Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 4: Granny, Nana, Baking, and Trains

Here is my sleepy Holly!  She didn't go to bed until almost midnight,
But then again, that is only 9:00PM in California
Here is Holly playing a new Puzzle game with Opa
Later she was happily playing in her castle
of course she had a new pet "Dragon" who joined her
He made a cuddly guard to the castle door
It was so sweet watching her play, Joel wants to get a dog, but I'm not ready
Here we are in Opa's fancy car heading over to the train house
Granny and Nana stayed in night there so we could spend the day together
but we started the day off checking out Opa's cool trains
Holly really liked them, which was a good thing
But that also meant she wanted to touch everything and that was a bad thing
There are so many really neat details in there set-up
It is a work in progress, they are building new areas all the time
One room has an area like Colorado, in another area it is New York
Holly loved the details, like this neat swingset
Here is Holly crawling under the table, it is full of wires, it is a very complicated set-up
That there is the Emeryville Amtrak station, it was a custom made replica
Inside the mess of tracks in a rabbit hole and out popped a Holly
It gives them access to the middle areas of the tracks
Holly wanted to push the trains along the track and didn't get that they run electronically
Holly decided to look around and find other toys that it was ok for her to play with
Here is a map that my Mom designed on the computer of the train layout
Around the house are lots of other cool boy toys like this cement truck
Holly decided to race it against a trolley car
After the train house we headed back and Holly and Granny made pancakes
Holly did all of the pouring and mixing on her own
This is a cool whisk that you spin by rubbing your two hands back and forth
Holly loves helping out in the kitchen
Granny poured the eggs in since they are raw
and then Holly stirred and stirred
It was nice to spend the day relaxing and hanging out with the grandparents
Later Granny and Holly played with Holly's toy fairies
Granny needed help remembering everyone's names
Holly didn't mind telling her all the fairies, Vidia was one of her favorites
Later they decided to play dress up.  Holly wanted to be snow white
It's her favorite princess.  Though we had not yet met her.
Next Holly showed Granny and Nana Opa's hockey game and taught them how to play
Later a game of Homer Operation.  Holly liked to purposefully make it buzz, she had lot of fun and it was a great day.

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Granny said...

That was such a fun visit! I am jonesing for more Holly-time! June can't come soon enough!