Monday, February 28, 2011

Evvie's Birthday Party 10/2/10

Happy Birthday Evvie! You are such a big girl now.When Evvie turned four i thought she is getting so old and is so bigIt has only been 5 months, not seemingly a long time and Holly is almost threeI can hardly stand it, she is still my little baby, but in reality she isn't she is almost a big girl now too.So many friends to celebrate with Evvie, here is Ivy and BeckGood friends that we don't get to see that often, I love the Birthday Circuit, we get to see friends we don't on a regular basisIt also amazes me how often paths interconnect and what a small world it is.We see friends that we didn't even realize knew each other.Holly was having a wonderful time, she loves Pump It UpEvery time I take her she is able to do something new.On this visit she climbed to the top of this tower all on her ownIn the past I have had to spot her and give her a leg up, but now she does it on her ownIt is pretty amazing, not only how daring she is, but also what a good climber.She likes to sit up at the top and asks that I throw balls to her so she can let them roll down the slidesOn this day if I recall y camera was acting up and my battery was dying.So many of my pictures were blurry, the kids they move around so fast at a place like thisIts so hard to get a good picture. Sadly I didn't get any of our birthday girl with her cakeBut I did get some of the group shot which was nice. Happy Birthday Evvie, we had a blast!

Dickens Fair

Here we are at the Dickens FairHolly was scared and didn't want to go in when we first arrived.We had pre-purchased tickets and I didn't want to give up so easy so we hung out for a while.We sat outside and there were some caroller's we listened to the singing for a while.Holly watched while all of the people went inside, many were dressed up and there were a lot of kidsWe let her have her pacifier and Blanket and she had a yogurt juice.She asked to go home for the first 30 minutes but she wasn't hystericalI pushed it and eventually she wanted to play in the courtyardEventually she got board with that and went down the entrance Hallway.The first time we arrived I think it overwhelmed her, there was singing and dancing and crowds insideSo it was too much at once. But after about 45 minutes of letting her get comfortable on her own terms she went inside.For a while she still wanted Mommy to carry her all over the place, which was good for me.But it didn't take long before she wanted to run around and play too.The fair was a 10,000 Square foot indoor place that was an entire period piece. Many people were "players" but many in costume were visitors. Check out the website:

There was a lot of food and many merchants as wellHolly found these harps to play in one stall she liked them a lot.We met Lucian, Dave, and Tracey there. In fact it was there idea to go.Dave scheduled High Tea for us which was a lot of fun.Lucian actually fell asleep in his stroller for much of the afternoon,Holly on the other hand decided to run around and get into everything. She got very comfortable once she dove in.The place was really amazing, we ended up spending hours walking around,The attention to detail was crazy, and the people were so elaborate.It was fun to shop and try on Bonnet's, Bracelets, and jewelry. We even Played GamesThere was a mask Shop that was really coolAnd they had both Father Christmas and the Queen bless the crowd with their presence.Soldiers and Drunkards, Ladies in Waiting and Lady's of the Night.Holly was such a menace she could easily be one of Dickens street UrchinsIn the end I was really glad that I stuck to my guns and held out till she was ready to go insideThis was one of our favorite character'sVery Steam Punk, this giant Robot was.She followed him around chanting robot, it was adorable.We had a wonderful time and it was really nice to get together with our old friends.