Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 5: Ep-Pickle - Part 2

After our princess lunch we walked around Norway a little
Holly found a cute Viking Hat, but she didn't get to keep it
Then we headed into China
Holly used to love a show called Ni-Hao Ki Lan, so knows quite a bit about China
Also we have several friends who are Malaysian, Which I am embarrassed to admit a few years ago
I didn't know wasn't a region of China but it's own country
So while we were in China Holly told me that LeeLou, and Brendan went to China
They had in fact went to Malaysia, which I told her, but said it was close to China, and they do speak Chinese there.
We also talked about how Tyler is from Taiwan and Kaylee is from Vietnam (There Parent's)
It was very beautiful landscape in this area
We were also delighted to learn that Mulan would be coming to China to meet her friends.
We talked about how Daddy helped to make the Mulan Movie when we were in College and lived "here" in Orlando
While waiting Holly made friends with a pirate and showed him her signature book
She was excited to meet Mulan, as it was someone we had never met before.
She told Mulan what a beautiful dress she was wearing
Holly was also very proud to know that Chinese New year was coming up
It is something they celebrate at her school
So before we left for our trip they were just starting to make lanterns and decorations
And work on building and decorating the Dragon for the parade
Mulan was very impressed.
She liked Mulan's hair flowers too
and had a lot of fun exploring China as we were waiting for her
Even Mommy got a turn in the pictures.
This was a little Depot just before entering Germany
Holly found the drums and had a great time playing away
There were two different sets and she was making music
I think it was supposed to represent like an African Safari
This was a little adventure jeep
Holly was excited to climb inside and drive
She made friends everywhere she went
She was having a lot of fun and there was a lot more to see in the World Showcase then I thought
It was hard to drag her away but we had more princesses to meet and a long walk ahead
Here we are overlooking the Lagoon, My mom was especially interested in the barges
Where they were setting up for the evening fireworks show
Later tonight this globe will be on fire as part of the show.
Here is Oma and Holly in Germany.  Holly was excited to learn she was a "German Girl"
and had fun looking at the little shops with Oma
This is also surprisingly where Snow White lives, but she was not meeting friends today
In Italy Oma and Holly shopped for beautiful jeweled Tiara's and Holly got a "real glass" glass slipper
Miniature sized of course.  Oma likes to buy her things that are easily lost or brown, but she was so happy.
Next was Japan.  Holly was super excited about this,
As it looked a little like Japan Town in San Francisco
and of course because Mira is a "Japanese Girl" as the kids like to say
Holly decided that while we were in Japan she would be a Japanese Girl too, just like Mira
Next we headed into Morocco which is where Jasmine and Aladdin live
Another surprise for us which I didn't know about before arriving.
But when we got to the Showcase I found a Schedule of times so we could meet as many princesses as Possible.
The line to meet Jasmine and Aladdin was quite long, but it had been a long walk
So it was nice to rest.  In the back ground there was Taiko Drumming from Japan playing
We had been making friends with some other families along the way as a few of us where making the same pit stops to meet the same characters
Holly was excited about her new friends.  Epcot was super hot though.
She got to spend a long time with Jasmine and Aladdin, they were super sweet
They were very talkative and playful, with cute banter between themselves and Holly
Holly wanted to know where Abu the Monkey was
And while they were talking and signing, Aladdin hid Holly's Signature book
He made it Disappear.  It was a cute little game.
She thought Aladdin had it and looked for it behind his back, but it appeared in Jasmine's hands
So now whenever Holly looks at these pictures she laughs about how Aladdin tricked her
He is a very mischievous guy and super playful
Aladdin is a movie we have only seen a few times
But I am glad we waited so long to meet them because it was a lot of fun and not at all rushed
You could tell that they loved to meet new friends and enjoyed being there
And of course, Mommy and Oma got in on the picture action too.

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