Thursday, June 30, 2011

Musical Chairs with Alice (Video)

As it turns out, our nap was further delayed by an amazing game of Musical ChairsWhile walking down Main Street we stumbled upon Alice at a little Ice Cream shopThe girls ran over to get autographs but then discovered she wasn't giving them, instead she was trying to get kids to play Musical Chairs with her. Chloe was too shy but Holly volunteeredWe had recently played a few times at Birthday Parties, but Holly didn't quite get the rules. She understands that you have to walk when the music is going and sit when it stops The game started with eight though and she got really far.She however at first tried to go back to her original seat rather then whichever seat was right in front of her. Alice was super sweet and let Holly take her seat once so she could keep playing

But for the first several rounds (one was a practice) she totally was getting it all on her own. That said, other then Alice she was almost the star of the show, she kept doing cute things that the Mad Hatter would make a total riot of.Like after each round when they would remove a chair, she would try to remove her chair too. She got down to there only being her and four other little girls, but to make it tricky they did funny things with the chairs like separate them. and rather then go in a circle they had to weave through the chairs and follow AliceOnce she had to sit in the chair in the sun so she kept getting up before she was supposed to, because she was so hot, which the Hatter would point out. And as he heard me call her Holly, he started to say little things to her too which were hilarious.After each person lost there seat they "won" the game and had to go up on stage and either show a talent or give a riddle. So there was a bit of a wait between each round as the kids got to "preform"Then of course Alice and the Hatter did all kinds of silly things to make the game crazy and tricky. They did little dances and talked in riddles it was very amusing for all ages, and I felt like I was at the Tea PartyIt got down to only three older girls and one lost and her talent was playing piano. She was like a prodigy or something and played Fur Elise, but kept doing these solo's and overtures and just when we were ready to applaud she would go back into the main refrain and seem to start over again.But no one wanted to stop her because she was so good, but she played forever. It was hilarious. Holly had so much fun playing with Alice, and then when the game was over she and Chloe took a picture and got a signature. It was one of those lucky surprise moments.

Jungle Cruise

So here we are on the Jungle Cruise in Adventure LandIt was a big boat and the girls were really excited to get on boardIt was nice and cool on the water which was a treat after toon townIt was late in the afternoon and it was getting to be really hotThe girls enjoyed looking at the sightsand we had this interesting tour guide. By interesting I mean weird.Apparently this is a ride where lots of tour guides get there "Start"Or it is known for special guest guides or something, according to the pre-ride in line videoWhich was made by Steve Martin and Donald DuckBut there is I guess a patter, and our guide had this weird sarcastic dry humor.He thought he was really funny and I think at least half the people didn't even get he was making jokesI think most of those who did, didn't think he was that funny. I however couldn't help but chucklein the Ohmigod, I can't believe he said that or made that pun, eye roll sort of wayI think However my chuckles egged him on. I thought it was funny enoughJoel was not so amused. And well the girls weren't paying any attention to him anyways.We were simply happy to be sitting, resting, cooling offAnd the girls liked the water squirting Elephants, the chomping hipposThe waterfall was a big hitHolly liked being in the boatThe scenery was cute, there were nativesanimals, little cute surprises, mostly it was a nice respite before leaving the park to enjoy a nap.

Toon Town

After we left the princess show we finally made it to Toon TownAs we walked in the world transformed and everything was toonafied.I'm embarrassed to say, but I looked around and asked, is that the real sky... I swear, it didn't look real, a perfect blue.Holly I think was a little overwhelmed by now and it was very very hot.She insisted on going into Chip and Dale's tree house at first while Chloe wanted to see Mickey's.But eventually I got her to tour Mickey's and then Minnie's house and she had a lot of fun.There was so much to explore and best of all it was cool and shady inside.She could touch everything and it was completely ok, even encouragedWhich is kind of a fun thing. Minnie's Kitchen was awesome, we opened the fridge, did dishes and laundryShe really liked playing with all the gadgets, there was even a cake baking in the ovenThe attention to detail at every turn is amazingLater we drove a toon carBut Holly was ready to take a break. I wanted to try out the Roller Coaster, but Joel was nervous.We figured we only had time for one more ride before pre-nap meltdowns, so we decided to skip it.She did insist on climbing through the treehouse again and then go into Daisy's boat.After that she wanted to tour Goofy's house which had a fun playground.We had a lot of fun in toon town, but it was hot and we were ready to cool down.