Monday, December 14, 2009


Here we are playing at Chloe's house. We saw some old Friends that we had been missing, and hadn't seen for a while. I didn't get good pictures, but Tristan and Devin but joined us on this day too.Here is Tyler, we have been seeing a lot of him, and he is getting so big so fast, starting to walk, just over a year old, he has a cute baby face still, but is getting big.The girls newest of games is to wear hats, from everything they can get there hands on, particularly these buckets, Chloe has several in different colors.They like to play peek-a-boo with there new hats too. Once one gets started the others follow suit, here Gabriel is trying to see what all the excitement is about.But the girls have moved on and now they are hanging out inside the toy box. They have several little clubhouses, the toy box being one. Holly sits on top of the lid and Chloe below her inside.They all enjoy playing with the various balls too. There are big ones and small ones, they are fun to put inside of various objects like the buckets.Here is a fun new toy Holly discovered, not so much new, but buried in the bottom of the toy box, it is the little turtle from Baby Einstein and it is a shape shorter.Then there are the many balloons, all from Trader Joes in various shapes and sizes of disrepair. I worry always that the girls are going to pop one of them, but they seem pretty resilient.
Holly likes to play smooshy face with the balloon, and chew on it as well. I realize they are choking hazards so when they get too small we take them away, I also keep a close eye on her.Here Holly is having a little snack. I have since lost both of her snack container's, well lost one, over at Quinn's house and she lost the top of the second one.Here she is trying to do a head stand. She likes getting herself upside down, I think in the new year I will be signing her up for Gymnastics, maybe harness some of that climbing and tumbling energy.I think the upside down is a bit of a sensory thing too, she likes it when I hang her upside down too. I worry about all her blood rushing to her head, but she likes it, and doesn't stay down too long.

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Anonymous said...

Holly will be a natural at gynastics class!
Love, Granny