Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tra la La La LA la LAAaaaaa

Here is another Music class post. Alex and Johnny are hanging out on the chair, it is so cute how affectionate little kids can be.Here is Holly trying to be the center of attention as usual running around the room with the other kids.I think this is actually a miss matched outfit she is wearing, in retrospect the look did not have my intended affect.The light colored top with a fatty flower pattern, and then the dark colored pants with a small flower pattern. I think though it was too noisy,There is Griffin giving me a smile, as we all go around in a circle singing Motor boat, motor boat.Later we sang a song about a bridge, I don't recall it being London bridge though, I can't remember what song it was.Here Holly and Chloe are playing with there instruments, you may notice that they are both in long sleeve long shirt outfits, it was finally getting cooler.Griffin and Johnny decided to come and hang out with the little drummer girls. They are two very friendly little boys.Here is a close up of Chloe playing with the Bam Bam's I have a drum pad at home that I need to pull out of the closet so Holly can play with it.She also likes those maracas too. We play the "Shake shake shake" game and for some reason these she doesn't through, maybe because they have a handle.Here my little trouble maker is trying to "help" Kim play piano for one of our songs, but after the picture was snapped Mommy had to pick her up.She really likes the piano a lot and Joel keeps talking about needed to pull out our key board. its in our bedroom right now, and there isn't a great place to set it up.I guess she doesn't have to be stylish every day. I think she is still cute even if she kind of clashes. And that was another Tuesday Music class.

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