Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 7: Hollywood Studios - Part 3 - Video

After Holly was all rested up and our bellies were full we were ready
We wanted to do a ride, and something Opa could join us on
He had a little bit of time before he had to get back to work
Since Holly and Opa both love Toy Story so much we decided that was the ride for us
We didn't have to wait in line too long, but it was such a cool line
Just like if we were toys come to life, everything bigger
Giant crayons and cool drawings, larger then life toys
And it was a ride in 3d, this would be an experiment
The glasses didn't quite fit Holly, they were a little big and tricky to stay on
Especially when we tried to also wear her ear phones
Just before we were about to get on the ride Holly decided she had to go to the bathroom
I ended up having to walk all the way out of the line to take her
But my parent's saved our spot in line
The cars were only two people per seat and there was a group of 6 in front of us
The line ended up going much slower then we expected it too
But Holly did a good job waiting and Opa kept her amused too
In the end Oma decided not to ride, and we squeezed three of us in so we didn't have to wait longer
It worked out great though, Opa and Holly competed and Mommy took pictures
The game was really fun, part like a side circus
Part like a shooting gallery, you got points for the items you hit
With a little guidance Holly actually did really good
All she had to do was take the time to aim and she would hit her target
There were super cool 3d animations that you were shooting of all kinds of characters
Opa of course got the high score, and we had a total blast
Holly was excited to be wearing her Buzz light year dress, she totally matched
We had a lot of fun hanging out with Opa and it was nice to see him at the park
But then it was time to say goodbye and we were off to meet Buzz and Woody
The wait to meet our Toy Story friends was also pretty neat
With super cool photo opportunities
I love this one, Holly reaching for "The Claw"
There were lots of neat decorations, also toy related of course
These were related to toys left in there packaging
Here Holly Lightyear is facing on with Commander Zurg
But now Holly is wrapped tightly in her box with Cowboy Grandpa
She wanted to climb, so Oma helped her reach the top
There was a nice family in line next to us taking all of the same pictures
So they offered to take one of all of us together
Here is Holly hanging out and waiting by the sheriff's station
The line to meet our friends was long, but it was nice and cool inside.
There just wasn't anywhere to sit down other then the floor
I don't remember this scene from the movie, but I thought Holly packed in a suit case made a cute picture
These little alien's were my favorite character from Toy Story 1
I used to collect them, I think I had about 20 different kinds on my desk at work
But now I have my own little Alien to take care of
I like this guy, from Sid's room, a friendly baby spider
Here is Holly almost to the front of the line
Getting ready to have signatures put in her book
and here are the friends, we did meet Buzz already and Woody with Jessie
But not Buzz and Woody, best friends together
Buzz loved Holly's Light Ranger dress
She was super brave and feeling better after her nap
She went right up to her friends and held there hands
Then she called over Mommy to join in on the picture taking fun
Mommy pulled Oma over, who as Holly would tell you doesn't like pictures
But we twisted her arm anyway so we would have proof years from now that she was there
Holly was having a great time but we had a few more things to do before the night was over
Here we are back at the Disney Jr Stage where Opa was working
Bye Bye Opa, Mickey is calling you to go and check on the snow
Say "Hi" to Jake and Sofia for us!
This is the Ariel Show, We had no idea what to expect
Holly loves The Little Mermaid and was excited to see the show
Even if she was a little nervous in the dark

Part of Your World - Ariel sings part of your world in the Little Mermaid show at Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios

Ariel saves prince Eric and sings her songs
Holly is obsessed with them now, singing them all the time
I love the black light characters, here they are all dancing together to Under the Sea
But then the Eels show up and its off to see Ursala
Ursula in the Little Mermaid Show - Ariel meets Ursula in the Little Mermaid show at Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios

It was getting late and we were all tired we were not staying for the evening light show
A few more minutes of shopping and one last look at Jake
And we were on our way home.  I expected Holly to sleep but she didn't
Goodbye Hollywood Studio's, we had a great visit.

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