, and she enjoys that.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO impressed by the way Holly likes to clean up! I think she gets that from her Tanta Kat (the Virgo!) I love that you are exposing her to music. It is so important!
Love, Granny