Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Curious George

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sachi's Birthday Party - 4/17

Happy Birthday SachiThis year we celebrated together at the Pram HouseIt is a really fun place to have a Birthday partyThere is a really nice open outside space for the kids to playHolly had so much fun exploring everywhere pushing the baby strollerThe yard is fenced in so they can't go off to far and there is a playground next doorInside there were also a ton of toys for her to play withAnd all of our friends were there to celebrate with Sachi tooThere were fun riding toysAnd cool climbing toysAnd all of the kids played togetherChloe and Sara were outside on the playsetOn the little swing and going down the slideHere is Theo and Throy hanging with there dadWe have been to some other parties at the Pram house so Holly was familiar with the spaceShe was having a great time straight awayAnd there were even some really fun and cool party gamesFirst the kids all played musical chairsThen they took a break for some food. There was so much to eatPizza, Chicken, snacksHere the girls are riding a see-saw with Chloe's DaddyThe party was long which was nice it gave everyone a chance to get comfortableThere were lots of party games and all the shy kids had time to get comfortable and playNext they had a pinata which was a lot of funEveryone took a turn to swing the batSoon it was time for cake and ice creamEveryone sat around the table getting ready to singSachi was ready to blow out her candles.its so cute watching Holly, she knows the ritual now, Everyone sings and the candle go out. Happy Birthday Sachi

Sunday, May 29, 2011