Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday's is Swim and Gym

 Every Thursday is Swim and Gym.  We always show up at 3:00 to go swimming.  No more mommies in the pool which is really nice, changing cloths always took forever, and when Mommy was in the pool Holly wants to play rather then learn.  Though on Thursdays she doesn't really learn like she does in her private lesson, but she gets to be more independent and practice her skills from Monday.  Then is is time for the Mommies to go to a parent Group and the kids go to Kindergym, Childwatch, and now the Family Gym on alternating weeks.  They always start off with a snack and then they play.

These pictures are from the Swim and Gym splash party.  A special weekend event for all of the families that have ever been in swim and gym.  It was fun to see friends whom we hadn't seen for months like Simon, and other friends like Olivia and Citlali whom we see more often.  Daddy also got to swim with Holly which is a special treat for him.  After swimming we had a pizza party.  Both before and after we hung out and played with friends in Kindergym.  It was a fun afternoon at the YMCA.


Granny said...

That looks like a very fun day! I see a Daddy in the pool!

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