Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Going on a Train Ride"

The girls had so much fun building there very own train. They got the all by themselves, pushing one car into the next, but couldn't sustain it and ride inside. So they jumped in.And Tanta Kat and Isabel helped push the train through the room, they laughed with glee and had such a fun time. It was cool to have three cars to play with at once, that's the advantage of going some where like Superfranks.It was Sarah's first visit, Katherine and I twisted Isabel's arm and talked her into joining us, it is quite a drive from Richmond, at least 45 minutes if not longer. But we thought it was worth it.Sarah had a blast. here she is in the bouncy house with Holly and Chloe. Her mom went in with her, as it was her first time and she was a little suspicious. I think she had fun though.Chloe certainly did. She doesn't like the bouncing on her own, but when Holly is in there she sure does. She likes to jump and run and play, and Tanta Kat made it easy for them all to bounce.Here is a video of Holly and Tanta Kat on there own going crazy in the bouncy house:
This looks like something out of a 70's Sci Fi movie, Holly sure did like it though, I think it is some type of arcade game, in the hallway they have a whole arcade for older kids to play with.The type of stuff you would see at Coney Island, the "Claw" the ball into ring toss, and a few stand up machines, a few riding in ones, a horse I think, mini carousel. We don't spend much time in there.The other good thing about Super Franks is the relatively good food they have. We all sat and had some lunch, Pizza, Chicken Fingers, even a Star Bucks Smoothie drink.Holly was eating really good, I think it is because she saw Sarah eating, who always finishes her meals. Then Chloe saw Holly eating so she started to snack too. Holly had some chicken and some pizza.Sarah had a whole hot dog, and some salad, and some pizza and some fries, she ate really good.And then they were off to play some more while us mom's had a chance to talk and finish our own lunches. That is when we weren't chasing the girls around.Sarah really likes riding on things, I always see her climb up on things like the rocking animals and then soft block animals, she bounces and rocks and is really good at it.Holly only just started sitting on them and is starting to bounce, but she isn't rocking yet or propelling herself on the riding cars either.The ones we have I think are too little for her now and Sally thinks that I should start her on a tricycle. They have ones that the parent's can steer. But she would be too little.It's something she could strive for and learn how to eventually ride. But then there is also that push car that Chloe has that I want to get or maybe a wagon, and she loves those large riding cars.She obviously can;t have all of them, so I have to pick the one she has the least opportunity to play with somewhere else, but might like the best last the longest or use the most. I'm still trying to decide.Here is a large bounce slide, with a little help Tanta Kat could climb to the top and then i could pass Holly up to her and she could then slide down with her on her lap. It was complicated, but worth the effort.Here Holly is a little construction star, moving and lifting and carrying around the heavy gym blocks. it is wonderful proprioceptive work, she is really strong.Here she is tired, I think we ended up staying until almost 2:30 her nap was long over due, but with the long drive and the admission price, I wanted to be sure to get my money's worth. In the car she was asleep before we got onto the highway.

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Anonymous said...

You don't know how lucky you are living in the Bay Area! I don't think you ever run out of new kid activities to do! Super Franks looks Super! The picture of the three in the train is adorable!
Love, Granny